It’s a Killer Evening Out – A Wedding to Die For

Congratulations, you’re about to be a part of “Till Death Do Us Part”, The Murder Mystery
’s award-winning and wedding-themed murder mystery. You are cordially invited to follow Darren and I, better known as Anita Goodman for the show, to Beauregard’s located at 3030 Freedom Drive to attend the wedding of Neil Burger and Summer McDonald. Just as the happy couple pronounces their vows, a death is also pronounced. This wedding truly is a nightmare! Can the hapless detective, along with your help, solve the murder and save this wedding? Join us for an evening of murder, mystery, food, and fun.

Hi, my name is Anita Goodman and I’ll be your Maid of Honor this evening. I can’t believe that my best friend is getting married. I’m the bride’s maid for another wedding, which is so funny because I’ve been seeing the Best Man, Bob, for almost two years longer than Neil has been seeing Summer. Summer was my last unmarried friend… now I’m the only one single. Yet again, this is funny because I always thought I’d be the first one to get married.

The Murder Mystery Company provided a 2 ½ hour, interactive murder mystery event where a character died, in a comedic way, and it was up to our party to investigate clues, interrogate suspects, and ultimately solve the crime! The Murder Mystery Company supplied the props, character descriptions, and costume items, we just had to supply the laughs and solve the case. The killer could be anybody, even the audience members! It was like a live-action version of the game CLUE!

When we arrived at the restaurant, I was approached by a staff member and asked to be the “Maid of Honor”. Without hesitating, I agreed. I was given a costume and a binder with information on my character, a secret that I held, and a goal or objective for each part of the show. Instantly, I was an actress!

Will it be the mother-of-the-bride who opposed the marriage from the start? Could it be the bridesmaid, me, who longs to be a bride? Maybe it was the groom who knows of the bride’s recent affairs? Or possibly the doctor or was she a stripper? We were given all of the clues and pertinent information, but putting it all together required team work with other table members and mingling with the cast and audience to gather the missing pieces.

Our 3 course dinner started with the “There’s Been a Murder” portion of the evening. There were crackers, spreads, and a “House” salad. It’s called the “House” salad, because it’s the “house’s” specialty. During the “Gathering the Evidence” part of the show, we were served our main course. There were several choices including an 8oz cut of Prime Rib with Baked Potato, Blackened Chicken Pasta, Fried Tilapia with Baked Potato, or Baked Ziti with Marinara (Vegetarian). Darren chose the 8oz cut of Prime Rib with Baked Potato and I chose the Blackened Chicken Pasta.  Although the opening salad wasn’t anything notable, the main course was as full of flavor as the characters in the show, and it was as hearty as a lumber jack. The “Thrilling Conclusion” added Beauregard’s Famous Pineapple Orange Cake and it didn’t disappoint. Drinks were not included in the price of the ticket but $1.69 for bottomless soda worked for me. Darren ordered a “Happily Ever After” that brought us back to our time in Mexico, making it my biggest suggestion for anyone, of age, attending the show.

As the night progressed, secrets were revealed, motives were exposed, and our sleuthing skills were put to the test. By using the audience as the actors, the few real actors had the daunting task of keeping up with “who’s who”, remaining in character, and working with newbie actors like myself. I’d never actually been part of the show before except in Vegas where we went to see the Blue Man Group and I was nervously thrown on stage with a bunch of Blue Men who didn’t speak and made me eat Twinkies as part of the act; you’d think I would have been a little more apprehensive about participating. Surprisingly, no one “objected” to being part of the show and some characters really took on the part. The doctor, who turned out to be a stripper, was dramatic, funny, and mingled well with the audience. I pegged her as the culprit from the start, but you’ll have to attend “Till Death Do Us Part” if you really want to solve this crime.

Interactive, social, and entertaining, “Till Death Do Us Part” was an exciting way to spend our Saturday night. I’m already on the hunt for my next Murder Mystery Dinner Theater experience.

54 thoughts on “It’s a Killer Evening Out – A Wedding to Die For

  1. Sarge and I actually want to do something like this for our Wedding Reception. However, considering my divorced parents haven’t seen each other in about 15 years, it may be a little close to the bone. Ha!


  2. That is SO fun, I don’t know about wedding?? Was this THE wedding or like a dinner up to? Seriously I could SO see this as a cool birthday party or event, my friends would be total hams!!


    • Thanks! I appreciate the support. We’re still big kids at heart. I thought it was funny to dress up in the “wedding attire” that they gave me and be part of the show. It was a fun evening 🙂


  3. Hi Lesley,
    Wow; pardon my pun but, what a scream!! It looks like you had an unforgettable time.
    By the way, thank you for coming by my blog and for liking my recent posts. I am quite the opposite traveler than you( you would have to push to make me do your action sports) but am always up for a good trip and lots of good photography!


  4. Great fun! I have always wanted to participate in one of these Murder Mystery events but had never know any one who had done it how it was. Glad to see that it as much fun as I thought it would be. I ‘ll have to track one down in my area.
    Happy Canada Day, by the way.


  5. Nice! I wished weddings here at the Philippines had a concept somewhat like this. It’s still sort of cultural here, you see. 🙂 But i enjoyed reading. And thanks for the like on my posts! 🙂


  6. I love murder mystery parties! I’ve been to a couple myself and they are the best! PS You look adorable as Anita Goodman. And BTW don’t we all?! (Need a good man, that is.). 😉


  7. Haha! Looks like fun times!!!

    Also, congratulations on your little bundle! I cannot help but smile at your post about the baby girl! Blessings and prayers to you and to your sweet little angel.

    Thanks for all of your “likes” they are always right on tme 🙂


  8. A couple of years ago I’ve developed a murdergame like this. It’s a fun game which gives a big group of people a great night. It’s similar to this game. Great fun!


  9. Looks like a great time. Somewhere out there, Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard are crying because their game isn’t nearly as well catered.

    We have at least one of these in Indianapolis, but we’ve never tried it. Might have to remember this for my next major birthday…


  10. Hello, again! It’s been awhile. I stopped by to invite you to my new-website-theme-housewarming-thingy, because you were on my list of followers. I deleted my old site and, after the last few months of changing it up, I’m finally proud of (especially its new theme, launched yesterday!). Hope you’ll stop by. Keep writing!


  11. Wow, I hadn’t thought about one of these types of dinners in years! We participated in one as newlyweds, unique idea for a wedding, not you usual reception for sure!


  12. Why can’t I think of something like this? I’m in charge of putting on a 40th birthday party for my girl. This would have been perfect! Ok…maybe for the 41st birthday celebration then. She’ll never suspect it.


  13. Great fun!! Hubs and I went to a dinner theatre but the guests just watched and laughed. The antics happened all around us and throughout the dinner. It was delicious fun! 😀


  14. This is super creative! I’ve never seen a wedding like this! I’ve seen a “Phantom of the Opera” themed wedding rehearsal dinner but this one seems more fun and exciting!


  15. I wish that I could go to one of these. A theater crew in my hometown offered a murder/dinner/mystery on a train during last summer, but I couldn’t go. 😦


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