Family of Fish

Playing in the water, whether it be the ocean, a lake, or a pool, has been a staple in my family’s life. We’ve surrounded ourselves with it and made the best memories of our life in it. My oldest brother, Marshall, owns a pool and a regular afternoon was transformed into a day of laughter and fun by taking advantage of the pool and our love of water.

Marshall’s version of holding his breath might be different from mine, or any other normal person’s, but it’s funny to look at and even funnier to remember.

Barry, my 17 year old brother, made hanging out under water look effortless. It wasn’t until I joined him that priceless expressions emerged.

My motherΒ apparently taught Marshall how to hold his breath under water.Β Β 

As a life with my daughter begins, I look back on years of family fun and friendship. I look forward to teaching Athena how to swim and sharing a lifetime of water adventures with her, my husband, and the rest of our beautiful family. Now, I just need to figure out waterproof diapers.

85 thoughts on “Family of Fish

  1. As far as waterproof diapers go…when appropriate, let her go nakie or maybe use some small children’s draws (Undies).


  2. I grew up in the water, also. My 30 year old daughter learned to swim, but she’s not drawn to the water as I am. Now, with our boys, the 6-yr-old basically taught himself to swim after about 6 times in the water, and the 3-yr-old is coming along.

    Swim diapers didn’t exist for the 30-yr-old, but they’re amazing!! I used cloth diapers, but in the interest of enjoying the pool without worry, I think a disposable for the pool is the way to go!


  3. I love these photos! How fun it will be to compare these to the ones you will take of your daughter. πŸ™‚

    Ditto on the disposable diapers for the pool–swim diapers don’t catch the pee, anyway, it’s only for poop. What makes me laugh is the public pools which want you to put 2 or even 3 swim diapers on your baby, as though more is better.


  4. It looks fun, and the pictures are great. I wish I could swim. Five times I have tried to learn and five times I have almost drowned. I’ve pretty much given up. I can get the short distance in the shallow end to the other wall…that might count for some progress ;).


  5. Great photos, love the whole post! I’m not exactly a big water/pool person, but you certainly make them look appealing. Hope you are able to introduce your daughter to the water soon πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Emilia.

      I enjoyed your post on The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. I, too, think about happiness and about what things bring happiness into my life, but I don’t consider it a bad thing. Thinking about happiness is what leads me to create a Bucket List each year and accomplish my dreams regularly. Your words, “I think that true happiness comes from being aware. Aware of what makes you happy and aware of when you experience joy” are reflective of my thought on life better than the words of Eric Weiner πŸ˜‰


  6. I also grew up in water and loved it. Still do.

    As far as waterproof diapers, we bought a type made from wetsuit material that has a snug band around her legs so that nothing unwanted gets out. But at home we just let her go without.


  7. Love the swim diapers. I’m so glad they came up with them… our kids were always in the water, so it feels natural to them now. I’m with you–water fun with family is my idea of perfection!


  8. Oh you never cease to amaze me! I am not a waterbaby, I did have lessons and learned to swim when I was 35, but I never enjoyed the experience….your cheerful beautiful photographs put me to shame!


  9. I Love to Swim, I enjoyed swimming and snorkling in Indian Ocean for five years, when I was in Maldives as I.T Teacher. I miss it a lot!. I use to swin a day on the weekends. It seems you really had a great fun.


  10. Love you, love your blog, and now am inspired to buy a cheapie underwater camera for our annual summer vacation in Maine, where all my family still lives. What an awesome, happy-making post, thank you thank you! And thanks for subscribing to my blog, hon.
    AND, did I miss pictures of Athena, or are you keeping her on the down-low? Majestic name choice, by the way.


  11. Hello, love the pictures. Thank you for liking several of my posts while I was so busy with Grandchildren and didn’t manage to call in πŸ™‚
    My Grandson used to have special waterproof nappy/pants to wear under his swimsuit when he went fo his swimming lessons from 4 months or so old. I’m sure you’ll find something on your side of the pond!


  12. Great underwater photos, love it. Belated congratulations on your daughter. Don’t worry about diapers, it’s part of life, haha. We let our kids go natural whenever possible, they loved it and thanked me by getting potty trained earlier (and we actually never had a big accident) – more conscious of the “business” is good, they usually don’t like the feeling of pee running down their legs πŸ™‚
    Best wishes to you and your family.


  13. Gosh I love to swim! Those pictures make me want to jump right in! I am also looking forward to teaching my daughter how to swim. She has the cutest little bathing suit. It looks like a pink tutu!


  14. Lovely pics, and I love the tiles in the pool! Enjoy the swimming with your daughter…the majority of the population are water babies here in Australia πŸ™‚


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