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Charleston, South Carolina. The name alone exudes history and southern charm.  It finds Travel Charleston North Carolina (122)its way on the top ten and top twenty five city lists both nationally and internationally. Condé Nast Traveler magazine designated Charleston a “Top 10” travel destination in the United States. TRAVEL + LEISURE included Charleston in America’s Favorite Cities of 2011, and a number of the top 100 hotels in the U.S. are located in the Charleston area, including Wentworth Mansion. Take a stroll through the city market or along one of the beautify beaches, explore the aquarium, dine aboard a dinner cruise, and relax at Wentworth Mansion and you’ll swear you were part of a movie set. The southern lifestyle and pace is awaiting around every corner.

Charleston is a great walking city.  The waterfront, the markets, and the historic areas are all within walking distance from each other. We visited Rainbow Row on East Bay Street and the history of Charleston came to life through the architecture and color of the buildings. The patios, the Caribbean color scheme, the doors, the style… all unique to Charleston.

Consisting of four blocks of open-air buildings,  City Market is one of the most vibrant and historic places in all of the South. Strolling through the Market, we encountered an assortment of vendors selling goods including paintings, pottery, sweetgrass baskets, and jewelry. Steeped in history and charm, the City Market reaffirmed our ideas about the friendly people and laid back pace of Charleston. Each vendor chatted with us as if we were friends and they all cooed over Athena, even the men. When one elderly lady saw Athena giggle, she said that she must be talking to the angles. She shared her beliefs about children and their connection to God and the angles as a matter of fact. Another man stopped and put down everything he was carrying to kneel next to Athena and look at her precious face. He reminded us of how truly blessed we were before continuing on with his day. Not one person was in a hurry, regardless of the excessive heat. Not one person rushed past us. There was an unhurried leisure about the building and we fell into step.

City Market Charleston SC

Our stroll along the beach added to our relaxed, peaceful state. The warm Atlantic waters and gentle breeze were a welcomed touch. I wanted to stop time and stay in that moment with my family forever. In our busy lives, we often forget to stop and enjoy every moment. Charleston forces you to slow down and take in the salty air.

Travel Charleston North Carolina (137)By the time we visited South Carolina Aquarium, we were on Charleston time and it allowed us to really see everything the aquarium had to offer. I held a hissing cockroach, I touched a stingray at the Touch Tank, I listened to the volunteer talk about sharks, and I held Athena in the carrier on my chest so she could she it all along the way. She may be too young to fully appreciate the beauty of the aquarium but it felt great to experience it with her, and Darren, next to me regardless.

Travel Charleston North Carolina (162)

Travel Charleston North Carolina (201)

There was no better way to experience Charleston and enjoy our Saturday evening than
from the deck of a SpiritLine yacht. The Spirit of Carolina offered a unique dining experience with breathtaking views of the Charleston harbor. The three hour harbor tour was unforgettable. We savored a four course gourmet meal, took in the sunset about the Charleston skyline, and watched as others danced the night away.

Travel Charleston North Carolina (420)Travel Charleston North Carolina (432)

The icing on the cake was the Wentworth Mansion. The 21-room mansion turned hotel was the Ms. America of hotels. Beauty. Style. Grace. Every luxury was carefully planned and executed.  Every room has its own fireplace. On your pillow at turndown: chocolate truffles. Italian crystal chandeliers, hand-carved marble, gracious hospitality, and luxurious amenities, Wentworth Mansion is effortlessly perfect. They’ve captured the intrigue and magic of Charleston.

Breakfast at Wentworth Mansion

Charleston is more than a city. It is a reminder to experience and appreciate the simple things in life. Whether it be snuggling together as a family in bed at Wentworth Mansion, watching the sun go down from a dinner cruise, leaning about life under the sea at the South Carolina Aquarium, or strolling through the streets of the city, Charleston brings out the southern charm in everyone.

96 thoughts on “Southern Charm – Travel Charleston, South Carolina

  1. What a beautiful post!
    Visually it’s calming and your writing style is so confident and interesting 🙂
    I am from Wales in the UK and we suffer a lot from lack of sunshine! – People not being able to see you beauty when there are clouds in the sky… This is something I wish would change sometime soon, but I know it’s going to be decades yet!

    By the way, thank you for liking and following my blog posts. It’s really inspiring and motivating when someone else appreciates your work. Have a lovely day 🙂


    • There were so many options that we will most definitely return to soak up more of the culture.

      It may not be my typical adventurous weekend, but I loved the time spend with my family.

      Stay in touch,



  2. I am in Columbia – just up the interstate from Charleston. When I was in college there was a time when I more or less lived in Charleston and surrounding areas as I spent nearly every weekend there. It’s just lovely. I sometimes find myself jaded about America’s oldest city, but this post reminded me how refreshing it is and what I love most about my geographic location and my upbringing: Southern charm. Thanks for sharing!


    • I’m a follower of your blog and I enjoy your beautiful photos. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, my home, is very similar to the Scottish Highlands, although I’ve never visited for first hand proof. I hope to one day take my daughter, and my husband, to see picturesque Scotland.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

      I look forward to hearing from you again soon,



  3. Beautifully written!

    Glad you enjoyed our city, Charleston has been my home for over 20 years and the people and history are awesome.

    If ya’ll ever get to come back let me know we can show you the stuff tourest never get to see.


  4. Great post and beautiful visit. What a nice little get-away for you and the family. I would love to visit one day.


  5. One of your most beautiful posts. We have a daughter and family living in Columbia, SC so we’ve been there but we’ll have to make a trip to Charleston! You’ve convinced me!!! Your pictures are great…well, not the cockroach! Thank you so much.


  6. I currently live in Charleston (moved here about a year ago from Washington, DC) and I think you captured the place well! One of the best things I’ve noticed is that no one is in a hurry…DC was more about what you do, who you worked for, and how busy you could make yourself. Charleston seems more about who you are, what kind of hobbies you have, and enjoying life.


  7. Love the beach shot – so inviting to go a little further! One of these days….many of my cycling friends head down to the Carolina’s for cycling when the weather in Canada isn’t quite as conducive!


  8. A most wonderful city! Been there often and enjoyed the people, the pace and the beauty. Travel an hour south next visit and enjoy the low country. I am sure you would love it.


  9. Lesley, I loved this blog! It is tough to find a place that competes with Charleston in terms of culture–but also relaxing family time. It’s amazing to me how “adventures” change as your life goes on–especially when children enter the picture. You’re daughter is BEAUTIFUL by the way.


  10. I love Charleston, used to go there every year with my friend Donna, who was from SC. It was THE destination anytime we needed an escape. The City Market has changed, improved, over the years. The young people who drive the carriage tours are hilarious and the houses on Rainbow Row look like washed out cotton candy.
    Charleston is wonderful – thanks for reminding me.


  11. I’ve been to NC many times to visit my husband’s family, but never to SC except for outlet shopping once with my mother-in-law. You make me want to visit Charleston!


  12. Thanks for taking me there, I have never been! One thing I’ve noticed since we moved to North Texas is to conserve energy in the heat and walk more slowly lol. I always wondered why Southerners “mosie” and now I know.


  13. Loved the pictures! Especially the turtle guy – can you say BEST JOB EVER? 😉

    Usually, reading these posts gives me a nasty bite from the travel bug, but this one gave me a warm feeling of contentment. Though I’ve never been there, this place reminded me a LOT of my own home. Texas is admittedly giant, and you can find a bit of anything SOMEWHERE here, but the City Market sounded exactly like Richardson and Old Plano – where I grew up. Made me want to move back. 🙂 Love that southern charm.


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