“Darn Close to the Perfect Daypack for General Duty” – Gregory Z30

Backpacker Magazine claimed that the Gregory Z30 backpack was “Darn close to the perfect daypack for general duty”, and I knew I needed to check it out for myself. The Z30 is part of Gregory’s ‘Fast and Light’ series, which probably tells you everything you need to know. The company says the intention is to “strike a balance between low weight and durability without sacrificing performance”. The positives are endless: the suspension system is lightweight and the thin shoulder straps and hip-belt are wide enough to distribute pressure; the pockets are endless; and the single main compartment of the Z30 is long and wide enough to make loading easy. This ventilated hiking pack is ideal for light and fast overnights and daily hikes.

The Z30’s CrossFlo DTS (Dynamic Transfer System) suspension system incorporates comfort and load-carrying capability. A lightweight, steel bar and a unique harness configuration system work in unison to support the stability of the Z30 by distributing weight evenly and transferring the load to your hips. The ventilated harnesses, hipbelt, and backpanel enhance fit, aid in load transfer, provide cushioning, and keep you cool on the trail. An adjustable sternum strap and load-lifter straps further enhance the fit of the Z30 and ensure the stability, allowing convenient and easy adjustment.

The pack has a wide opening and several stowaway pockets for your gear.The top-opening zipper is long enough to make loading easy and the twin mesh hip-belt pockets are deep enough to hold larger items. Pockets are at the top and back of the pack and are nicely shaped for other hiking gear like a water bottle or a camera. There are also quick-access hipbelt pockets. All of the zippers used on the Z30 are designed to be weather resistant.

Other features include side compression straps, dual side mesh pockets, ice axe/trekkingpole attachment loops, and a removable rain cover. An integrated sleeve and exit port make the Z30 hydration system compatible.

The Z30’s Jet Stream™ DTS support system is designed to increase support as the cargo weight increases. This combines with the excellent back venting and easy stowage to provide a great choice for a fast paced day out on the trail or a ultra-light overnighter.

You can read about Gregory’s advanced technology at http://www.gregorypacks.com.

17 thoughts on ““Darn Close to the Perfect Daypack for General Duty” – Gregory Z30

    • Gregory is quickly becoming the most popular name in all of the backpacking, camping, and hiking magazines. I love the pack and know that I’ll have years of use.

      Do you hike a lot?


      • I used to be an avid hiker/fisherman, doing the weekend warrior bit every weekend from the May 2-4 weekend to the end of September. But, cancer in my spine had a say in my activity levels and i can’t do that anymore… i do miss it so!


  1. Man…are you hacking into my REI account Lesley? First the Jetboil and now Gregory…I just bought the Gregory Baltoro 75 for my excursion in a couple weeks. They are on sale at REI this week for their anniversary sale if anyone reading this entry wants a pack. No, I don’t work at REI or for Gregory, just sharing the savings.


  2. Thanks for the review. The adjustable sternum strap is a good thing. The non adjustable one always seem to cut right across my chesticles, rendering the strap useless unless I want to try breast binding as a new act of penance.


  3. Just bought the Gregory Jade 28 yesterday at REI (on sale!!). Looking forward to using it – even if it’s mainly for carrying snacks/extra gear for my kids while we’re out and about on local trails.


  4. I’m sure it is a great pack. It is a reputable name. But I have a favorite daypack and that is the Osprey Manta 30. Awesome pack with similar qualities. Just hiked last Saturday with it and it was a dream.


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