Two Rivers Diverged into the Wildlife

With over 50 species of native and non-native animals and birds, a petting zoo, hiking and cross-country ski trails,Two Rivers Wildlife Park Cape Breton, Nova Scotia wagon and sleigh rides, a “U-fish” pond, and a children’s playground, Two Rivers Wildlife Park is one of my favorite place to go with my brother and sister, and now Athena, when I’m in Cape Breton. Two Rivers Wildlife Park offers a unique experience to everyone from the avid nature lover to the casual observer. The petting zoo still holds my attention even in adulthood and we can’t help but smile at the otters as they splash and play in their habitat. It may be a little difficult to find, but two roads, and rivers, diverge into the wildlife and we’ve made them the path to be followed.

The Two Rivers Wildlife Park is a 500-acre community-run park located where the Salmon River meets the Mira River. The unique geography is such that the two rivers together form natural boundaries that surround most of the park. The land is fertile and the hills are gentle thus an abundance of natural wildlife and plant species adds to the natural beauty of the two rivers.

Two Rivers Wildlife Park Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Two Rivers Wildlife Park Cape Breton, Nova ScotiaThe park operates an active rehabilitation centre, a petting zoo, and a wildlife park. If an animal or bird is found injured, Two Rivers Wildlife Park is registered to keep the wildlife during its recovery. Upon recovery, the wildlife is evaluated before being released into the wild or is kept in the Park. The petting zoo is home to a number of interesting animals, including a crazy donkey that brays louder than a preschooler’s soccer practice. They also have Belgian horses, llamas, miniature horses, Sable Island horses, chickens, pigs, and pygmy goats. Feeding the animals is a treat for everyone. The gentle goat’s tongue quickly sucks back the grains or kernels and makes even a timid child smile. At Two Rivers Wildlife Park, there are over 40 varieties of native and exotic wildlife housed along their 1 kilometer Wildlife Trail. The wildlife at the Park have either been born in captivity or rehabilitated after an injury but cannot now survive in the wild.

Two Rivers Wildlife Park Cape Breton Nova Scotia

Two Rivers Wildlife Park Cape Breton Nova ScotiaAt $6.50 per adult, $4.50 for seniors/youth, and free for children 4 and under, Two Rivers Wildlife Park is a worthwhile drive from Sydney. You can even pack a lunch and eat on the hill or next to the children’s play area. I rarely make the trip back to Cape Breton without visiting the wildlife park.

29 thoughts on “Two Rivers Diverged into the Wildlife

    • Sometimes I like extreme adventures and a fast paced environment, but other times it’s great to relax, enjoy quiet time with family, and revel in the beauty that surrounds me. Cape Breton is a great place to take it easy and appreciate the simple things. 🙂


  1. OK, that pig is too much. Talk about having some jawls…lol Thank you for taking to a place that I probably will never be fortunate to see. That Pig….just makes me laugh!!!


  2. I find that this is a “community run park” fascinating. It looks like an amazing place to visit and I suspect that the community involvement is part of what keeps it top notch.


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