What’s Left for Your 2012 Bucket List?

Each year, I create a bucket list; there are way too many things I want to accomplish in myFlight Lessons California life to create just one never-ending, overwhelming list. By writing a new list every year, I have more direction and motivation to implement my perfect life. I spend hours envisioning what I want to accomplish, what’s possible, and what’s maybe a little impossible, and then I find ways to make it happen. Not everyone has a bucket list, but we all have things we want to accomplish this year. Stop! Take two minutes to write down 5 things you want to accomplish before the end of 2012. Now, share them in a comment below! If it is written, you can make it happen! We can all have our dreams come true! Share them with me, share them with others, and watch them happen. 

Soar LIke an Eagle Paragliding CaliforniaMy 2012 Bucket List has 31 items and I’m on my way to completing the list. The blue links are things that I’ve already accomplished. You can read about them by clicking the links. The black items are either in progress, like lose the baby weight or read to my daughter daily, or coming up in the next few months, like swim with whale sharks or ride in a hot air balloon. A lot of thought went into creating a list that was doable yet incorporated my wildest hopes and dreams for 2012. The end product and its process allowed me to live this year to the fullest.

Here’s my 2012 Bucket List:

1. See LA from a helicopter
2. Fly a Jetpack
3. Find the best Italian restaurant
4. Deliver my baby girl
5. Finish the nursery of my dreams for my baby
6. See Winter in Venice at The Venetian in Las Vegas
7. See all of my immediate family
8. Swim with whale sharks
9. Lose the “baby weight”
10. See one Wonder of the World
11. See a sunrise
12. Ride an elephant
13. Reach 25,000 followers on my blog
14. Take a helicopter flight lesson
15. Visit a new state
16. Sleep on the beach
17. Fly an airplane
18. Take Athena swimming for the first time
19. Go whale-watching
20. Volunteer for a new organization
21. Ride in a hot air balloon
22. Fly a biplane
23. Go on an unplanned road trip
24. Plan at least 5 bucket list adventures for others
25. Take a new class
26. Be part of the Newport Boat Parade
27. Fly a glider
28. Learn how to make a new craft
29. Plan a complete surprise mini-vacation/activity for my husband
30. Read daily to my daughter
31. Reach 300 reviews on Alexa.com (This is a recent addition)

Share your dreams and hopes for the rest of 2012. As a community, we can revel in our accomplishments together.

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

172 thoughts on “What’s Left for Your 2012 Bucket List?

  1. Way Too many things to Do Lesley love …………:)
    How to condense the list ? lol
    How to make the prios stick like glue 🙂
    how to make a real LIST xx ?
    this is my question this morning
    🙂 love to u and fam xx


  2. 1. Collect newly laid eggs from a hen house.
    2. Travel on the ferry between North and South island, New Zealand.
    3. Drive along the Great Ocean Road in Australia.
    4. Travel for more than three months straight.
    5. See the fireworks in Sydney on New Year´s Eve.

    Bet you can´t guess where I´m heading later this year! 😉


  3. You can see my list here : http://shantarella.wordpress.com/the-2012-bucket-list/

    You can check out what I’ve done so far.

    If I choose five that I could realistically hope to complete then in would be these (and I won’t cheat and choose the easy ones) :

    1. Complete a marathon (working towards one at the end of Sept)
    2. Climb Table Mt (its on my doorstep)
    3. Donate/Raise money for charity (doing a event in Oct)
    4. Go whale watching on a boat
    5. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee


  4. Too fun!! I’m almost done with the reading and the painting…
    Read the New Testament before Labor Day
    Paint my bedroom
    Go to the gym or work out at home for 21 consecutive days
    Visit Brimfield
    Have a Twilight movie marathon before I see the last one


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  6. I’ve taken the easy way out amd picked things I really want to do…

    1. Take a surfing lesson at Noosa, QLD
    2. Have high tea at The Plaza in New York
    3. Skinny-dip in the ocean
    4. Learn to cook risotto
    5. Go camping on the beach
    6. Walk/ride over the Brooklyn Bridge
    7. Finish reading Lolita (that book is just killing me!)


