Shower Me with Luxury – Old Edwards Inn

We arrived at Old Edwards Inn, Highlands, North Carolina after dark this evening. Even in Old Edwards Inn - Highlands, NCthe absence of light, the beauty of the grounds at Old Edwards Inn shone through. Surrounded with period antiques and European charm, our suite is elegance at its best. 

My first stop: the shower. After three hours of driving through winding mountains preceded by a day playing on the floor with Athena, I needed a relaxing shower. Darren played with Athena while I indulged.  Our spa suite offers a five jet shower, heated floors, and the finest spa soaps, all of which I’d received at other luxury hotels in the past. I did find something so noteworthy that it became the topic of decision for our own house.

Old Edwards Inn Shower Collage

The towels in the bathroom are hung on a silver rung. As I pulled one off to put next to the Old Edwards Inn shower, on a hook placed strategically by the shower door I may add, I felt warmth exuding from the center of the towel. The rungs are heated! I rubbed the warm towel over my arms and placed it on the hook. This was my heaven. For a woman that is always cold, it doesn’t get any more comforting than heated floors, a warm shower, and heated towels.

It’s 11:44 pm so we won’t be able to explore the grounds until tomorrow, but if they are any comparison to the rooms, they will be a sight worth seeing.

See you around Old Edwards Inn tomorrow. My first adventure is at the spa for a facial. Won’t you join me?

34 thoughts on “Shower Me with Luxury – Old Edwards Inn

  1. I’m staggered – don’t you have heated towel rails in every bathroom in the States?
    I can however tell you one thing better than a heated towel rail – if you have a dryer in the bathroom, a towel that has just come out of the dryer is true heaven


  2. Brings back many memories of different bathrooms and showers that I have seen around the world. Some of the showers have been difficult to figure out how to use. Sometimes it is good that I have an Engineering degree :-). Also love the heated floors, mirrors and towel racks that I sometimes find. And then there are the special bathrooms in Japan, but that is another story :-).


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  4. Who doesn’t love a heated towel! I may have to try the dryer trick because my husband decided the heated towel rack was too much work for him when we redid the bathroom this past year. It turned out like a spa bathroom anyway. Love it! Enjoy your heated bathroom while you can!


  5. Beautiful! We were in Canada one year on vacation and the hotel bathroom had a heated tile floor. When designing our home I asked the builder about a heated floor and he looked at me like I was crazy. No heated tile or towels here. :(. Enjoy your time away!


  6. Don’t know why heated towel racks haven’t caught on in the States – they’re common here in Europe. They help keep the bathroom toasty and eliminate that fusty, musty towel smell. The inn looks lovely. Enjoy!


  7. I love Highlands, NC. If you get the chance, you have got to check out Fire Mountain. My wife and I went there for an anniversary and it was one of the best anniversaries ever.


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