6am Is No Longer Early: Taking it All in at Virginia Beach

12:00am – wake Athena, change her, feed her, and put her back to bed.Virginia Beach
6am – wake Athena, changer her, feed her, and get ready to play.

As a new mother, waking up at 6am is sleeping in, especially after months of feedings every 3 hours, but I don’t mind. It has become routine and now I get excited for 6am to come so I can start another day with her pleasant, smiling face looking up at me, her tiny like fingers reaching for my face and hands, and her bright blue eyes searching for answers in this new world.

This morning, we decided to let Darren, better known as Daddy, sleep in while we explored the boardwalk of Virginia Beach. Although more touristy than expected, it’s still filled with local color and laid-back visitors.

People of all ages were out getting their morning exercise. A pair of ladies walked by and offered a friendly, “Good day”; an old man rollerbladed past us, his skin a dark brown from over-exposure to the sun, theΒ noticeableΒ wrinkles weren’t just around his eyes; and a military group jogged in unison while completing some sort of training. Other parents pushed strollers alongside vendors and hotels. The world was moving around us and we blended in with a casual ease.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

We walked less than a 1/2 mile when I noticed something up ahead. A smile formed in the corners of my mouth. It was huge! It was taller than the hotels and resorts that surrounded it! It was red and among rides along the pier. Yes, I was right! It was a massive slingshot ride and it was walking distance from our resort. I had to explore it more. I had to do it!

Virginia Beach BoardwalkWe made it up to the park but it wasn’t open and I still couldn’t quite figure out the specifics of the ride. It was still only 7:20am, but I was wide away.Β The adrenaline junkie in me was bubbling to the surface like a pot of water about to overflow.

Tomorrow’s mission: find out more about the ride and when I can do it!

***Via Ocean Sands Resort***

61 thoughts on “6am Is No Longer Early: Taking it All in at Virginia Beach

  1. Your post inspired two thoughts:
    1. Boardwalks are great early in the morning, aren’t they?. Whenever I’m at the Jersey Shore i love to take an early morning jog on the boardwalk at Lavalette. pPeople you meet are at their best – still fresh and friendly with a smile and a good morning.
    2. I skirted Virginia beach a few years ago on a drive from NY to North Carolina via the DelMarVa Peninsula. I saw nvery little of Virginia Beach, but after reading this it’s on my bucket list!


  2. Congratulations! Thats a great start being a Great Mum enjoying the chores of living.Ramli and Wife have 5 children and all these chores were blissful and worth all the money in the World.Salam.


    • I want to do it for sure! It depends on their hours of operation. Darren, my husband, is here with us this week but he is working during normal business hours and I can’t do it with Athena on my own so if it fits into our schedule, it will be on the agenda for sure πŸ™‚

      I’ll keep you posted.


  3. Looks like a gorgeous spot. As someone who is about to have a bub, it’s good to hear that you can get used to the interrupted sleep, and even come to look forward to getting up at 6am! πŸ™‚ People seem to really enjoy telling me horror stories about zombie-like days and nights.


    • The first couple of weeks are taxing and can be “zombie” like, but I assure you, it will pass.

      Athena sleeps from 12-6 regularly now. every baby is different, but it hasn’t been difficult adjusting to her schedule. Now, if I had to work, it might be a different story.

      Good luck. I wish you years of happiness and laughter.



  4. I’m not a morning person, but, you’re right, after having a little one, that changes! Exploring new places in the early morning is definitely a perk though I find myself wondering why nothing is open yet…until I check my watch and realize that it’s only 7:00 AM – reality check. Looking forward to hearing about the slingshot ride!


  5. I grew up going there every weekend. There are spots further down that are less touristy. One thing I always loved about it is the water is pretty calm and the ocean bottom is smooth. Sandbridge is another nice area. Enjoy your time there!


    • I second the motion for slingshot video!

      I’m really looking forward to more pics and happy anecdotes about this, because my family’s Virginia Beach vacation a few years ago didn’t go as well as we’d hoped. (Long story.)


  6. My wife and I take turns being adventurous. Of the two of us, she is more likely the one to do the slingshot ride. For me, I would have to see it on the correct day and be in the right mindset to try it.

    Of the two of us my wife was the one who ate fish eyes when we were in the Philippines. I wait expectantly to hear(read) of your slingshot ride experience!


  7. It’s been over forty years since I went to Virginia Beach. It was touristy then, too…and beautiful! So nice you and Athena have a chance to enjoy one another. After 25 years, I’m a very lucky mom since my daughter and I still love spending time together! πŸ˜‰


  8. There’s something about the smell of the ocean and the beach so early in the morning – I miss that from my days of living in San Diego! Here in Amsterdam, an early morning walk requires a scarf and a jacket, even this time of year!


  9. Beautiful, lovely post. I like the details and your explanation of your experiences. I’m not naturally a morning person, but I do enjoy mornings when I’m up for them. I’m secretly looking forward to reasons to get up early and do the same as you :o)


  10. Exploring somewhere you’re familiar with at a time when you’re normally elsewhere can really change your perspective how that place functions. I feel you captured that nicely in your post. It reminds me of the time I explored Navy Pier in Chicago at 5 am (don’t ask why). I’ve visited hundreds of times over the years, but never saw it so early in the morning. The people were different, there was a sunrise over Lake Michigan, all the shops were closed or just opening. It felt as if I’d never been there before.


  11. Early mornings here usually start with a wet nose nuzzling me, my tiny dog Holly is a very early riser and therefore expects everyone else to be too. *lol


  12. I am so glad you visited my page because it gave me to opportunity to come over to yours! Coming to yours is an inspiration and quite the synchronicity! My husband and I were recently talking about “bucket lists”.. lol
    You are truly an inspiration and you look like you are having so much fun crossing things off your list. Best wishes in all of your endeavors! YOU GO GIRL!!


  13. Sling Shot ‘ride’? Run away. But if you jump out of plane for that ride, you’ll be fine. Years from now remember to tell Athena she was right there cheering you on. (And thanks for stopping by deegeesbb. You’re good company, but the Sling Shot is scary. I peeked riding Goliath at Magic Mountain/Six Flags.)


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