Would You Like to Have Dinner at Castaway Island, Fiji?

Are you hungry? Would you like to join me for dinner at Castaway Island, Fiji? Sit back in
your chair on the beach, listen to the waves lapsing on the shore all around you, rub your feet in the warm sand, and indulge in a tasty Fijian meal created by Chef Lance Seeto at Castaway Island, Fiji.   

Chicken and Ginger Herbal Broth
Infused with antioxidant-enriched Fijian ginger, with diabetes-fighting kerala bitter melon

Kokada Ceviche
Citrus-cured rock lobster, smoked octopus, and vasua giant clam, Kai freshwater clams, and salad of green papaya, dress with “Wai Tom” sea water and “Miti” coconut milk

Coconut Tea Consomme
Island grown green coconut water steeped with lemongrass

Tea-Smoked Chicken with Star Anise and Orange
Grated coconut rice, Fijian bush ferns, orange peel, turmeric and ginger compote

Masala Chai Tea
Refresher of organic Wainadoi spices, black tea and wild Fijian honey

Tamarind Peking Duck with Green Jackfruit salad
90-day Lautoka-reared duck roasted with Indian spices, warm green jackfruit salad, tamarind and coconut relish

And the piece de resistance

Tropical Island Fruit Salad with Pumpkin Vakalolo
Showcase of tropical fruits macerated in spiced plum sugar, yuzu jelly, candied coconut toffee, passionfruit ice cream, honey and thyme mascarpone cream, and coconut-poached pumpkin

Chef Lance Seeto describes his experience in Fiji as “mind blowing”, “life changing”, and totally unexpected”. After only four days in Fiji, I understand his perspective.

“Since arriving on Castaway in early September 2009 I have been developing, testing and sampling the unique world-class foods available here in Fiji and we have developed what we believe to be a first for Fijian cuisine. We continually source the freshest produce and have developed our menus drawing on Mediterranean, Asian and Fijian influences to best showcase our Modern Fijian Cuisine. It is my strongest belief that as you travel so far to experience this wonderful destination, you should also experience and absorb the local cuisine and culture. A culinary adventure that adds to your overall holiday experience!” Lance Seeto

48 thoughts on “Would You Like to Have Dinner at Castaway Island, Fiji?

  1. That looks amazing!!! Love trying amazing dishes in new places – so different to what I eat at home. Mind you – eating on the beach makes it taste so much better! Location, location, location!


  2. As always, thanks so very much for including me in your global experiences. It all looks scrumptuous. I would simply love Fiji – as an environment to exercise my creativity as a writer (www.thewalkbook.com).


  3. Our youngest daughter (25) spent most of last summer in Fiji with Campus Crusade for Christ. I won’t be surprised if she figures out a way to go back — permanently. She brings me newspapers (I’m a 30-year journalist) from her travels. Others bring me newspapers, too. Very cool. (I need a paper from Australia. Help?)


  4. Simply . . . YES! That’s a blow-your-mind kind of meal!! The only way I will have meals like this in my life is if I make them myself, and THAT is not likely to happen!

    BTW, have been reading your posts by email so haven’t seen the new layout of your home page… LOVE it! 🙂


  5. Bula! Thanks so much for these gorgeous piccies Lesley. And hey… If anyone wants all this delicious food for free Castaway has a February Feasting Deal in 2013 – all meals are free. Let me know if you want the link to the special. Castaway is amazing. I went last year with my two kiddies and loved it so much. Vinaka for the memories!


  6. Any food eaten on the beach taste a gazillion times better. Even a PBJ on the beach tastes gourmet. That being said, I’m sure this food was fantastic. What a great experience! #BulaFijiAirways


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