Join Us on a Glider Flight in Southern California!

I recently realized just how many California readers were following along and enjoying Bucket List Publications. It became blatantly obvious to me that there is a community of fellow adventure seekers and bucket list enthusiasts as I strolled through hundreds of comments and “likes” over the last few weeks. When I consider participating in an extreme adventure, I usually just ask Darren, my husband, and I’m certain that I’ll have a partner in crime, but I’d like to extend that welcome to all of my local readers.  On May 27th from 10am-1pm, Darren and I, along with his brother, are going to Southern California Soaring Academy for an introductory glider pilot lesson and we’d love to see you there.

The academy has an abundance of options including one passenger flights, two passenger flights, and introductory lessons. One passenger rides start with 2,500′ tow at 20 minutes. If you want to just get a taste of soaring, this is the ride for you. You will be towed to 2,500 feet above the valley floor, where you will release from the tow plane and gently glide back to earth. This 20 minute package is $109. There is also a 30 minute package for $149 and a 45 minute package for $199. If you’d prefer a 2 passenger ride, they are available as well. Darren, Kevin, and I will be participating in the introductory pilot lesson. Our lesson includes an instruction on aerodynamics, rules of the road, and hands on control of the aircraft. How cool is that? Maybe a glider flight doesn’t “fly” with you, but you’re welcome to bring a picnic and enjoy Soaring Academy’s facilities while watching others take off.

We’ll be taking pictures during the day and I’ll include an article on Bucket List Publications a few days after the event.

Do you want to do something adventurous? Do you enjoy a great view from the sky? Do you want to meet like-minded people? Come out and join us! But book early because there are less than 10 spots left.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] or by placing a comment below.

If you’d like to join us, contact Southern California Soaring Academy at or by phone at 661-944-1090.

Airport Address for directions:
Crystalaire Airport
32810 165th St. East
Llano, CA 93544

See you in the sky!

51 thoughts on “Join Us on a Glider Flight in Southern California!

  1. Ok Lesley! We have a glider school at the military base in Comox, B.C. Canada I live five minutes from the base gates. I see the cadets soaring overhead and I long to try this. One of these days I will do it. Your post may prove to be the catalyst. Thank you!



  2. Oh would you stop already! My own Bucket List just keeps getting bigger every time you put stuff like this out there. Can’t join you this time, but maybe someday!


  3. I’m actually FROM California, I love seeing all of the hidden treasures as life was way different for me and what I wanted to do back then. This gives me things to plan when I come back to visit family … :0)


  4. Oh, yes!!!! I had a surprise gift of a glider flight while I was travelling in Northern Ireland a few years ago. It was my birthday, and Irish friends decided to give me the gift of a lifetime. I had instructions and then soared above the coast of Northern Ireland and … I was the pilot!!! My instructor was right beside me, but I was the one flying the glider. What a feeling – to soar silently above green fields, cliffs and sea … I wrote about it in one of my blogs (
    I know you’ll have a great time 🙂


  5. Wow! I wish we have one like this here…I’ll do my best to learn how to fly a plane before my 40th! Most likely, by then, I can drop by the States to maybe fly with you guys! (^_^)


  6. I hate that I can’t press the like button.

    I am faithfully and vicariously following your adventures because I’m a ‘fraidy cat. So long as I’m quiet, you won’t notice me along for the ride.


  7. WOW – I did this once, when my husband, who was then still my boyfriend, treated me to a glider ride here in North Texas. It was a bit scary for me at first as I was not prepared, but soon settled in and even took the wheel for a bit. The view is hard to beat!


  8. Oh I wish I could go! Unfortunately I’ll be road-tripping to the Grand Canyon that weekend :/ but it’ll be another Bucket List item to get crossed off this year 😀
    Have funnnnn!!! Hopefully next time you have another adventure I can join in.


  9. I’ve just found your blog for the first time today, after you visited mine (I am a big traveller but very new to blogging), you look like you’d be great and fun people to know, it’s fantastic to see people making the most of life and helping others do the same. We have just recently been to California in the last few weeks but have moved on already unfortunately, currently in Quebec, and we’ll be in Europe by the time you take to the skies. You will have a blast, I have been gliding a number of times as my Dad is a glider pilot in Australia and there are many gliding clubs there. His adventuring, puts me to shame, the kind of guy that wonders why so many things are missing from the ‘1000 things to do before you die’ books. He had his own sea plane (motorized) which he crashed a couple of years ago due to an engine failure, and he was straight back out there, after his recovery, flying and gliding a few months later. He says the gliders are safer than the small power planes any day, because you don’t have to worry about engine failure! I am not sure I have followed the time line of your blog properly, have you just had a baby and you’re out doing these things already? If so, way to go! We are currently on a 6 month round the world trip with a 1 and 3 year old, it’s very different to our pre kid adventures, but I am learning from it and loving it. Anyway, have fun on your flight, I bet you make some good friends in the process.


  10. Lesley, I hope you really soar — both literally and figuratively — through this next adventure and keep soaring and inspiring all of us.
    Meanwhile, I’ll stick to two wheels on the ground!
    Diana Bletter
    Author of the forthcoming memoir, The Mom Who Took Off On Her Motorcycle



  12. Hello, Lesley
    Thanks for the like! We WOULD LOVE to join you today , BUT we will be kayaking today.As a matter of fact, you should be starting at the same time that I’m writing this. We’d love to meet you , though.We are going kayaking through some caverns today…in another hour.
    I will say that the idea of flying , in various forms, is on the list.
    No Frills Thrills


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