Getting the Most Out of Our Week in Atlanta, Georgia

We spent the last week in Atlanta, Georgia and found out how to make the most of it; we Natural History Museum Atlanta
picked up an Atlanta CityPASS and scored admissions to 5 of Atlanta’s must-see attractions: the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, Inside CNN Studio Tour, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, and Zoo Atlanta. With only one week to experience it all, the CityPASS was a perfect fit. 

Georgia Aquarium Whale SharkWhale-Sharks-GA

We explored Atlanta’s 10-million gallon playground, the Georgia Aquarium, filled with gentle giants, manta rays, and beluga whales. The world’s largest aquarium is nothing short of spectacular and I ventured into the waters for the journey of a lifetime. Journey with Gentle Giants is the only opportunity in the world where you are guaranteed to swim or dive with whale sharks, manta rays, and more! (A word of caution: this experience is so unbelievable that I would plan an entire day around the event. Don’t downplay this magical experience by rushing through the rest of your day.)

World of Coca-Cola

We didn’t even have to leave the Georgia Aquarium lot to see the World of Coca-Cola. The World of Coca-Cola is the only place where you can experience the fascinating story of the world’s best-known beverage brand in a dynamic, multimedia attraction. We drank ourselves silly with 60 sodas from around the globe and learned about the legend of the secret formula for Coca-Cola. Admittedly, I’m a Pepsi drinker, but exploring the World of Coca-Cola was both entertaining and educational.

CNN Tour AtlantaCNN Tour Atlanta

Journeying into the heart of CNN Worldwide, we got an up-close look at global news in the making. Inside CNN, we enjoyed a 55-minute guided walking tour with exclusive, behind-the-scenes views of Atlanta’s CNN studios and an exciting glimpse of news and broadcasting in action from the global headquarters of CNN, The Worldwide Leader in News. Darren acted as an anchorman for an interactive, hands-on experience. Athena and I were his cheering section as he read the news. Reading from a prompter and appearing on a television screen, it doesn’t get much more up-close!

Natural History Museum Atlanta

museum Atlanta Whisked back to a time where massive creatures roamed the land, we discovered ancient fossils, interactive science, and the world’s largest dinosaurs at Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Our favorite exhibit, Sensing Nature, demonstrated the role of our senses in interpreting our environment. We witnessed a tornado forming right before our eyes, then tried to grasp the optical illusion coil spring that was always just out of reach. Fernbank Museum isn’t just another museum, it’s a journey to another time and place!

Zoo Atlanta Panda

Finally, we enjoyed close encounters with more than 1,500 animals at Zoo Atlanta. With giant pandas, gorillas, and orangutans, I was a big kid again! I wanted to run from exhibit to exhibit, making sure I didn’t miss any of the animals.

From gentle giants to secret formulas, the adventures are endless in Atlanta. We left the planning up to CityPass and ventured to the 5 best attractions that Atlanta has to offer.

81 thoughts on “Getting the Most Out of Our Week in Atlanta, Georgia

  1. They have a whale shark? That is so awesome! I’d love to see one. A friend of mine took video of himself diving with one in (I believe) the Persian Gulf. Even knowing that they’re gentle creatures, it was still kinda terrifying because the shark is so unbelievably massive.


  2. Lesley!!!! Oh my word, I have been waiting on this post all week, thank you for sharing all the photos and experiences from one of my favorite Southern cities: HOT-LANTA!!!!!!! The whale sharks, ohmygoodness, they are so beautiful. You are living a blessed life. BIG HUGS!!!

    Nicole @ Three 31


  3. Atlanta is my city!
    Did you get a chance to visit UnderGround Atlanta?
    It’s pretty cool…Nice shops, bars, and a small theater…
    I love Atlanta…
    I keep saying I want to move, but with 72°F weather in January, I can’t see myself leaving anytime soon…


  4. I visit Atlanta quite often and can never get tired of the Georgia Aquarium; there is a lot to see and do you are never bored, I’ve been meaning to visit the High Museum, and the Atlanta History Center, but each time I am there something else comes up.Oh well…next time!


  5. I was in Atlanta for about a month in half. Outside of making a really great friend, I saw the CCN building. They didn’t let me go past the first floor. I just got to wander around Atlanta. Restaurants I had visited years ago I didn’t find the last time like The Abby and The Mansion.


  6. Hi Lesley,
    Thanks for the taster of Atlanta. It has my travel juices flowing and I can’t wait to be on the move again. I particularly enjoyed reading of your experience with the whale shark and other biggies. Darren looked to be having a blast in front of the camera. Best wishes. Martin


  7. Its always so good to have an out of towner revist the places we take for granted because we live here. I was just thinking I have to submit two stories a week to a show I correspond with and couldn’t think of anything to send over. Well thanks for the inspiration!!


  8. And after seeing you with Athena, I think I am going to start weekending my adventures so that my soon to be 8 year old can tag along. She loves adventure too lol


  9. Sweet! I’m looking forward to some time there in the days ahead! I’d also especially like to visit the Farmers’ Markets. Thanks!


  10. Such cool things in Atlanta. I missed all of them when I went two years ago. I got my big thrill from attending an Oprah event. No time for anything else and no tears, because I was so happy to be a part of it. Guess I need to return there.


  11. Like to have been there, but I’d probably have given the Coca-Cola Museum a miss; I can’t stand the stuff! I don’t suppose there’s a Ginger Beer Museum there, is there? 😀


  12. Nice blog. I personally love Atlanta the city. I’ve only really gone there for concerts though. One of these days, I’ll go to see some of the other things Atlanta has to offer. If you ever go again, I suggest going to Ria’s Bluebird if you love breakfast. Best breakfast I have ever had.


  13. About an hour northwest of Atlanta, is Cartersville. Near the beautiful city park are the ancient Etowah Indian Mounds. Downtown is the Booth Western Art Museum (and hall of Presidents). Nearby is the Tellus Science Museum and the Weinman Mineral Museum. Red Top Mountain State Park has iron casting pours, a blacksmith, live summer music nights, hiking-camping and fishing. If you want to visit Atlanta, but don’t want to stay in the heart of the city, Cartersville is a good location for vacationing that is a few easy day trips from Atlanta.


  14. Wow, that is SO cool! I never knew something like that existed here in here in the states. Definitely adding this to my bucket list 🙂 I’ve always wanted to do something like this! How much was admission?


  15. Hi Lesley. Thanks for following my blog! 🙂 You sure packed a lot into one trip to Atlanta – super impressive. Any readers that want to dive/swim/snorkel with whale sharks in the wild I can recommend the Ningaloo reef in Western Australia. Its not as well known as the Great Barrier Reef but that just makes it better in my experience! No guarantees but they are developing a better understanding of the migration patterns of the guys and learning to predict where they are going to be, and when (April/May). Check out for more details.


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