What’s in Your Cup? Bodum’s Bistro Burr Grinder (Giveaway Included)

I had no idea that coffee is actually good for you, within moderation, of course, like anything else. After watching a medical show a few days ago, I learned that coffee has several health benefits.

Coffee BeansBenefits of drinking coffee: 

1. Coffee slashes your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
2. Coffee can counter cancerous cell damage.
3. Coffee may lower your risk of dementia.
4. Coffee reduces heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases.
5. Coffee may buffer depression.

But as a 32 year old woman it may come as a surprise that I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life. I wanted to start so I tempted Darren with the idea of drinking coffee and he took the bait. He loves researching new products and he was off on a search for the best coffee, coffee makers, and coffee related products.

Ask any coffee connoisseurs and they’ll tell you that in order for coffee beans to developbodum-coffee-grinder
their full flavor profile, they must be ground right before coming in contact with hot water. This is where the electric coffee grinder BISTRO comes in and becomes part of the coffee making ritual. Bodum’s Bistro Burr Grinder is a must have in any coffee lovers collection. The beauty of a burr grinder as apposed to a blade grinder is that it actually crushes the beans rather than slicing them, which allows the flavor profile to remain intact.

Most coffee grinders use plastic containers to receive the ground coffee but plastic and ground coffee don’t go together well (the powder gets statically charged and spills all over the place).The catcher of the BISTRO is made of borosilicate glass, which actually helps eliminate static cling. This and the tight plastic/rubber lid make for an excellent, no-spill coffee grinder. The borosilicate glass container comes with a silicone band to make it slip-proof, an especially important feature when touched with wet hands.

BISTRO is continuously adjustable; twisting the upper bean container determines how finely ground the beans will be.There are several settings, which allow you to grind coarsely for a French press all the way to finely for a cup of espresso.

Bodum Coffee Grinder

I wasn’t sure what to expect with my first cup of coffee. The aroma was delightful and it filled the apartment. It reminded me of being a child sitting at the breakfast table with my grandparents while they had their “morning cup” and I ate bacon, eggs, and toast.

I blew away the steam and tried it; my mouth watered with the unique flavor and I wasn’t certain I enjoyed it. I finished the cup without adding cream or sugar.

A few days in, I welcome the taste and look forward to my “morning cup”. It’s something I never thought I’d say, but I’m officially a coffee drinker. Now, to figure out the different kinds, flavors, and what I like in it is another story.
Cup of coffee

If you’d like to win a Bodum Electric Burr Grinder, click here to enter. (It would make a great Christmas gift)


93 thoughts on “What’s in Your Cup? Bodum’s Bistro Burr Grinder (Giveaway Included)

  1. I didn’t start till I was in my mid twenties. I tried it at first with cream and also sugar and didn’t like it with anything added to it. Love my 2 cups in the morning just black. My favorite is Door County Breakfast Blend. We have a local store where I can buy it but they also have a great website where anyone can order. Best coffee I have ever had.


  2. 😀 i still cant believe you havent had coffee before this 😀 and youre right, it is very healthy! apart from the caffiene thing, its rich in antioxidants, so that helps in lowering the risk of cancer and it promotes clearer thinking 🙂 hope you loved it.. I love coffee but ive started loving tea even more off late, especially green/liquor tea! have you tried it? what do you think?


  3. I came late to coffee, but now I look forward to the ritual cup in the morning and after lunch. I also just like the process of brewing it, measuring the water, and grinding the beans. Or measuring the ground beans. I became a devotee of flavored coffees, pecan, crem brulee, kahlua, chocolate, pumpkin spice. Enjoy!


  4. What! You just didn’t go down to the local Starbucks and buy a cup of coffee? I am not much of a coffee drinker myself. Maybe if friends are drinking coffee I will join them, but I am mainly a tee drinker. The exception is when I go to Germany. I really like their coffee.


  5. Lesley, a good coffee does not compare to anything 🙂
    Glad you discovered this little morning pleasure.
    Might I add that coffee boiled in a pot (take Turkish coffee for example – they really rule at preparing it) is one million times better than filter coffee? Just give it a try 🙂
    Not to mention that I’ve always dreamed of a cup of kopi luwak coffee.


    • Kopi luwak coffee.. just got back from bali..lots of luwak coffee there. the taste is a bit bitter for me.. but i think you will love it. The aroma is addictive tho.. slurpp.. =)


  6. I need no encouragement in the coffee department. As a Realtor, I gave away StarBucks’s grinders as house warming gifts. But you’re right about the static charge of the plastics! I ended up with as much coffee on the counter and on me as ended up in the basket! If I win this, I’m so hoping to choose the orange one for a holiday gift for my (ORANGE-LOVER) daughter. She has no grinder and really would be thrilled to get this (making me the mommie of the year ) and that’s a good thing. (-;


  7. Wow you have never drank coffee? Welcome.  I remember as a little girl, I’d find my mothers cup on her vanity and as she would do her hair I’d still sips of the now-cold brew.  I fell in love with how she put her coffee together, cream and a little sugar.  As I got older, Iced coffee was the beginning, then as a high school teen I can remember mornings spent ditching homeroom at the Carl’s JR with my gf’s sipping styrofoam brews and burning our tongues.  Moving to Europe my tastes in coffee developed as my taste buds took to the finer things in life.  I love a good hardy cup of Joe.  But I can still enjoy a field coffee of hot water, instant coffee, and a dash of cocoa from an MRE pack to create a tasty field Mocha.  While I enjoy the fine things of life, I still enjoy a cup of Joe that’s just your basic mug of wanna be loved beans.   This grinder sounds like a great addition to my kitchen, and as I found the K-cup pot has a filter you can fill with your own beans it sounds like a joining of recycle and reuse to get away from the morning toss of the K-cup plastic to a delicious union of blessed fresh grind only in the one cup size I like, freshly brewed when I want it.   I’m glad you enjoyed your experience! 

