Friendly Service At Its Finest: Hyatt Place Atlanta Downtown

“Welcome back, Ms. Carter,” was the greeting I heard as I walked through the door at theHyatt Place Atlanta hotel. Welcoming smiles, personal attentiveness, and attention to detail make Hyatt Place Atlanta our return accommodations when we are downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Hyatt Place Atlanta

Marty Morris, Director of Sales, at Hyatt Place Atlanta made our reservations. Excitedly, I mentioned that I’d be going to Zoo Atlanta while in Georgia. When I walked into the hotel room, there were two envelopes on the table: a welcome letter and a Zoo Atlanta letter. Marty took the time to write me a welcome back note and put together a package for the Hyatt Place Atlantazoo that included directions from the hotel and a brochure. He also included a list of restaurant partners of Hyatt Place and a business card with his contact information. Equally impressive was the basket of local treats and drinks. It was like I was going home rather than a hotel.

The front desk staff share a similar customer service attitude. Both ladies that greeted us at the front desk were personable and thoughtful. They smiled and cooed at Athena and  quickly prepared our room keys. They offered every service and remembered to wish me luck on my whale shark swim when I was leaving for the aquarium today.

Hyatt Place AtlantaEven the room attendants were helpful and understanding. Athena has a cold and I’m not sure who is in more pain, her or me. It brings tears to my eyes every time she coughs, sniffles, or rubs her little eyes. Needless to say, none of us slept last night. When the room attendant came by to make up the room, we didn’t want to be bothered. They quickly gave us extra tissue and towels, wished us well, and said if we needed anything else we could just ask. I went back out twice to ask for things that I thought would help with Athena. Even though I’m certain I was cranky and not very friendly, with about two hours sleep in two nights it seems likely I was short with them, they stopped everything else that they were doing to help out.

Darren’s company has an office in Atlanta and the city has a great deal of family fun and adventure to offer, making it likely that we’ll be returning regularly. It’s great to have a place like Hyatt Place Atlanta Downtown that we can call home when we’re here.

29 thoughts on “Friendly Service At Its Finest: Hyatt Place Atlanta Downtown

  1. Wait, wait, wait. You mean customer service isn’t extinct? I’m amazed. Okay, I know where I’ll be staying if I ever head to Atlanta. Thanks for the review and for showing us that customer service is still important.


  2. Athena, I hope you feel better FAST. Mom/Lesley, enjoy Atlanta (love that city!) and the aquarium. I CANNOT wait to read your post about swimming with whale sharks. FUN!!!! The Hyatt is a great hotel, I’ve stayed there many times on business and personal trips. Always attentive, always a pleasure *AND* the beds and pillows are comfy!!!
    Big hugs.

    Nicole @ Three 31


  3. I’m from Atlanta. Been living in DC and now San Francisco. That friendliness, which is kind of customer service from a good establishment and kind of just a traditional Southern thing, I really miss. I’m glad you had a good experience in my hometown.


  4. Hope you’re all feeling better soon!! Wasn’t thrilled with the hotel we stayed at in Atlanta last summer but, since I’m returning in August, I’ll be sure to stay at the Hyatt Downtown ~ from your review, it sounds like they have perfected excellent customer service!!


  5. wow this is great! me and my family (especially my dad) loves Hyatt group hotel and motels! everytime we go to Phoenix Az we stayed there for the first night near the airport we never get that kind of service yet though 😉
    your post made me smile ^_^


  6. I find most Hyatt’s have great customer service. Last year my 5 year old son and I took a trip to a comic/sci fi convention and stayed at a Hyatt. The first night there we got back from dinner, and in our room was a fresh baked plate of cookies, and 2 big glasses of milk with a handwritten note from the concierge wishing us a wonderful stay. Once they found out I was a single dad travelling with my 5 year old they really took care of us. By the end of the weekend all the staff knew my son by his first name. We are both so excited to stay there next year for the convention.


  7. The Hyatt is one of my moms favorite places to stay. If you were in Atlanta, you were probably about 20 minutes away from Hotel Thompson…. And me – the amazing piglet 🐷 XOXO – Bacon


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