Shooting for Adventure – Sling Shot USA

Adrenaline fueled adventure is like a drug. Once you start experiencing extreme adventure, Sling Shot USA Virginia Beachit gets in your veins and you crave it. When you see a picture of someone skydiving, you want to be in the sky. When you see white water, you long to be riding it. When you stand on the top floor of a tall building, your thoughts are about jumping off of it or rappelling down it.

My name is Lesley Carter and I am an adventure addict!

While walking down the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, I saw something up ahead. It was taller than all of the buildings around it. Yes, it was a ride! My breath, heart, and stride quickened; my mouth agape. I had to do it.

Darren and I returned that evening with hopes of getting our adrenaline fix. The gates said, “Atlantic Fun Park” and someone was on The Sling Shot.

Sling Shot USA Virginia BeachWe spoke with Mang Scott and Rachael Smith, the operators, only to find out that two people were required to go on the ride. Since we had Athena with us, it was impossible to do it, but Mang offered to find someone to ride with each of us if we returned on Friday. They were the most accommodating, friendly people and I was beaming with excitement at their suggestion. They made my day! Without their kindness, we wouldn’t have been able to experience Sling Shot USA.

Today, we returned and I was practically running to the gates at 5pm. I couldn’t wait. I was smiling from ear to ear. Sling Shot USA is the world’s tallest, fastest, non-bungee, mobile unit. It slings riders over 200ft at speeds over 100mph.

I wonder what time they open tomorrow? I want to do it again and again! No experience would be complete without the photos and video to remember it. The expression on my face says it all. I was in my element.

Sling Shot USA Virginia BeachSling Shot USA Virginia Beach

No one looks graceful while flying through the air at 100mph, but I included the video anyway.

Check out other photos and videos at

50 thoughts on “Shooting for Adventure – Sling Shot USA

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking! On the right, Our Heroine is having the time of her life, while her copilot is thinking, “LEMME OFF! LEMME OFF! LADY IS CRAZY!”

      Looks like an unbeatable thrill. Too bad it would pretty much kill me.


    • I totally agree with you. Leslie is a million times braver than I , but she survives each adventure. Maybe others will too, but probably not me. I used to fear going down a tall slide into a swimming pool!!!


  1. They have one of these where my wifey used to work, but sadly we’ve never been on it! I wanna try it someday though, except it’s waaaaay too expensive for an impulse activity.


  2. I love it! I am sure as you look at the pictures you can see the mirror image of your Athena’s excitement, and wonder as she too experiences daily adrenaline rushes from seeing her mom and dad’s faces, the brilliance of bright colors, or the adventure of a new taste. Adventure as an adult takes us back to the adventures of childhood … keep being childish Lesley!


  3. Just wanted to say, thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your posts and have massive anticipation for more! I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie myself, but I channel it through the need for speed (aka fast cars and crazy roller coasters).


  4. Lesley …oh no not for me…my stomach turns over driving down a steep hill you know that feeling you get when your stomach rises…??? surely you must with all the rides, jumps, sky diving etc that you have done??… Oh no…I’m a chicken 🙂 my thrill seeking is horse riding, but thank you for popping in again and liking my post – I appreciate it when one as busy as you takes the time out of their day to do so.


  5. Lesley Carter, you are definitely an adventure addict, and an adrenaline junkie (May I add), hehe. So brave! When I saw the Singapore Sling, I was like, omg, get me away, haha! I didn’t go on it..

    Good pictures!


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