Journey to Bliss – Old Edwards Inn & Spa

I’ve never been to a spa before and quite frankly I couldn’t begin to imagine what was the Old Edwards Inn & Spa big deal. The thought of someone, other than my husband, rhythmically massaging my body while I listened to calming music seemed… off; especially if it was a man… no especially if it was a woman.  How about replenishing my skin with an anti-oxidant detoxifying mud masque? Ummm… no thanks! I played in the mud enough as a child. Maybe a manicure or pedicure was more up my alley. No, wait! Why bother polish or buff my nails when I can’t even type with them long and I’m happy cutting them myself. It just didn’t seem like my thing. Heck, I don’t even go to a hair salon more than once or twice ever 5 or so years. But after hearing about the journey to bliss that is a “spa day”, I thought I had to finally debunk my ideas about spas and give one a try for myself; and what better place to do that than Old Edwards Inn & Spa? They are known for their signature spa experiences and they have a full spectrum of wellness, rejuvenation, and natural beauty enhancement. I was sure there had to be one experience that would change my negative tone about spas. 

Carefully reviewing a list of options, I choose an organic facial. Although I don’t wear make-up and I rarely use any chemicals or soaps on my face, I thought of it like a trip to the dentist. You always feel better when you’re teeth are cleaned at the dentist. Why would it be any different with your face after a facial?

Using only the finest organic ingredients, I enjoyed a deep cleanse, masque, and deeply relaxing facial massage created specifically for my skin needs. Then, I melted into luxury as the esthetician treated my hands, arms, and neck with a soothing massage. What I first thought was an apparatus designed by the gods, I realized was the esthetician’s knuckles gently kneading my hands. The hour was gone in a blink and I emerged stress-free, hydrated, and rejuvenated.

The Spa at Old Edwards Inn

I also learned, first-hand, that going to a spa is about more than your hour on the table or inOld Edwards Inn & Spa a chair; it’s about the overall experience from the time you walk in the door until hours after you leave. Draped in heavenly robs, surrounded by calming sights, and immersed in soothing sounds, the spa is a total body and senses journey. At 10 pm, 11 hours after my facial, I’m still in a state of relaxed, calm bliss. I keep rubbing my face with disbelief that the soft, moist, but not oily, skin that I’m touching is my own.

Now, I can officially say I was completely ignorant about the true sensory extravaganza of a spa treatment. Heavenly bliss would be the most appropriate statement about my hour at The Spa at Old Edwards Inn.

I’m revamping my bucket list tonight to include more spa experiences.

42 thoughts on “Journey to Bliss – Old Edwards Inn & Spa

  1. I never thought of myself as a spa person either, but when I lived in the UK a friend booked us a day to celebrate my birthday; it was heaven! I did the same for her the following year, and while neither of us live in Yorkshire anymore, those days, and others, provided more links in a lasting chain of friendship. So glad you found as much joy as we did!


  2. What a lovely experience! My dear husband gave me a spa day in the middle of my pregnancy with our first child…I am very much like you in my approach to things like hair and nails, but I have decided that spa days are indeed wonderful treats! Since that first trip to a fantastic spa in New Orleans, I’ve had one other…both were over 7 years ago. While all that pampering feels odd when we become accustomed to mothering and doting on our husbands and child(ren), it is important. Having times of refreshment, of letting someone else do the doting, of doing something that involves actually doing *nothing* but relaxing…strangely difficult, but worth it! I hope it becomes a regular event in some of your travels, and perhaps my husband and I will incorporate a couples’ spa time into our next overnight getaway (which happen about twice a year so far!).


  3. Oh my god, I love spas. I went to my first spa which was the Red Door Elizabeth Arden Spa in New York City when I was 18 Since then, I’ve had a few Swedish massages experiences (which is the traditional kind). I have almost loved every one of them–it really depends on the masseuse, sometimes you can end up with someone who really doesn’t do that great a job.

    My most recent spa experience was in Spain and that was interesting for cultural reasons. I usually leave my underwear on but in this one, I was given a disposable one time use underwear for the massage! I was so confused, it was hilarious when the masseuse had to explain to me what it was (I had never seen that in any spas in the US!). She also massaged me a lot higher in certain areas on my body than I was used to. It was a little uncomfortable but I just went with it. Not sure if that is just Spain or that one spa or that specific masseuse, since I did not go to another spa while I was there. They are a lot more laid back about nudity in Europe so I attributed it to that. It definitely made for a funny story afterwards!


  4. Glad you’re including more spa experiences! They really are wonderful. Full body massages: the best! I recently did one of the hot stone massages – amazing!! It’s the great feeling of massage, with heat radiating and relaxing your muscles at the same time. Heavenly!


  5. Glad to hear you’re a massage convert! I trained as a massage therapist about 12 years ago and loved it, but haven’t been able to work as one for the last ten years – it’s on my ‘bucket list’ of things to do again in the next couple of years now I have time and space. So rewarding to give someone a massage, as well as so great being massaged!


  6. You have to try a Swedish massage next. I promise you it’s not as creepy as you think. A massage done right will relax you for days. 😉


  7. A little over a year ago, my husband and I indulged in our first couple’s massage. It was heavenly. I knew that I was long overdue this indulgence, when my 24-year-old assistant came in and suggested that I needed a massage–we had been under a lot of stress at work. Guess it showed :(. Here’s to the power of massages!


  8. So glad you finally tried it! I get a facial every month. It is a little bit extravagant but I feel like I deserve a treat once in a while. Hope you stick with it and try other spa services!


  9. I feel the same way about spas. I’ve never been to one — never had a massage, nor mani (never a pedi! — as it never ever…will never 🙂 But this sounds nice. I imagine once you allow yourself to just go with it, the experience can be enjoyable. I think the problem, at least with me, is letting someone else do something for me. It’s a rare feeling to allow myself to be pampered. 🙂 Glad to hear this changed your experience. I’ll be sure to put one of my bucket list.


  10. I visited this same spa with a group last year, having never been to a spa or received a spa treatment. Needless to say, I had the same reaction you did! I emerged feeling so relaxed and calm. I’ve got to make more spa visits.


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  12. The first time I experienced a real spa was a few years ago. I received a 60-minute massage as a gift and I have been spoiled ever since. I ALWAYS purchase massage/facial groupons whenever I see them because I LOVE LOVE LOVE being pampered.


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