Bucket List Publications is open to sponsorship, partnerships, and travel writing placements.

If you’re an online travel agency, airline, in-flight magazine, destination magazine, tourism board, or any of the like, then I would love to speak with you. Please send me an email about who you are and what you’re looking for and I will be happy to talk with you more about how we can work together.

Why work with us?

Between Bucket List Publications Online Magazine and blog, we have over 1 million views per month in 181 countries! With more than 34,000 followers who receive a direct message every time we publish, our reach is vast. We utilize all forms of social media including FacebookTwitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, Digg, and YouTube.

Our website targets an audience which is curious to discover something new, unique, and adventurous.

Adventure Travel now accounts for 16% of the total travel market. Bucket List Publications shows the mainstream traveller that anyone can partake in a great adventure.

Travelers need information and the readers of Bucket List Publications benefit from our first hand experiences. We offer an interactive community that proves the world is full of limitless possibilities.

Let the Stats Speak for Themselves!

Daily WordPress Stats

Daily WordPress Stats for Bucket List Publications

Countries Reading Bucket List Publiations

Countries Reading Bucket List Publications

Bucket List Publications Followers

Bucket List Publications Followers

Lesley’s Qualifications

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advanced English, a Bachelor of Education degree in Secondary Education, a Masters in Literacy, 8 years high school teaching experience, and over a decade of travel writing experience including a published travel book, my qualifications match my ambition and drive.

For more information and options, please email Lesley at [email protected].

49 thoughts on “Media/PR

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my summer “Sand Pail List” bucket list. I am in absolute awe of you, utterly humbled. Where do you find the time, endurance, and finances to do it all? And with a baby!! You are an amazing woman living life fearlessly wide open. And I can’t help but like you because you are also an English major, a teacher, and look like you could be my sister. Only the best to you!!


  2. Lesley – those are impressive stats. I’m going to Italy for the first time next month – I can hardly wait for the experience. Traveling, the getting there anyway, makes me crazy, but I still do it. How could I not? There’s so much to explore! I wish I didn’t stress in the airport, but I do that too. You’re blog is inspiring, all the best to you on the partnership endeavor. 🙂


  3. Just 300 posts have inspired 23,000 comments & close to 30,000 followers? Wow you are social-media’s magic child 🙂 & no wonder I wrote about you!!! All the best Lesley 🙂


  4. Wow Lesley. I am also in awe of your stats. Mine have grown over the last few years but nothing compared to yours. I love your writing style and enjoy reading your posts. Continued wishes for much success!!


  5. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Traffic Raiser Award (although I can see that you probably don’t need it). If you want to participate just visit my blog and follow the instructions.


  6. You are one driven lady. Driven, flown, pushed-out, over, under and swimming beneath. I travelled for ten years, occasionally put travel writing on the blog, but with two young sons I seldom travel these days and try to make money covering news with pictures. No time to write much. Thanks for stopping by however and liking my rushed recount of memories from Nepal. Damon


  7. oi… if you don’t mind my saying, you have guts and balls to spare… (not to mention so much energy)

    congrats on your baby-to-be and all your successes, past, present and future!

    maybe you have little elves helping to run your enterprise/life smoothly. if not, you ought to have a show–a day in the life of LESLEY, superhuman on the go…

    thanks for checking out my kDrama post; i’m glad you had some time to breathe and not work so hard (i think; then again, maybe keeping on top of everything is part of who you are but i guess i need to live it up a notch so thanks for being so inspiring!).


  8. You really deserve many congratulations for all of your efforts in providing an insight into your blogging world. It really shows dedication and effort can really pay-off. regards, James


  9. You should put together a tutorial post of How To Run a Successful Blog. Better yet, it should be a series of posts. A lot of us ham and eggers could benefit greatly from your knowledge and experience. — YUR

    PS. What brings you to Unclerave’s Wordy Weblog anyway?


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