  7. WOW! That’s some list. You’ve inspired me. I’ll go think about my list. By the way, I’ve done a couple of things you have on your list — all in India. Well worth doing.


  8. 1) Practise what I am preaching. 2) e-publish 2 planned ‘books’ before Christmas. 3) Show my love for my wife and children more overtly to the point that they notice. 4) Move the last 2 inches of fat off my stomach to my shoulder muscles and thereby finally get my abs flat after 13 years. 5) Make as many strangers as I can, that randomly pass or meet, smile by smiling at them.


  9. You are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing. Here’s my bucket list:

    Give birth to Elowyn
    Finish nursery (just need a crib mattress & changing table pad)
    Start teaching piano & vocal lessons for children
    Sew Elowyn’s Peter Rabbit and Mrs. Tiggywinkle baby blankets
    Take Rachel out for dinner
    Enjoy a margarita or two or three
    Plan a girls night out when Jason can babysit Elowyn
    Have sushi
    Find affordable fold out couch for spare room
    Paint Jason’s studio and fix it up all nice for him


  10. OMG! Thanks for reminding me! Since few years I make it a point to write down my achievements for the year and set new ones each year. I’d usually review it mid-year to track my progress but I forgot to review this year. So, here’s doing it now!

    For most part of 2010 & 2011 I was suffering from anxiety and panic disorders, which caused me to feel shaky, tight-chested & choked. Hence, top of my resolution list this year was:
    1) to relax more & to breathe free again (I’m happy to say that I’m 95% there!)

    What I’ve also achieved:
    2) snowboarded in Hokkaido
    3) found my calling
    4) started my blog
    5) found my tribe
    6) started volunteering in social work
    7) started teaching children again
    8) learnt yoga
    9) left the life that didn’t fulfill me

    What’s left:
    10) to start making investment on my own


  11. 1. Spend a week overseas with my wife (we haven’t picked a spot yet – maybe South America?)
    2. Attend Rocking Chair University in Fredericksburg, VA to build my wife a custom rocking chair
    3. Alpine skiing with the family
    4. Take a trip on the motorcycle when I get back home – hope the weather cooperates!
    5. Read to the kids every night when I get home


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  13. I’ll soon be 74 years of age. I’ve had many adventures in my life, but my bucket list, for the rest of this year, today is a bit more subdued than most.

    1. Go to Colorado to visit my 98 year old mother.
    2. Write more chapters of my parents and family story.
    3. Lose 15 pounds and keep it off.
    4. Ride an elephant.
    5. Go to Canada to Annie’s high school graduation. DONE in June.
    6. Help Armon with learning.
    7. Create Christmas card.
    8. Have a get-together with friend, Dean, and his wife.
    9. Accomplish fall cleaning.
    10. Create newsletter bi-weekly.
    11. Enter photography contest.
    12. Communicate with Andrew and wife.


  14. 1. Prep (finish) my book and get it ready to self-publish or sell/publish traditionally.
    2. Share (finish) my book and get it ready to self-publish or sell/publish traditionally.
    3. Edit (finish) my book and get it ready to self-publish or sell/publish traditionally.
    4. Enjoy (finish) my book and get it ready to self-publish or sell/publish traditionally.
    5. Believe in (finish) my book and get it ready to self-publish or sell/publish traditionally.


  15. So many things to do! I wish you the best of luck. Especially on that whale-watching escapade…for some reason I think I’d be freaked out waiting for whales to jump out of the water. In the middle of the ocean haha.


