You Gotta Bleep that **** – Bungee Jumping, California

This Friday, I will be flying, or falling, through the air yet again, but this time I will be Bungee Jumping Californiastrapped to a chair at least. I’m going to ride the Sling-Shot at the amusement park in Virginia Beach. As soon as I mentioned the possibility of the experience, readers prompted me to video tape the adventure, reminding me of our video archives of countless extreme “falls”. As a lead up to my “fall” or “sling-shot” on Friday, I’ll share a few other extreme videos.

One of my favorite videos is Darren’s bungee jumping in Angeles National Forest at the Bridge to Nowhere. The only problem is, you gotta bleep that ****

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


36 thoughts on “You Gotta Bleep that **** – Bungee Jumping, California

  1. Is it your first time to do bungee jumping? or if not, when? Just curious ’cause actually I do not consider this yet. LOL. I am so afraid of heights. I’m gonna die. But thanks for sharing. 🙂


  2. Could never ever ever bungee jump. I know for a fact because I tried to sky dive…..I got all strapped up, flew in the plane, but when it was my time to jump (tandem of course with a pro) I bugged out. I got to the opening of the plane, looked down and that was it! I gripped the sides of the opening til my knuckles were white. My partner was trying to pry my fingers off and push us out the door. I cursed him out like no other. I think the experience is on tape somewhere. I am in awe of people who bungee jump and sky dive with ease! More Power To You!!!!!!


  3. Yeah, I won’t be doing that … ever! My fear of heights is unbelievable. I think I’d rather skydive than bungee jump.
    You look like you had fun though. And that’s all that matters! 😀


  4. Oh My I’m not ready for this Jumping out with a cord on my leg… I will
    Also TY for all the likes on my BLOGS: That is really kind of you…..


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