Gentle Giant – A Good Run for the Money

In California, a moving company packed my household items and the service was completely acceptable. They did their job and worked for their money, especially considering we were on the 3rd floor of a condo community. They were friendly and packed most of my furniture safely in the truck. I wasn’t disappointed with the service but there was nothing noteworthy of their performance either. Since it was the first time I used a moving company, I thought that the performance in California was typical. I expected the same when I arrived in Charlotte, but what I received was nothing short of perfection.  Gentle Giant Moving Company provided a finely tuned moving experience from the first conversation on the phone to the end of unloading the truck. They’ve completely changed my view on moving companies and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the stress and worry of moving myself.

Originally, I booked two movers for 2-4 hours, and they were to arrive at 8am. The day before, I found out that I couldn’t move in until after 10am. Within minutes of contacting the company, they made all of the new arrangements and were more than accommodating with time slots.

When the two guys arrived, we were the ones late. Between signing the contract for our new apartment and finding an appropriate place to change a stinky baby, time got away from us. We arrived to two friendly faces and instantly felt more at ease. They patiently waited while Darren maneuvered the U-Haul and they offered help during the process.

Both men were around our age, maybe a little younger than Darren, but lets not remind him that he’s older than me again, well maybe just one more time, and they worked for their money. They sprinted back to the truck after carefully and cautiously bringing each of our possessions into the house. When one of them would round the corner to return outside, they would say, “corner” to avoid collisions. They also guided each other when carrying our stuff. Honestly, they were more cautious than I would have been and it’s my life’s possessions. Not once did they ding a wall or bang any of the furniture.

Unpacking was made easy because they asked me to guide them with where I wanted each item. I was blown away by their care and support. Instead of just piling all of the boxes and furniture in one spot, they put everything in its rightful place.

The smile on their faces while they worked was a pleasant surprise as well. Even Athena mirrored their cheerful demeanor and returned a smile every time they entered the room.

Returning the U-Haul blankets back to the truck and doing a final sweep before asking me to sign the papers was overly helpful as it was, but asking if we needed any additional help putting things together or rearranging was above and beyond.

From the office support to the movers, I couldn’t believe the professionalism. Everyone at Gentle Giant understands quality service and provides it with ease.

Gentle Giant Moving Company has offices in: Boston, New York, Washington DC, Charlotte, Seattle, and San Francisco. You can also check them out on Facebook.

30 thoughts on “Gentle Giant – A Good Run for the Money

  1. Great post, makes me want to MOVE TOO! Adding Gentle Giant to my Contacts, will refer them for sure! Always a JOY to get excellence!


    • It just HIT ME! Lesley, you moved!!!! I thought this post was from another blogger!!! I am way behind! So surprised you guys moved! If you are in the Philadelphia area for a visit, stop over, I will feed you! I have my husband and daughter reading your blog! Brings LIFE into the livingdead!


      • Thanks Diane! You never know, I may take you up on your offer. It’s great to meet new people. The same goes for you if you find yourself in Charlotte.

        Everyone says that they are surprised that we moved, but we’re just making the most of every situation. Since having our daughter, we wanted to be in a more family-focused community and buying a house in California didn’t seem to be in our near futures so… here we are. We’ve moved into an apartment for now and we’re in the process of looking for a house.



  2. Hopefully you tipped accordingly… coming from someone who worked his way through 3 college diplomas as a mover/driver, we relied on tips more than our salary, especially when doing long-haul moves.

    Great description, and maybe putting the company’s info here would be a boost for them as well, on top of the worker’s names…


    • The link on their name in the post goes directly to their site. Sadly, I can’t remember the workers names.

      I did tip them and I think it was generous, although I’m not sure what would be generous. What do you think is a good tip?


    • That’s what I assumed I was going to get with a moving company, but I decided to take my chances because it was too difficult for my husband and I since we have a newborn. I’m so impressed with their services that I’m at a loss for words. They were accommodating, friendly, efficient… the list goes on and on.

      If they are in your area during the next move, give them a shot. I’m certain you will not be disappointed.

      Have a great weekend and thanks for reading,



  3. I hope these worker’s boss gets a copy of this. The best way to thank someone for a good job is tell their boss! 🙂 I love how you take the time to compliment the good things you come across in life. What a great thing to do for one another.


  4. Don’t know how you do what you do– new baby, moving, relocation,… and still can blog and do the posts!!? Glad to hear everything is going well.


  5. Are you over in NC now? Welcome to the East side of the US! Having moved offices (personally) and a few times where I live, the thing I have come to know is something (big or small) will break. And having people who try not to break your stuff is WONDERFUL! I remember moving a desk and saying “hold on a minute, just let me pick” CRACK! and he busted the little foot thingy off! When my wife and I moved down here we had a good company. I believe it is definitely worth knowing how long the people have been with the company. Their experience level can really make a difference! Enjoy having four seasons : ) Dave ps. I am to out of shape now to be able to move a whole office as quick as I used to : )


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