Island Time in Fiji

Fiji is a Utopia where you can do it all or do nothing at all and have the experience of a Garden Island, Fijilifetime. But… I chose the do it all path and I’m quite successful. Today, I departed Matangi Private Island Resort, trekked through Bouma Waterfalls, stood on the international dateline, and arrived at Garden Island Resort. My legs are tired, my back is sore, and I’m so dirty that I have to type on the couch, but I would do it all again tomorrow if I was given the chance. I’m officially in love with Fiji!

We were serenaded by locals as we boarded the boat to leave Matangi Private Island Resort this morning. They hugged us like family and wished us well on our journey through Fiji. Between the morning views and the warm wishes to send us on our way, it was impossible not to continue with a smile throughout the day.

Matangi Private Island, FijiMatangi Private Island, Fiji

I was ready for my first adventure and trekking through Bouma Waterfalls didn’t disappoint. The trail started out with a 10-minute walk to the first and most famous waterfall of Fiji, Bouma Falls, and continued up a series of switchbacks to a second falls. Increasing difficulty and steep trails didn’t exactly match our choice of flip-flops and water shoes, but the panoramic vistas and refreshing falls made the hike seem a lot less difficult.

Garden Island Waterfalls, Fiji

A three hour hike didn’t deter my fellow travelers from testing out the nearby natural water-slide, but after watching them take a few undeniably painful “slides”, I designated myself as the official, shore-watching, photographer.

Garden Island Waterfalls, FijiGarden Island Waterfalls, Fiji

Our next stop, the international dateline, was an interesting idea to wrap my head around. Essentially, I was in “yesterday” and “today” at the same time.

International Dateline, Fiji

After a day of hiking and time travel, I was exhausted.

The Garden Island Resort is my home for the night. With an ocean view and a jacuzzi, I’ve finally found my island time.

Garden Island Resort, Fiji

If you’re looking for me, you can find me at my private, outdoor jacuzzi. I’ll be relaxing and soaking up Fiji with a drink in my hand. The sun may have set for the day, but the warm breeze and relaxing waves are a perfect end to an adventurous day.

58 thoughts on “Island Time in Fiji

  1. My husband and I honeymooned in Fiji at the Likukiku Resort. We would move there in a heart beat if we didn’t have to work :). It is paradise and the locals are awesome. We made so many friends while we were there. We are hoping to go back. Right now I will live vicariously through you. Thank you so much for sharing!!


  2. Fiji looks amazing! It will be on my trip list. Also what program do you use for your collages? I love how you group your photos together. Anyways enjoy your vacation!!


  3. Those are some beautiful pictures. This placed called Fiji looks awesome. I told mom that I would like to go. She laughed and said that I would be a guest of honor but not in the way I would liked. Not sure what she meant by that. XOXO Bacon


  4. My husband and I met in Fiji, so it’ll always hold a special place in my heart. =) Fiji definitely epitomizes “island time”! You never know what the time is, except “day” or “night”, and nobody cares about it either!


  5. I am so jealous of your avdenture! My friend went to Fiji and I should had gone with her! 🙂 I was living in Austalia it was a piece of cake to get there! I’ll make sure I’ll my way there some day!


  6. Love Fiji, it was a surprise trip 19 years ago this Christmas from my late husband and while I went kicking and screaming because I was leaving a two year old at home, I will always treasure the experience of the time with him, the beauty of the islands of Fiji, and most importantly the warmth and grace that flows effortlessly from the Fijian people. Thank you for sharing your experience in Fiji.


  7. Really enjoyed Fiji 2 years ago. Stayed in a tiny, tin shack on mystery island. Kayaked with sharks. Snorkeled with sharks. Swam with sharks. Slept surrounded by swarms of lizards. Sounds icky but it’s really an amazing place to visit.


  8. I would love to be standing on the international date line. That is very cool. Isn’t awesome to be able to take a relaxing bath after a full day of seeing the sights. 🙂 The is the time to relect.


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