Experience It All: Celtic Colours, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Ciad Mile Failte!

For the past 9 days, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, was home to a unique celebration of music and Celtic Coloursculture called the Celtic Colours International Festival. Celtic Colours promotes, celebrates, and develops Cape Breton’s Celtic culture through concerts, outdoor events, visual art series, participatory events, community meals, and learning opportunities. You may have physically missed the 2012 Celtic Colours, but you can experience it all through my 7 days in Cape Breton at The Celtic Colours.

Enjoy Cape Breton fiddling with The Cape Breton Fiddlers

Participate in a Milling Frolic

Sea for yourself at Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design at the Exhibit: Sea and Sky – Visual Art Series

Sea and Sky, Celtic Colours

Celebrate the bagpipes with Rankin MacInnis

Learn from experience at a Traditional Ceilidh

Share in song at Highland Village

From Gaelic singing, Cape Breton fiddling, local dance traditions, and afternoons filled with bagpiping, story-telling, and learning opportunities, I spent the week immersed in Cape Breton’s Gaelic culture. I hope you feel like you’ve experienced it with me. Maybe next year we can really celebrate together.

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