I’ve Found My Utopia – It’s in a Biplane in the Sky

When I first experienced a biplane adventure in southern California with Biplane Fun, I Biplane-Adventures,-Inc.didn’t know what to expect. As we plummeted toward the earth my screams of excitement could be heard for miles. My search for extreme adventure had brought me to that point and I didn’t think it would ever be matched. Then, when I was scouring the internet for bucket list items to do during my trip to Georgia, I found another biplane aerobatics company: Biplane Adventures, Inc.. Even though I’d already experienced a biplane flight, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to flip, turn, plummet, and somersault through the sky once again. After all, it was my Utopia, and this time I knew what aerobatics I enjoyed most.

Biplane Flight Atlanta

Biplane Flight AtlantaLee, the owner and pilot of Bi-Plane Adventures, Inc., knew that I was looking for an extreme flight and he performed as if we were in a stunt competition. Instead of relaxing and enjoying the view, we headed directly for the stunt zone and dove in, literally. He check my tolerance and comfort zone before performing loops, rolls, hammerheads, spins, an inverted pass, and combination stunts that left me with a permanent smile during the 40 minute flight.

I felt a complete absence of fear; it’s difficult to describe. The aerobatics were smooth and graceful; there was no jerking like in a roller coaster and the open cockpit allowed me to feel the wind in my face during each maneuver. When we were upside down and I could see all of Atlanta from a unique perspective, my heart was racing with excitement but my mind was clam and in control. I was able to fully appreciate each turn and maintain a focal point for complete understanding of the movement. Lee increased the intensity of the stunts and finished off with a combination of aerobatics that will last in my memory for the rest of my life.

His pièce de résistance was a balloon trick that seemed impossible. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. I included the video below and it’s definitely a party trick not to be missed.

After throwing the balloon from the plane, he circled back and busted it directly on the x of the wing. I had a difficult time just tracking the balloon. I can’t imagine how he managed to track it, maneuver the plane, and position it between the wings. I was in awe!

Biplane Flight Atlanta

In the last few years, I’ve participated in several extreme adventures that have brought great joy and happiness into my life, but nothing compares to the combination of flight and aerobatics in an open-aired cockpit.

To watch other extreme adventure videos of Darren and I, check out http://www.bucketlistpublications.com/. I particularly enjoy the paragliding video that Darren made of me. 😉

68 thoughts on “I’ve Found My Utopia – It’s in a Biplane in the Sky

  1. I’ve been in a small float plane and one on skis in northern BC, but your account sounds even better! I want to try it too!


  2. I have a severe case of both acrophobia and vertigo but for some strange reason I have no fear at all of flying in small aircraft like this… I feel perfectly safe… so I really enjoyed your post and the videos. Gosh, what a great life you have… well, you don’t just magically have it…. you have gone out and made it happen…. good for you!!!!


  3. Really cool! I am going to an air show at a small airport on Saturday. They usually have a couple biplanes on display. I will hopefully get some good pictures. Watch for them :-).


  4. Amazing! I would love to try this but I’d be afraid that I’d get sick. When I was in middle school, my family went to Alaska and rode a small 6-seater plane around Mt. McKinley…hurled everywhere 😦


  5. Hi Lesley, Drop me a line. There are some great bucket list must do’s here in Quebec City. This looks like a blast, and you should come out here and add winter canyoning to your list. I will connect you with the person who organizes all media visits. Thanks,


  6. I don’t know that I’m that brave…but I would like to experience something with a complete absence of fear! Even when I do things I love the most there is always some form fear lurking around the corner…thanks for the post. I will challenge myself to come up with a fearless moment or event one day soon!


  7. I rode in a biplane once when I was about 14. It wasn’t my first time in a small plane, but there’s nothing quite like an open cockpit. I don’t think we did any stunt moves, but it’s been over 30 years.


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