Faces of Fiji

Friendly Fijian Children

Fijians are known worldwide as the friendliest people, and I’d rate their friendliness as the number one impression I was left with during my visit. From children to elders, the beautiful spirit of the Fijian people shines as bright as the sun that they are blessed with. The most common Fijian word you hear will be Bula (pronouncedΒ as”Boo-lah”). This is the Fijian way of saying “Hello”.Β Whether they are singing, dancing or welcoming you to their home, the people of Fiji will do everything they can to make you feel relaxed, welcome, and awed by the beauty of their islands and their hearts.

Meet my new friends and family in Fiji…

65 thoughts on “Faces of Fiji

  1. Awesome πŸ™‚ Really makes us want to go there. It wasn’t on our list, but you make us want to experience that for ourselves. Thank you for showing us what life is all about. – IKB


  2. Hey Lesley…

    thanks for hitting the ‘like’ button on my last post. That got me poking around here, including your plans for 2013. Mmmm. Maybe I need to step up my game? Nah, this cup of coffee in beckoning…..

    Our daughter who is living in France at the moment loved her time in Fiji. We’ve yet to go, but we did make it to Tahiti before she was born. I called my wife at the end of a long day and said “Let’s quit our jobs and run away to Tahiti.” She said, “Great idea. I can get a deal on the airfare.”

    Two weeks later Tahitian girls were putting leis around our necks as we exited the plane.


  3. I’ve been saving an article that I thought you’d enjoy. On January 13 The Sunday New York Times had a State of the Union piece called “For Wetter or Worse.” It’s tells the back story of a couple prior to their marriage. What struct me was their sense of adventure and that you’d like to read about them. They’re professional adventurers (Christine Dennison and Tim Taylor) who were married at the Explorers Club in New York. She runs Mad Dog Expeditions. I should have provided you the link, but just realized it. I’m sure that you can find the article. Their sense of wonder about the world seems to match yours.


  4. I went to Fiji for my gap year and was on the bus crying one day. A woman tapped me on the shoulder and asked what was wrong. After we’d been talking for a few minutes she said: you’ll come and stay with me. I spent the most glorious week, living with her and meeting her family, so I know what you mean about the friendly spirit.


  5. I have been to Fiji several times for work and play. It is my favourite in the Asia Pacific (except for my homeland of Australia). I encourage anyone to go, but go to the villages and remote places, not because the resorts are bad, but there is so much more to experience outside the touristy destinations


    • Couldn’t agree more with you! (Even about our homeland Australia πŸ˜› ) We went for Duke of Ed, and stayed in a village a six hour boat trip + nearly a day’s kayak away from Nadi. I’ve been yearning to go back there ever since.


  6. Nice post… My wife and I went to Fiji for our honeymoon;] You should go Upper Navua River Rafting if you haven’t already. Moses was hilarious…. Wait, I see in your background pics that you have gone…;) Good things


  7. UGH! I don’t know whether to love you or hate you. I want to be as free as you are. As adventurous, awesome, strong, and have such a mighty presence in this world. You are an inspiration that I might not make it to. Still, its still nice to know that there are people who just…jump. πŸ™‚


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  9. Dang, it takes forever for your page to load because you’re like…all “famous” and everything. πŸ˜‰ You know, I’m considering forking over $3,000 of my student loan money this September to travel, and you make a pretty convincing argument where Fiji is concerned. My passion is for the homeless, and I can’t help but thinking Fiji would be my own little paradise while being able to offer what services I could to the orphanages. Looks like a great place. πŸ™‚


  10. I have a very good Fijian friend here in Sydney who was born and raised in the country, climbing coconut trees and learning how to catch fish/kill a goat. She goes home every now and then and her pictures (she also happens to be a graphic designer) are simply stunning. Fiji is certainly on my bucket list too and your pictures are just awesome.


  11. I spent 6 months in Fiji back in 2010 researching how foreign aid programs create dependency in developing nations. The opportunity to work with the youth such as the ones pictured was an experience I have carried with me every day since. For 3 years I have been wanting to go back to Fiji to continue my work there, as well as visit my family and friends who live there. It’s a beautiful country full of beautiful people!


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