Introducing Athena Ceilidh Carter

My daughter, the light of my life, my pride and joy, Athena Ceilidh Carter, was born on April 2, 2012. She came into this world with a joy that surpasses anything else in life. Her tiny coos and infectious smile warm my heart and soul. I could spend hours watching her sleep, move, or look at me.

Athena is the accumulation of all of my dreams. The rest of the world became a blur in the background and my family was clearly in focus. She was more important than a lifetime of bucket list adventures. My life had a new meaning. I was a mother!

Many of you have been offering your well wishes and hinting about posting pictures, but I wasn’t ready to share her with the world. She is my precious gift and I wanted time to have her all to myself. Thousands of pictures and beautiful moments later, I’m opening my heart and my blog with the introduction of Athena.

Some people assume that once you have children, your adventures life is over, but I’ve experienced piloting a biplane, a jetpack, and a glider since her birth. We also visited Sea World and moved from southern California to North Carolina with her next to us. More importantly, I comforted a crying child; I rested while she slept on my chest; I heard her laugh for the first time; I saw her smile with happiness; I held her tiny, delicate hand; and I looked into her big, blue eyes. When you’re a new mother, life isn’t over… it’s simply better.

525 thoughts on “Introducing Athena Ceilidh Carter

  1. Beautiful! And one day she’ll adventure with you. I went white water rafting on the Nile last month with my two kids – absolute blast, and couldn’t have picked two better people to share it with!


  2. Wow! I’m a new follower of yours and I would never had guessed you were mum to a tiny one. Huge congratulations! She really is beautiful. It’s pretty amazing how time flies… my daughter is 20 this year so I think it may be time for me to create my own bucket list 🙂


  3. As a grandmother, all babies are precious.What great happy photos. She will fit right into your adventurous life, and no doubt, experience many of her own adventures. Now, we need a story about her name. I love NC.Lived in the mountains for 30 years.


  4. No matter what you accomplish or conquer in life nothing will ever compare to that beautiful child. I know this four times and am incredibnly grateful every day for all of them. All the best to you and thank you for sharing your pictures. It brought joy into my day!


  5. Congrats on the baby girl, and on the move! She is absolutely beautiful. Adventure isn’t over when you have a baby — it’s just a different kind of adventure. Plus it doesn’t mean you have to stop having other kinds of adventures!


  6. Lesley,
    What a special, delightful post.
    Your love of your beautiful daughter, Athena (such an exquisite name!), of your husband, yourself and your wonderful life shine through your words of gratitude and appreciation.
    I love coming to your pages, you inspire me to happiness.
    And motherhood, it will just grow and become more precious for you, and your family, every day.
    You are such a GOOD woman.
    Thankyou for your sharing.
    Elyn ♡


  7. Athena is so beautiful and love the pictures! She looks like such a happy baby and the one pic looks like she is laughing. Her smile is just beautiful! Continued best wishes to your family!


  8. Oh, Lesley, she’s perfect! Ain’t nothin’ better than the miracle of a baby. My beautiful babe is 12 now, so she’s trying to reach for those teen years but not quite. She can test me at times, but she’s just awesome and we still belly laugh every day. She is pure joy! Congrats on your wonderful little blessing. She’s absolutely beautiful and this is just the beginning of an awesome, inspired, rich, full life filled with many adventures to come, because simply, having a child is the wildest ride of all!


  9. “When you’re a new mother, life isn’t over… it’s simply better.” Made me tear up and I’m not a mom! Congrats–enjoy all your new adventures!


  10. Athena, in Greek poetry, is the incarnation of wisdom, reason and purity–and often described as “bright-eyed” Athena. Lots of good karma for your little one!


  11. She’s absolutely beautiful. My goodness … honestly, she’s gorgeous. Anyone who says the adventure ends, doesn’t have children. The adventure hasn’t even begun. Best of luck to you on your new adventure. 😀


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