Every Day Is a New Adventure in Atlanta, Georgia

Our recent adventure trip to Atlanta, Georgia was coupled with downtown hyatt_place_atlanta_downtownaccommodations and relaxed, southern dining. Hyatt Place Atlanta Downtown, located in central Atlanta, is within walking distance of the Georgia Aquarium and countless restaurants to match everyone’s taste buds. After a day of hot air ballooning, biplane flying, and whale shark swimming, there is nothing better than a tasty meal and a full night’s rest.

Hyatt Place Atlanta Downtown offered complimentary hot and cold buffet breakfast, wireless internet access, a laptop-compatible safe, a local newspaper, and a coffee/tea maker. Our king-sized bed came with signature bedding, triple sheeting, and a down comforter. In addition to a complimentary newspaper and safe, we had a 42-inch plasma television, fridge, and microwave. A full-length partition wall divided the sitting area and the bed, allowing us to sit in a lit area while the bedroom area, where Athena slept, remained shaded.

Hyatt Place Atlanta Downtown Room

The reception area was lively and the staff joked with us as if we were old family friends. The front-desk clerk asked us about our weekend plans and she actually remembered to ask how everything went when we returned the next day. It was personable service at its best.

Hyatt Place Atlanta Downtown Welcome BasketUpon entering the room, we were greeted with a welcome basket of goodies including snacks and drinks and a hand-written note from the staff. Darren opened the pretzels immediately and I went for the potato chips. The carbonated drink was a surprise to Darren and we quickly learned where tissue and paper towel could be found as it spilled over the floor after a good shaking.

Although the Georgia Aquarium is within half a mile of the hotel, we took advantage of the complementary shuttle service. After a day of adventures, starting with a sunrise hot air balloon flight, we were wiped by the time we finished swimming with the whale sharks. All we needed to do was call the shuttle number and the driver arrived almost instantly. Opening the door and lifting Athena’s stroller from the van, the driver was both friendly and helpful. He gave us tips on the best places to visit and family restaurants to enjoy. We followed his suggestion of Max’s Lager located next to the hotel for our dinner plans.

Located at the corner of Peachtree Street and West Peachtree Street, Max Lager’s Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery restaurant is at the epicenter of the hotel district. Service and quality merged during our dinner at Max’s to create an exquisite dining experience. Our waiter prided himself on professional service, friendliness, and a quick “refill” turn-around time. My thirst must have been obvious after downing the first soda and my glass was never empty. It reminded me of the Irish saying, “May your glass be ever full, / May the roof over your head be always strong.”  The circa 1913 building, with its bricks and beams, was certainly strong and our glasses were always full.

We shared our favorite memories from the day as excitement bubbled from us like an Max's Atlanta Georgia erupting volcano. It seemed like only seconds before our food arrived, but that could have had something to do with our non-stop conversation. I ordered the Turkey Meatloaf Burger. For $10, it included hardwood grilled turkey meatloaf, applewood bacon, grilled red onion, and tomato jam on an onion roll. It was served on a house made bun with hand cut french fries. With complimentary refills, a great price, unbelievable, friendly service, and good company, our dinner was as wonderful as the rest of our day.

Max's Atlanta Georgia

Hyatt Place Atlanta Downtown and Max Lager’s Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery made our weekend in Atlanta, Georgia complete. We can’t wait to return to Atlanta to experience more of the adventures it has to offer. While the adventures will change on our next visit, the hotel and the restaurant will remain constant. Every day is a new adventure in Atlanta, Georgia and we want to start and end it right with an amazing hotel and delicious dining.

55 thoughts on “Every Day Is a New Adventure in Atlanta, Georgia

  1. Love visiting my mom in Atlanta… This summer with a side trip to lovely Charleston. In Atlanta, we finally did the coke museum. It’s actually very interesting. The tasting room literally sticky, fascinating, and belly ache producing. We loved the coke commercial reels.
    Next time you are there, you might check out the restaurant Empire State South, it’s a good one.


    • We enjoyed Charleston last month. It has a charm all of its own. 🙂

      As for Atlanta, we’ll have to return because there was too much to do in one trip.

      Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll have to keep it in mind for the next visit.



  2. Welcome to my home town! I do love it here as well. The aquarium is amazing and the experience swimming with the whale sharks is well worth it. If you come to visit again I would recommend meeting the beluga whales! It is more intimate and they have the personality of puppies! I am so happy for you two and the adventures you share. It is very inspiring.


  3. The only reason I want to go to Atlanta is because my friend who just got married works at the puppet museum down there. I just thought it was the most random place to get a job after college!


  4. Very interesting to read as I will spend a week of work near ATL in october. I’m still looking for some places to do landscape photography after office…


  5. Hey that’s the place where I live! Glad you guys had a decent time. I’, on my last day in New York and will be boarding the Bus to DC and from there back to the “A” as they say.


  6. Haven’t stayed at the Hyatt but have been to Atlanta several times. Don’t you just love the way the people in Atlanta drive? I thought NY and NJ was crazy LOL! Glad your trip was exciting (as usual). 😀


  7. You had a better time in Atlanta than I have ever had. The place reminds me of what a wag said about South Carolina in 1860-1861: too small to be a republic and too large to be an asylum.


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