Outrigger on the Lagoon: Reveling in the Beauty

Outrigger on the LagoonOutrigger on the Lagoon was my home for the past two nights. Needless to say, we’ve been active for the last four days. We hiked a waterfall, rode in a jet boat, experienced a traditional Fijian Kava Ceremony, stayed at four different resorts, kayaked, snorkeled, and surfed. So when I had time to relax at Outrigger, I reveled in the five star facilities and services. 

The views were astounding throughout the resort. My private balcony overlooked the 40 acres of lush tropical gardens and extended to the ocean; the beachfront restaurant offered 280 degree ocean vistas; and the spa sat at a lofty perch to create an Olympus environment.

Outrigger on the LagoonOutrigger on the Lagoon In addition to the lushes surroundings, Outrigger has a lagoon style swimming pool where I played in the water, uninterrupted by the world. Once and a while, I like to watch the world around me without having to interact with others. I swam, took pictures, and watched as families and couples enjoyed the refreshing water. Normally, I can’t shut up; I chat with everyone and I find a way to communicate with people even if they don’t speak the same language, but sometimes I just observe. You can learn a lot about a person by the way they react in a pool. Watch them next time. Are they relaxed and having fun? Do they jump right in with little regard for the temperature? Do they swim around or just stand in one spot? What to you think is going through their mind?

Outrigger on the Lagoon

One lady was annoyed when a child splashed her as she sat on the corner of the pool. She rolled her eyes and gave a dirty look to the father of the child. I couldn’t understand how she could be anything but overjoyed in such a dreamlike environment. It truly baffled me. Then, as if for my own comic relief, she dropped her glasses in the water and had to dive in and get them. If she was planning on staying dry, she shouldn’t have been hanging out in the pool area.

A young couple played on the other side of the pool and I wondered if they had recently married. They were obviously in love as happiness exuded from them. The woman hopped on her partner’s back and he splashed water at her. He took her in his arms before completely dunking her under the water and they both laughed when she emerged. It reminded me of something Darren would do and I left on a happy note.

I took a stroll on the beach before returning to the group for dinner. The abundance of color was like watching high-definition television.  No picture could do it justice so you’ll have to see it for yourself.

Outrigger on the LagoonTonight we’re at another resort and Fiji’s beauty continues to provide a shock-and-awe factor. Life in Fiji is beautiful and I want to experience it all.

See you tomorrow for some whitewater rafting with Rivers Fiji.

62 thoughts on “Outrigger on the Lagoon: Reveling in the Beauty

  1. LOL! I loved this post, both photos and comments! Your commentary made me feel like I’d just received a personal email from you! What was the woman with the glasses wearing poolside — her Chanel business attire?


  2. I’m always torn by your blog. Do I want to vicariously experience your travels through your beautiful pictures and great descriptions? Or will I be consumed by envy and wish I hadn’t peeked? Bit of both, but the first one wins out. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Following your posts from Fiji has made me want to go there. Before your posts the thought of Fiji never even crossed my mind. It looks amazing there and hopefully I’ll get to experience it one day. It’s on my bucket list!


  4. Amazing! So nice to be reminded that there are such beautiful places on earth. Even if I can’t get to them at the moment, I like to know they are there. It is also nice to know others are able to enjoy them and are kind enough to share! Thanks!


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  6. Looks like a beautiful place! You’re description on the lady who was annoyed at the child who splashed made me laugh because some people don’t know how to holiday while on holiday.


  7. Wow! that looks sooo beautiful! Never really thought about checking someone’s personality out by the way they behave in a pool! Very Clever indeed!!
    I’m going to do this next time I’m at a hotel! *laughing* Lovely spot! ……Paula x


  8. Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking! So glad you have found some time for a little R&R in your very hectic schedule! Enjoy every moment…..and thanks for sharing!


  9. confession: sometimes I dont read all the words. But i do look at your pictures. and those pictures paint a 1000 words. we really do live in such a beautiful world… so intrigued how you get to do it all? sigh.


  10. I just came from a week long Bahamas vacation on Sunday and I had a great time, but this is BEAUTIFUL! Wish this blog was posted a year ago! Such a beautiful place and your description is heavenly.


  11. We stayed at this resort about 7 years ago, I think. It was a beautiful place and one we really enjoyed. We tacked it on after a 2 week camping trip through New Zealand. After driving for 2 weeks, we wanted to stay in one place and relax, and this was the perfect place for that. That was pre-kid, but I could easily see taking him there. So glad you had a nice time!


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