Everything I Dreamed of Finding in Fiji: Castaway Island

Castaway Island, Fiji embodies the heart and soul of Fiji. Close your eyes and envision what you think Fiji is like. Now, multiply all the beauty you just envisioned by a thousand and that’s Castaway Island, Fiji. The island’s 174 acres are covered in lush tropical rainforest and surrounded by white sand beaches with vibrant coral reefs and crystal clear azure waters. Add spacious, traditionally thatched Fijian style bures, numerous beachfront activities, and heart-warming hospitality, and you’ve found Castaway Island, Fiji.

When we arrived, by catamaran, to Castaway Island, I realized that I could be here for years and the beauty would never cease to amaze me. The waters seem to keep getting more and more clear; at 60 feet above, we could still see the bottom, and the islands keep getting more exotic.

The sun was touching the horizon and casting it’s rays in all directions. I walked the beach and rubbed my feet in the soft white sand. I could picture retiring here and spending endless days in that exact spot.

Even the water in the pool is the perfect temperature; cool enough to be refreshing yet not cold enough to need a towel when you’re done.

Offering family accommodations and options for children, I could have found my Utopia. Just thinking about bringing Darren and Athena here brings a smile to my face. I’m already dreaming about the adventures we can have together.

49 thoughts on “Everything I Dreamed of Finding in Fiji: Castaway Island

  1. Ahhhhhhhhh.
    This was so perfect as I sit here gazing out at the snowy woods and ice covered deck, trying to motive myself to start the commute.
    Perhaps one day I will commute to Fiji! Thank you!


  2. Sounds like it was pretty awesome. I know I live in a beautiful seaside place but I still choose holidays at beaches. Can’t wait for the wee one to be a bit older when we have decided to start travelling abroad. Glad you had a lovely time.


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