  16. The things left on my bucket list for 2012 is:
    1) Finish writing my book
    2) Get a magazine article published
    3) Do fundraisers to help my favorite charities
    4) Take a relaxing vacation anywhere


  17. Since so many things I wanted to do in 2012 didn’t – for various reasons – come to pass, and since I really don’t know how things will develop, I’m not going to make a bucket list but take every day just as it comes and will certainly be happy with the outcome. Maybe one or two of the original items will materialize, and that would be a bonus.
    Enjoy the remainder of the year,


  18. You have really inspired a lot of people 🙂 Here is my list:
    1) Spend more time with my family
    2) Get more motivated to grow my business
    3) Take more time to be in the “moment” and not stress so much
    4) Take a vacation, Paris is a very good idea
    5) Try Yoga….Again 🙂
    6) Finish 2 of my nutrition courses which I start in November


      • Thank you kindly, I hope the very same for you 🙂 I will keep you posted, I really enjoy your blog you are very inspiring to say the least 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing..inspiring people to live beyond their limitations and see the world 🙂


  19. I was afraid I could not compete with things like “Ride a jetpack”, but I see there are those of us whose feet must remain on the ground.Here are five that are reasonable:
    Totally declutter what we still laughiingly refer to as our ‘library’
    Paint in the hallway/kitchen/dinning area,(which also houses the computer and more)
    Visit my relatives in Pa; it’s been decades
    Send more of my writing out-
    Do a better job on the blog that I have started badly and neglected

    Thanks for the boot to scoot and the notice of how the year is ticking away!


  20. Wow, you are quite ambitious! I have finished pretty much all I set out to do this year, including becoming a professor! The last item on my list is to re-learn guitar. A local rec center is offering guitar lessons in the Fall, so I’m signing up 🙂

    Next years list will be more detailed:
    1. Apply for and attend a poetry residency
    2. Visit Portland, OR
    3. Keep up with (about 2 posts per week) both my blog and Etsy shops

    It’s pretty modest, but I have to start small and ad things as I go.


  21. 1) Find/Get a job
    2) Lose the weight I have gained since losing last job.
    3) Get my 5K daily walk to under 12 min. per K.
    4) Get Freshly Pressed
    5) Find somewhere to live


  22. My list is here http://smilescavenger.wordpress.com/2012-adventures/.

    I made it in July (as a post, but recently converted it to a page for easier access). Since July, I’ve accomplished 5. In addition, 5 others are “in-progress”. I have confidence they’ll be done.

    That leaves 10 more to get started… including, for example:
    (1) Win NaNoWriMo
    (2) Take up meditation.
    (3) Go camping in a tent


  23. Things we haven’t realized yet and probably have to postpone to next/another year:
    Visit Bornholm
    Bathing in Czech beer
    Visit Vienna and/or Budapest and/or Bratislava
    Seeing traces of the Berlin Wall


  24. We’re doing the day zero project that’s: 101 tasks in 1001 days. There’s a growing group of us, all with our own tasks and own start/finish dates. Perhaps you’d like to join us instead of doing a bucket list for 2013?


  25. Wow, this is a great post to read today since I am in the middle of creating my vision board / bucket list.
    Visit Hawaii for my big 50″
    Take a Surf lesson and ride a wave
    Achieve my CCIM designation
    Qualify for a loan within 2 years to purchase my home.
    Go to Europe- Spain, Italy
    Go to the Olympics
    Go to Wimbledon

    Below are some things I have already achieved.and so very grateful for:
    Adopted a kitten
    Adopted a dog
    moved into the home I love
    walked a half marathon
    swam with wild dolphins in costa rica
    went to Panama for Christmas and the Island of Taboga
    Visited Cuba
    Kayaked in Captiva with manatees
    Zip Lined through Costa Rica
    Bought and enjoyed a 18ft Bay Liner Bow Rider and Enjoyed Selling it
    Biked through Montauk
    Rode in a 23 Mile Bike a thon for the Seeing Guide Dog Foundation
    Had a marvelous 70 Birthday party for my Mom with my siblings and family and friends
    Enjoyed a fantastic family reunion with my siblings , nieces and nephews at the Nemacolin Resort in PA
    Had a full physical and happy to report the one thing that really matters I”M HEALTHY!!!!!!!


