The Natural Place to Be – Strolling through Jetton Park in Lake Norman, NC

Since moving to North Carolina 5 months ago, we spent so much time searching for the Jetton Park, Lake Norman, NCbest location to build a house that we neglected the natural parks and beauty that surround us. Today, we found Jetton Park in Lake Norman and it was the perfect place to get back to nature. A stunning beach, lush trails, and quiet picnic sites filled the 106 acre lakefront park.

We strolled through the park slowly and relaxed as we took it all in. The trails were paved with leaves freshly fallen from the surrounding trees. Families, joggers, and people walking their dogs littered the path as much as the fallen leaves. With each friendly “hello” and “how are you”, we felt more and more at home. The people of North Carolina were the biggest draw to the area and we are constantly reminded that we made a great decision for our family.

Although the beach area is not for swimming, there is an unbelievable view and lots of picnic tables to set up a spot. It would be a great place to play beach games and we hope to return when our family visits in the next few weeks. As for today, Athena and I loved the warm sun on our faces and the slight breeze off the lake.

Jetton Park, Lake Norman, NCSome of the fall leaves are still clinging to the branches like a moth to a flame and their bright colors made the walk even more beautiful.

Rather than having a snack at the park, we used the picnic area as a place to get a better view of the lake and let Athena stretch.

Jetton Park, Lake Norman, NCSometimes the greatest adventure can be found in the simplest places. Jetton Park was the natural place to be on a bright, sunny, fall day. Now that North Carolina is our home and we’ve found the community where we want to build, we can explore more new parks and towns regularly.

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77 thoughts on “The Natural Place to Be – Strolling through Jetton Park in Lake Norman, NC

  1. NC is a beautiful state, my home state although my father’s work took us to Maryland before i was school age. Still visit NC and love the mountains, coastal beaches and all that lies between. I have not been to the outer banks yet. Always intended to visit Roanoke Island.


  2. Glad ot see you are taking a break to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. I recall a canoe trip as a young military officer beginning at Lake Jocassee. There were areas where you could tube and slide over rocks. Worth a trip!


  3. Isn’t North Carolina spectacular?! Always wanted to be able to retire there. Spent all my summers (when I was a kid) in various areas of the state. My family had a home on top of a mountain in western NC. Wish we still did. It’s a great state with a little of everything going for it – from the Atlantic coast and lowlands of the east to the Smokies in the west.


  4. Beautiful photos! Those autumn leaves look so lovely! And little Athena looks so dear! Thanks for sharing – will put this park in my list of places to visit when I make it to the Southeast Coast.


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