The Video Says it All! Biplane Fun

Biplane Fun gave me the most extreme adventure yet! Combining my love for the sky with my passion for adventure was a dream come true.

31 thoughts on “The Video Says it All! Biplane Fun

  1. haha amazing! Can’t wait to try that. I remember when I was 10 I won a competition at an air show and I got to fly in one of these bad boys. I think my second time is definitely past due!


  2. There are not many ‘extreme sports’ I’d be interested in doing – but this one Lesley, I’d be more than willing to give it a go…. Scary and mind blowing stuff…. wow eeeee…. 😉


  3. Look at you! Doing loop-de-loops! I would be the poor schmo in that scene from “Space Cowboys” when he loses his breakfast! LOL Looks like you had a ball!


  4. Hello again!
    Please stop by, I have some interesting tests for you to solve. Maybe you’ll like it.


  5. Lesley, I love the colors of US Navy – the flag of my country looks the same. 😉 Congratulations for the way you are living your life!


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