Bucket List Seekers Unite!

Thank you for reading Bucket List Publications! We have over 33,000 views a day and 21,236 followers to-date!

Our substantial following has allowed us to make bucket list dreams come true for our readers. So far, we’ve helped others cross the following items off of their bucket list: a full spa day, an airplane pilot flight, a wine tour in Nape Valley and three nights stay at a luxury hotel, a skydiving adventure package with video and photos, a Rolls-Royce limo ride, Festival Ballet Theatre tickets, and a heli-skiing adventure package with downhill skiing and resort included. We made all of the arrangements and looked after all of the costs; all the reader needed to do was show up and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.
It is the community created on wordpress that has lead to these great opportunities and I’d love for them to continue. By spreading the word, reblogging, advertising, and sharing Bucket List Publications, we will be able to continue offering bucket list dreams and adventures. Imagine submitting your bucket list and having an item made a reality for you! It’s a dream come true and we’ve offered that for several Bucket List Publications readers in the last few months.
We’ve created a “Friends” section on Bucket List Publications. If you include a photo link on your blog for Bucket List Publications, we will include a link to your blog on our “Friends” page. With over 900,000 views per month, it’s sure to bring a few readers your way. It’s also a great resource for like-minded bucket list seekers. Check out the Friends section for current supporters of Bucket List Publications.
Steps for adding the link:
1. Add the Bucket List Publications ad, above, to your media library.
2. View the image.
3. Right click on the image.
4. Copy the image URL
5. Return to your dashboard.
6. Click on Appearance
7. Click on Widgets
8. Drag the Image widget from the Available Widgets to Main Sidebar
9. Click the arrow on the right hand side of the image widget.
10. Paste the Image URL on the Image URL section.
11. Paste http://www.bucketlistpublications.com/ in the Link URL section.
12. Leave the width and weight section empty.
13. Click save
Know that you are helping make bucket list dreams a reality!
If you’re interested or if you’ve already added the link, please contact me at [email protected] with a link to your blog. I will include your link within two days of receiving the email.
Don’t forget to submit your bucket lists. Maybe you could be the next Bucket List Recipient!

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt-

22 thoughts on “Bucket List Seekers Unite!

  1. You probably won’t remember me now…it was a little while ago and I’ve only just caught up…but my belated thanks for visiting and clicking the like button on my fledgling blog 🙂 Lovely blog you have here!


  2. Great blog Lesley, thanks for the friendly welcome appreciated. I’m still trying to figure out a few things on WordPress but i’ll get there, Ha! 🙂


  3. Michael Lucente, Author & Creator of The Sex Bucket List – Adult Activity Book, here and I just wanted to say that I just found your page today and I absolutly LOVE it!!! : )

    Get Busy, Getting Busy!


  4. Hey Lesley, Great work making those dreams become reality. Will be following and sharing your blog. Thanks for reading my posts. Still very new. Trying to help people with their own dream vacations here in The Philippines. You may like my new one. Traveling Coron, Palawan, The Philippines. It was definitely on my bucket list!


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