  26. Great post! Very motivating! I’ve been able to check off some really good items on my list so far this year, so for the remainder of 2012 I will focus on these 5 –

    1) Get to Rosetta Stone Level 3 Spanish and Level 2 Polish
    2) Finish the painting I’ve have been slowly working on
    3) Get to Zumba at least twice a week
    4) Have some of my work shown in a photography exhibit
    5) Take my dog for a nice rejuvinating walk every day

    Good luck on the rest of your list. I cannot wait to read about your swim with whale sharks!


  27. Great job on knocking out so many different things so far this year! My main focus for 2012 has been on health and I am halfway through my training for the ING NYC Marathon in November! I never would have envisioned myself doing this before 2012 and I would like to thank you for your blogging encouragement earlier this year when I started. It helped knowing that people were reading which in turned kept me focused. Congrats on the rapid growth of Bucket List Publications as well and I look forward to reading about your adventures and those you assist!


  28. Visit my daughter…
    Play with my beautiful grand daughter…
    Take my youngest daughter to see Justin Biber…
    Visit a Caribbean island with my sisters…and my daughters…
    Have my entire family all together here at my Inn for a whole week…


  29. 1. Help promote an up and coming local singer, until he achieves his dream (Local talent isn’t well supported – especially if you’re not the next avicci)
    2. Have my blogger stats map completely coloured in (that’s how good i want to be)
    3. Pass my first year at uni
    4. Become moderately fluent in atleast one of my language subjects
    5. Travel the world tasting chocolate.

    🙂 Very awesome blog


  30. Some of mine for 2012 have already happened, but here are five:
    1) get back to Europe for more Christmas markets (booked the trip)
    2) take my niece to NYC (done in May)
    3) start -and keep up- a public travel (started…now we’ll see how keeping it up goes!)
    4) take my mom on a trip (5 day trip in Oregon coming up)
    5) help my mom cross something off her bucket list this year


  31. I just love your bucketlists. I might have to add Unplanned Road Trip to mine. Anyhoo. I am a spreadsheet nerd. I have an overall bucketlist item, just 2012 bucketlist stuff, and America road trip bucketlist. From 2012, I’m still wanting to get the following:
    1. Buy a file cabinet to organize my documents (this will become especially important for this year.
    2. Travel to a new state (will be going to Mt. Rushmore next month).
    3. Run in a marathon (will be doing this in December).
    4. Start up my Houston blog.
    5. Learn to make a sushi roll.

    Since I am planning to leave the country next year to live in England, I came up with its own personal bucketlist stuff to see and do before I leave. That’s taking precedance over everything else. I told you that I’m a spreadsheet nerd.


  32. That’s the key…write it down and keep it in front of you…Ie. stick it up on the fridge, or on the bathroom mirror or the dashboard of your car…and most of all…say them out loud! You can’t just think it…you have to say it so your brain actually hears it!


  33. Your inspirational blogs are truly motivating to create fulfilled ambitions! Thank you for suggesting we share our handful of bucket list items here.

    1. Consistently post a blog on WordPress weekly.
    2. Sign a film acting Agent who represents me in the career of my dreams.
    3. Visit a lighthouse.
    4. Dedicate one hour, twice weekly, to gifting Yoga to myself.
    5. Abandon alcohol drinking completely.

    I enjoy reading your blogs and hope you look forward to following mine, too. Thank you again and good luck!


  34. I have a never ending list of to do’s, but here are a few….

    1. Take charge and start/run a local MINI Cooper club. Missing my MINI Family and all of the events we had in Florida!

    2. Digitize all family videos, prints, and slides in my possession and make sense of it all!

    3. Update, edit and keyword all images on my website. http://www.jennifer-childs.com

    4. Create an etsy shop!

    5. Learn how to meditate so i can recover from all of my to dos. 😉


  35. 1. Finish the first draft of my novel.
    2. Run a half marathon.
    3. Scuba dive in the Caribbean.
    4. Start a blog on writing.
    5. NOT stop running between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.


  36. 1. Race in a country I have never been.
    2. Help someone achieve a dream or goal they are striving for.
    3. Read a book a month.
    4. Travel with someone new, who I have never traveled with.
    5. Get my PIO.


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