The Sun was Setting – Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

I’ve been home for less than a week, but I’m easily reminded of why Cape Breton, Nova Scotia is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.

On the first night in Iona, I watched the sun set from the patio with Athena in my arms. A warmth still filled the air, accompanied by a stillness that I’ve yet to experience anywhere else. I wondered if that serenity could be matched. 

Then, I arrived in Sydney Mines to my grandparent’s house and again my heart was at rest leaving feelings of calm and comfort.

Although I don’t want to live in Cape Breton (the harsh winters creep into the Fall too quickly), there is no place like home.

44 thoughts on “The Sun was Setting – Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

  1. Ahhhh … the feelings you describe and your wonderful photos make me feel as if I was there. Nova Scotia is now on my list of of places to visit. Thanks for sharing!


  2. A born and bred Maritimer, I love Cape Breton and it’s infamous shoreline Cabot Trail, aside from the overly beautiful Digby Neck (a series of 4 small islands connected by ferries – the “thumb” in the Bay of Fundy’s shoreline) and of course, Newfoundland and Labrador… great post!


  3. Lovely images and thoughts. I was born and still live on the left (west) coast in BC. There are places here that make me feel like that so I wonder if it is that your heart and soul feel at home where you were born and bred.

    By the way, you need to come out here! There are some hidden gems on the West Coast 🙂


  4. Lesley, what a truly blissful blessing and gift to be able to share these exquisite views with Athena at this point in her life! She is soaking up the peace and beauty, I guarantee it!


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  7. We are heading to NS in a few days. We’ll take the train from Montreal to Moncton, then motor around. Seeing your photos upped my anticipation. Thanks!

    Speaking of Fall, the cool temps the past few days, and Autumnal light, have given us a bit of a taste of what is to come. But first, more heat.


  8. Hard not to fall in love with Cape Breton in the summer and early fall. Your pictures remind me of a trip my wife and I took in 1978 when we drove the Cape Breton Highlands, started on the east coast and drove right around the edge. Stayed in Cheticamp for a couple of days. My first memories of eating swordfish and the Margaree River Valley. Great memories of a very beautiful place. Enjoy your visit home.


  9. There are some places that just sooth your soul, you feel at ease and at peace with everything around you. The pictures look lovely but I can understand that you rather not live there full time as you mentioned the harsh winter.
    Just enjoy being home 🙂


  10. Nice! I would love the opportunity to return to Canada one day. Have only been to the country once, and that was nowhere near Nova Scotia, but it left me with such fond memories that I long to do a cross-Canada journey.
    Also, your blog is excellent and what I aspire to.


  11. Now I miss home! 🙂
    Although I grew up out east, Cape Breton is one part of NS that I have yet to visit. It’s on my list though! Now with a star after reading your post! 😉


  12. Ahh, I used to be a Tour Guide for bus tours through the Maritimes. Oh wow, that was 10 years ago. Time for a visit, with my family this time!


  13. Looks so beautiful. I love Natalie MacMaster, who is from there, as you know. Love her songs about Cape Breton. I didn’t realize that is where you’re from.


  14. Still on my bucket list of places to visit. Thought we would make it this summer, but only got as close as Acadia National Park, Maine. Perhaps next summer! I have a whole trip planned already – have for two years!


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