Morning at Matangi, Fiji

Bula! It’s 6am, November 28th, in Matangi, Fiji. Exploring the resort makes me sad to be Matangi, Fijileaving after only one night, but there is so much to see and do in Fiji that my excitement is bubbling over like a boiling pot.

I roamed the grounds one more time before settling in at the restaurant for breakfast. The sun is peaking out from behind the mountains and the aqua blue and coral green ocean is still as bright as yesterday, yet the day has just begun. 

Matangi, Fiji

Morning at Matangi, FijiMorning at Matangi, FijiBreakfast at MatangiThe sound of locals singing good-bye to other guests is ringing throughout the resort. Their friendliness exceeds even my high expectations.

Morning at Matangi, Fiji

The line-up for today:

1. Check out and proceed to board our launch transfer back to Naivakacoa Landing on mainland.
2. Trek through Bouma Waterfalls, a heritage site of Fiji, snorkel at Maitabu Marine Park and test the lines at the international dateline.
3. If time permits, visit Waitavula natural waterslide.
4. Arrive at Garden Island Resort to check in for the night.

I have a busy day ahead of me and I’ll be exhausted tonight but I’ll try to show you more of Fiji, or should I say Paradise, as soon as possible.

Until then, Bula!

50 thoughts on “Morning at Matangi, Fiji

  1. The South Pacific is my ultimate dream destination. I’ve been reading and dreaming of going there since I was a teenager. I’m going to be living vicariously through you while you’re there. If you scuba dive, say hello to Nemo for me.


  2. Love the pictures!! Also a bit jealous… with all my moving and work travel I haven’t taken time for any big trips for myself! You’re inspiring me to get back to what I love. Thank you!


  3. My friend who lives in New Zealand went there earlier this year. Now I know what she’s been raving about because her pictures weren’t even close to these haha!


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  5. Well you should choose another name for Fiji, my blog is the only paradise round here :p,
    I think Fiji really deserves the name of ” golden paradise ”


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