The 4th of July! Using My GoBar at a Cookout

The 4th of July! The biggest party day in the USA is just around the corner. As new Charlotteans, we want to ring in the celebration with recently made friends and community members, but living in a small apartment while we search for a house makes it difficult to invite people into our “home”. One benefit of living on the first floor, though, is that we have access to the grounds behind our apartment. Short of pulling our dining room table outside, we didn’t really have anywhere to put our stuff. After all, I don’t think it could be a real July 4th celebration without alcohol and BBQ. Alas, we found the GoBar, a high top bar that is ultra-portable and sets up in under a minute. With 3 interchangable options for the front skirt, the GoBar is “clumsy proof” even for a new mom who hasn’t had an alcoholic beverage in over a year.

Weighing in at 14 pounds, the GoBar is lighter than carrying around Athena and her diaper bag. I might have thought that was slightly heavy before her birth, but now, after carrying around 14 pounds for a minimum of 14 hours a day, I could take it on a full day hike and not even notice. The closed size of the bar is 39″ x 15″ x 3″, making it easily fit under the bed or in the closet when not in use. The high strength aluminum frame is sturdy but doesn’t add additional weight and the waterproof MDF surface is great for spills and easy clean-up.

I practiced setting it up and it was together in under 60 seconds. I pulled it out of the carrying case, folded out the legs, and popped in the hidden secondary storage shelf. I checked out all three of the front skirts, Tiki, Football, and Formal, but ultimately felt like the Tiki was more my style. After testing the maximum weight that I could put on the bar, 25 pounds on the bar surface and 25 pounds on the storage shelf, or several large bottles of alcohol, I then folded it to put it away. The only part that I was unsure of was which leg to fold first. Other than that, it went back in the bag as easy as it came out.

Since moving to North Carolina, I’ve continuously heard about tailgating. Honestly, I’ve never tailgated in my life but the idea of it is intriguing. I love grilling food, I use to enjoy having a drink, and sporting events are hopefully in my near future. Light weight and easily portable, the GoBar would be the ultimate addition to a tailgating party.

Although I don’t think I’ll be tailgating for a couple of months, the GoBar is exactly what we needed for a July 4th party. I can see it now… mixing drinks, conversing with new friends, and hosting a “cookout“, another new term to me. (I have a lot to learn about living in the south!)

The GoBar is a GoPong product and I’ve worked out a deal with them for all of my readers to receive 25% off of the bar. Just type in the code “DIVIP” and instantly receive a 25% discount on the GoBar. You can check it out by clicking the GoBar link or typing

75 thoughts on “The 4th of July! Using My GoBar at a Cookout

  1. Pretty cool! Great for entertaining. I wonder if they will come out with special new themed skirts as optional extras? I see stars and stripes by 4th of July next year!


    • That would be a good idea! I don’t think you can purchase different designs currently, but I loved the Tiki so much I never thought about it.

      I’m still new to celebrating the 4th of July rather than July 1st, Canada Day!



    • I’m thinking about leaving it set up in my dining room. The blue color of the Tiki style match and it looks cute in the corner. I will most likely use it all the time. (Cookout is new to me; I say BBQ too 😉


  2. It seems like simple enough and smart enough idea to help anybody, who doesn’t already have a surroundings to host a party. Love the changeable looks! Have a lot of fun with your new friends on 4th!


  3. You live in Charlotte! I live not too far away, in Greenville, SC. Tailgating is AWESOME! I tailgated at the U2 concert in Raleigh a couple of years ago. Very fun. There are no strangers at a tailgate.


  4. Great blog post Lesley! I’m thinking of using it to create an outdoor entertainment area with a long table and chairs, under some vines. My wife thinks it will be easy to swap out different material to change up the look a bit for different occasions simply by using the various materials that come with the bar as a template.


  5. Tailgating isn’t jut a southern thing–we do it up north too. Anywhere football is big 🙂
    And cook out is just another term for BBQ. We use it in the north as well. 🙂 If you really want to go with the tiki theme, buy a tiki torch! My dad bought one and puts it out in the summer. When we have people over/eat out on our deck in the summer, it adds a nice festive touch.


  6. This is a great idea. A bar on the go is perfect for these big holiday parties and for tailgating. I can’t believe you haven’t ever tailgated before. You will love it. It’s very communal.
    How are you enjoying Charlotte so far? I was just there this weekend visiting family and that humidity is just insane, but otherwise we had a wonderful time. 😀


  7. Where are you originally from that you’ve never tailgated? That’s wild. I feel sometimes feel like my life is a neverending taligate: games, concerts, parades, (some of my friends even tailgate skiing).
    Something to think about adding to your bucketlist: tailgating a Jimmy Buffett Concert. I’m not a super Jimmy Buffett fan or anything, but got a chance to tailgate a concert last year, and it was a surreal experience. People export in sand, boats, very large inflatable pools etc. and recreate beach parties right in the parking lots. Your tiki bar would fit right in.


    • I’m originally from Nova Scotia; tailgating is just not a thing there.

      Tailgating a Jimmy Buffett Concert sounds like a blast! Like a beach resort and parade in one. I’ll look into this more 🙂


  8. Hi Lesley, I ordered my Go-Bar today (6-27-2012). Thanks for your referral. I will let you know when I receive it. The total including delivery came to $90.76.



  9. Hi Lesley, sorry to hear you have not had a drink in over a year. Not a good idea to have a tailgate party, without having a drink or two. On the other hand I will have a couple of drinks for you over here on the 4th.


  10. That’s pretty cool, I hope your party goes down well. I’ll be celebrating the 4th of July over here in the UK, only it’s not really independence day for me, more the opposite as its my wedding anniversary!!


  11. haha! welcome to the south – i love the idea of the GoBar. I have something similar that is a bit more permanent out on my deck and it’s PERFECT for impromptu cookouts, or the more formally scheduled deck parties! Basically all you need is some cheap beer and a grill – and you will easily make friends around these parts 🙂


  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have so many adventures every year.
    I have a goal list for the next couple of years that I hope to make happen. Not as adventurous but getting to the USA is one of them 🙂


  13. Hi Lesly! Great Idea!!! Can you create another post of the GoBar without the reference to the 4rth with a title making it right for all occasions, especially beach parties… I would like to reblog it on FilipinoFestival for our fan-base. Thanks, Phil


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