Growing in Links – Is it a Good Thing?

The Importance of Social Media post was met with huge success. I felt confident that I was doing something right, after all, I didn’t get to over 5 million views without knowing a thing or two about social media. At least that’s what I though! Understanding SEO rankings, google rankings, and stats are well outside of my comfort zone. I started blogging because I love to write and I love to read the writings of others. I was a teacher for 8 years and when I decided to be a stay-at-home mom, I missed daily life in the classroom; I longed to be reading, writing, teaching, learning, interacting with students… the list is endless. Blogging brought that happiness back into my life. It was the perfect solution. I can stay at home with my daughter, manage home life, and still have that immersion in the writing world. But I would be lying if I said growing in readers and viewers wasn’t important to me. I check my blog stats at least twice a day and seeing the numbers rise and the followers grow brings a smile to my face every time. has a permanent position on my most opened pages and I can tell you my views almost down to the hour. I assumed that linking to other sites must always be a good thing. How could it be bad? After only a few hours of research, I learned a few more things about SEO and link building and it’s not what I expected.

Using sophisticated link analysis, search engines can discover how pages are related to each other and in what ways. Through links, engines can not only analyze the popularity of a website and page based on the number and popularity of pages linking to them, but also metrics like trust, spam, and authority. Trustworthy sites tend to link to other trusted sites, while spammy sites receive very few links from trusted sources. Links are a very good way of identifying expert documents on a given subject. Looking at Bucket List Publications, I target an audience which is curious to discover something new, unique, and adventurous. I focus on adventure travel and bucket list related items. Linking to other adventure travel sites and bucket list seekers can be beneficial, while linking to home design may not relate to our “expertise”.

In a two day period of adding links to, I went from a 62,304 rank in the US to an 85,002 rank. Adding links was the only change in my blog. In fact, my views were higher during those two days, which would have normally increased my rankings.

It’s important to consider how you link to others and how many links you include on your site. On my “Friends” page, I’ve narrowed the links down to mostly travel sites and photography pages. While following and “liking” sites, doesn’t hurt my rating, at least I don’t think – I’ll get back to you on that one, linking to too many sites is not beneficial to anyone.

If I’ve linked to your site in the past, but it’s no longer on my page, I’m now following your site and I will check back regularly. Social shares such as tweets, likes, and follows are considered a far superior and more lasting way to promote the popularity of content than any other method.

Traveling and adventure are as much a part of my life as family and friends. Experiencing new continents, countries, and cultures, with my daughter and my husband at my side, is a dream come true. Thank you for sharing in my journey and may the world be at your doorstep.

93 thoughts on “Growing in Links – Is it a Good Thing?

  1. Hi Lesley, I’m a fairly new blogger and a wordpress user as well, so I went straight to Alexa as you suggested. Tell me, how are you able to post their code to certify your pages using the Twenty Eleven theme? Thanks so much!


    • Hi Lesley, I love the way how you make your blog successful. As long as you love your work and as long as it does not bother your family,continue doing writing.


  2. Thanks so much Leslie… I have not really been paying serious attention to these strategies, as my blogging was just supposed to be “therapy” or me — but have been growing at amazing rates ~ so this is wonderful info! Congratulations on your massive success. Your blog is always a wonderful place to be!!! ~Much Love


  3. I’ve found the same to be true. When my blogroll was longest I got tons more spam and dropped in the rankings. But now, without a blogroll, I have slow and steady growth, which is ok. I wonder, though, does the platform on which we blog influence our rankings due to some hidden unknown, preferential seo and blogsite, buddy-buddy, system? Google plus, Pinterest, Facebook, Yahoo and other sites are great at raising the views but does Blogger get preferential treatment because it’s a Google blog platform? I’ve contemplated mirror blogging just to find out but that’s double the work! What do you think?


  4. I need to have this translated from Russian into “stayed-at-home-for-22-years-mom-trying-to-write-and-learn-tech-stuff” language. I love that you put this out there Lesley and will follow up with Googling it all and figuring out what I’m doing wrong! Always a fan. 🙂


  5. It takes longer to read your posts because so many people respond. I think you have, amongst other things, a knack for saying things on a way that resonates with your readers. Plus you are so conscious about keeping in touch with your readers, you embarrass me. Keep it up!


  6. Great post, Leslie! Thank you for a very informative post. I have never really thought much about the benefits of adding relevant links to mine but your post definitely makes me think twice. Thank you! .


  7. I am new to blogging still, and i want to do more to build up my blog. I have been told that i should wait until i have more content before i get a Facebook page to promote it more. Does that make sense? thanks, your blog is genius!


  8. Great info! This will surely help me on my way to becoming a successful blogger! Just wondering, though, how did you find out where your blog ranks in the U.S? I’m a bit curious as to where my blog ranks too. Thanks and keep on rocking!



  9. Like some of the others here, I didn’t realize we had so much in common! This is very interesting, and I really like your writing style! Thanks for sharing. I think many can benefit from the information you’re sharing here!


  10. (belated) Thanks for visiting my blog! Like yourself, I’ve been travelling most of the time, although home is still Brunei in the North of Borneo Island. And I love food, which I write about. I also hope to muster enough courage to jump off a plane and skydive. some day. Love your blog!


  11. Thanks for the insights, although I’m reticent about doing a lot of linking on my site to avoid “mucking up” the personal nature of the story. But I’m trying to build a platform for a future book — so I do need to be more proactive in gathering views and followers. Like everything, it’s a balance. Will definitely check out Alexa.


  12. I must thank you for sharing this. I am quite new at blogging (a blogger at less than a year) and have been looking at ways on how to increase traffic. Yours is one of the more comprehensible ones. Thanks again.


  13. Great post on the benefits of SEO for blogging and websites in general. In my blog I discuss current SEO trends and provide resources for those who may have never heard of the term before as well as those who are well on their way to becoming proficient. I’m focusing as well on helping small businesses here in Maine be a little more eco-friendly by eliminating traditional print advertising for modern Internet Marketing.

    In my personal life, I’m a world traveler and volunteer. I love your adventure stories as they bring back memories for me that are close to my heart. I think it’s imperative for people to leave their comfort zones and experience the world. I know it changed me as a person for the better. Love your blog, will definitely follow you.


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