Oh Virginia, Take Me Home

We arrived in Virginia Beach last night to the most beautiful background: the ocean! Oh how I missed that salty air, that cool breeze, that sparkle off of the water…. My heart is at ease when I can hear the ocean waves crashing near by.

We’ll be staying at the Ocean Sands Resort until Saturday. Stay tuned for photos and posts.

I’m off to enjoy the waves.

44 thoughts on “Oh Virginia, Take Me Home

  1. Virginia Beach was the first beach I visited when I was little. I remember seeing it for the first time and thinking, “This is exactly how I thought it would look!” : )

    Have a wonderful, rejuvenating time!


  2. I know where you are! I live in the Hampton Roads area and almost never go out to the beach, unfortunately. If the beach is just too overcrowded, try going to Chic’s Beach or Oceanview (it’s a beach that really is the Chesapeake Bay, but good nonetheless). While you’re here, try some places called The Raven, and Giovani’s. Also, as a local attraction try stopping by the Nauticus in Norfolk and touring the Battleship Wisconsin.


  3. I´ve lived near to the ocean all my life. Couldn´t imagine not doing. I find walking along the beach, and sitting watching the waves a very calming influence. I´ve spent some of the darkest moments in my life (and we all have those from time to time, don´t we?) near the sea, and somehow, I always feel much better afterwards.

    Enjoy your break, Lesley.


  4. Your baby will enjoy the beach too, (under an umbrella when it’s sunny to protect from uv rays). Also, babies just love the soothing sounds of the ocean, just like we adults do! It’s so healthy for the baby to bond with Nature at such a young age – will be a Nature lover, like her mum! I can see how much you love Nature from your posts.


  5. Lesley. Your selfless sharing as to what you have learned regarding being a successful blogger, has positively impacted me and my blogging in numerous ways. I can’t thank you enough. I had my largest number of “hits” yesterday – ever! If our paths cross going forward, dinner is on me.


  6. Virginia beach is one of my favorite places to go! Much better than other east coast beaches, & such a small town, comforting vibe…. Enjoy yourself! I’ll be living vicariously through you this week 🙂


  7. Virginia Beach….yeah!!!! I was there last year. If you have time, check out the Virginia Beach Aquarium off of General Booth Boulevard and rent one of those big multi-person bikes. Great way to explore Virginia Beach.


  8. The ocean, or sea as we call it, is what I miss the most..coming from England we could drive to the salty air in less than an hour. Now I’m in Alberta, Canada and land locked. Hopefully next year I can get to the sound of waves and dip my toes in.


  9. Have an amazing time! Virginia Beach is one of my FAVORITE places in the entire world. I’m excited to see more photos and read more about your trip so that I can live vicariously through you.


  10. Enjoy your visit here!!! 🙂 You just missed the American Music Festival. 😦 But there is quite a bit to do around here. Some of my favs: the Aquarium is nice, get in some paddle boarding, Chick’s Oyster bar is one of my fav places for seafood, Rockerfeller’s has the best oyster rockerfellers… let me know if you’re looking for anything specific! 🙂


  11. Hi! Welcome to Virginia Beach!!!
    There’s so much to see and do at the beach, plus visit Mount Trashmore for a little park time. See Town Center and maybe visit the Cheesecake Factory!
    I live here, so if you need any help or want to meet for coffee, whatever: 757.541.8646.
    I love your posts!!!


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