    Jennifer L. Ostrander http://ostranderblog.wordpress.com/

    “The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do.              ~   The hard part is doing it.”                                                                Norman Schwarzkopf



    • …drank lots of flaming hot coffee in the Persian Gulf (1st Gulf War) and had the personal pleasure of seeing the Great General speak will drinking his Morning Joe.
      Njoy u’r wk & u’r coffee…>


  8. Hot drinks are a staple in my life – I wouldn’t be able to deal without having coffee or tea in the morning or when I’m working! I only drink instant coffee though, so I feel like I’m missing out a bit on the whole beautiful experience 😀


  9. I never have coffee, and that’s peculiar for an Italian. I love the aroma, but not the taste. But I’m sure you have began a new chapter of your already full life. Mind you: coffee is a sort of addiction and you’ll soon realize that, if you get to love the taste of a particular good one, you’ll be missing it when you’re away from home. I know lots of people frustrated when on travel because they can’t get “a cup of decent coffee”.
    Enjoy your morning cup!!! 😀


  10. Mmm coffee. I possibly drink too much but now you have mentioned the diabetes link I’m pleased as it runs in my family. Okay weigh and diet main factors in type 2 but I can run with this. Thank you. 🙂


  11. Hi Lesley,
    Add coffee to addictive too! I was quite hooked on the stuff a couple years ago!
    Yes, you are right about its health qualities. I remember when I learnt it was actually good for you in moderation I was shocked too.
    I always try to have at least one coffee a day, but it has to be good quality, as I love black coffee! I hate milk or cream invading the taste!!
    Hope you have enjoyed your new coffee experience?

    Best wishes,
    Bex 🙂


  12. You are not alone! My very first cup of coffee was at the age of 40 and it did exactly what the doctor suggested it would do, which is all of the above (in your list of benefits). A couple cups of Joe in the morning on my patio while I listen to the birds is a most pleasurable way to begin my day. Your blog is so relative. Well done Ms. Lesley 🙂


  13. I love coffee! I used to hate the smell of it and I didn’t get why Starbucks was so popular (honestly, I still don’t get it…their coffee is burnt and wayyy too bitter.) In the last couple of years, I’ve become somewhat of a coffee nerd, learning about brewing techniques and the best way to extract the great coffee flavour out of coffee beans.

    When I started delving into the coffee world about 9 years ago, I started with the really sweet coffee drinks – white chocolate mochas and the like. Gradually, I stepped down to stronger coffees. Now I can drink coffee black (only if it’s really good quality coffee and I don’t drink coffee black often.)


  14. So agree with you. Don’t have this particular grinder, but researched for a long time to get what I have. Also the coffe makes a huge difference. I found the only beans that do it for me are the DazBog French Roast. If you ever review coffee makers, look at La Pavoni. I won’t use anything else. Great post. One good cup of coffe per day works for me (maybe two on weekends). Keep up the good work.


  15. I’ve always loved coffee, since childhood. When I got pregnant, I abstained from coffee and continued through the time I nursed my daughter. I’ve never been able to tolerate caffeine (other than chocolate, thank god for small favors!) since. Today, I enjoy my cup of decaf brewed in a French press with the smallest splash of half & half! xoxoM


  16. probably drink too much of it.. I’ve got a Senseo machine but I’d like a proper Nespresso machine when it wears out.. also lived in Turkey – their coffee is much like that found in the other Med countries – Lebanon, Greece, Egypt.. I know most readers here are probably American but Starbucks isn’t real coffee and neither is the instant powder us English seem to like..


  17. I am addicted to the Carmel Machiattos from Starbucks. Had them from other places, but none were as good as Starbucks’. I tried other drinks, but I always return to CMs. It’s something about them–the sweet and a bit bitter taste, the foamy, thick consistency and the combined smell of coffee and Carmel. And when I indulge in and ask for whip cream, yeah … that’s my kind of heaven ❤


  18. I’ve been a total coffee addict for years. I swear I don’t see in color in the morning until after I’ve had my first cup. Imagine my joy when it came out that it is actually good for you.


  19. I ADORE coffee. Although recently, I have been expirimenting with tea a little bit to get in touch with my inner Anglophile. But either way, I need coffee in the morning. It just wakes me up and invigorates me. Maybe it’s the Seattle born-and-raised in me. 🙂


  20. I don’t like coffee either. I only drink it when I am extremely tired and need to stay awake, in which case I drink it as if it is ‘medicine’ – so not for pleasure. After reading this post I may go and try some good quality coffee to see if i can be converted to a coffee lover! lol


  21. Lesley, as a bit of a coffee…um….snob, I own a Krups with a built-in grinder. But years ago when I started I was drinking what those in caffeinated circles would call “truck driver coffee.” Leaded, as opposed to unleaded (decaf), strong and black. That’s how they did it on the flightline and it just stuck. I’ve tried just about every brand on the market. Most recently the Italian brand, ILLY. It’s smooth and full bodied with no acidic, bitter aftertaste, very enjoyable, pricey- $13-16 dollars a can – but less expensive than having a daily Starbucks.
    Welcome to the club!! 🙂


  22. I drink a cup a day so this is good news.

    I also want to say I tried “liking” your last five posts, but couldn’t get it to work. The page would refresh but the like never took. 😦 So if you don’t see many likes, please know it’s a computer glitch. I love your stuff!


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