Proximity Hotel LEEDS to Success

Proximity Hotel, GreensboroProximity Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina was the first LEED Platinum Hotel in USA. LEED is the U.S. Green Building Council’s rating system for designing and constructing the world’s greenest, most energy efficient, and high performing buildings. This weekend we were able to experience what it means to be in the LEED.

Why Proximity is at the forefront in eco-friendly design and innovation:

Power to the People
The hotel uses 100 solar rooftop panels to heat the water for the hotel. That’s right; there are 4000 square feet of solar panels on the roof of the hotel that are used to heat the water. We could see the panels as we approached the building but they didn’t take away from the grandeur of it all. The white, flowing, sheer curtains at the entrance made it like we were on a tropical resort, despite the icy temperature.

Who’s heard of self-powered elevators? Proximity installed the first regenerative drive elevators in North America; what that means – they generate electricity on the descent for the ascent.

Proximity Collage

With an abundance of natural lighting, 7’4” square windows in our double queen guest room, we were given a direct line of sight to the outdoors with the extremely energy-efficient windows. Since we were on the 8th floor, we were able to leave the curtains open and wake up to the natural light. It was refreshing! We have a 9 month old so sleeping in is a thing of the past, but the natural light was a welcoming start to our day. It reminded me of how anxious I am to be in our open, airy house rather than a stuffy apartment. March can’t come soon enough!

Proximity Hotel Room View

Huge Windows at Proximity Hotel

Overall, the building uses 39% less energy than a conventional hotel/restaurant by using ultra efficient materials and the latest construction technology.

Saving Water
Water usage has been reduced by 33% by installing high-efficiency Kohler plumbing fixtures. I’d give up a little bit of pressure for efficiency but showering and using the tap water didn’t even seem any different than most hotels.  Taps at Proximity Hotel

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle
Proximity recycled 87% of the construction debris and used over 20% recycled content.

The bistro bar is made of salvaged, solid walnut trees that came down through sickness or storm.

Room service trays are made of Plyboo (bamboo plywood) and pencils are made from recycled newspapers. When I first picked up the pencil to write down a number, it looked like someone sharpened it with a knife, all jagged and rough. I took a closer look and noticed it looked like paper. Sure enough, when I read the label, it said made from recycled newspapers. How cool is that?

Newpaper pencils at Proximity Hotel

Furniture at Proximity HotelBuy Local
Proximity sourced over 40% of the building materials and 90% of the furniture locally, which is understandable since they are only a few short minutes from the Furniture Capital of the World. We made sure to check out Furnatureland ourselves before heading home.

They commissioned local artists and craftspeople for original art in every guestroom, a cantilevered reception desk, spiral staircases in the lobby, and accessories.

Print Works Bistro uses fresh, local ingredients.

Showcase for Success

Proximity Hotel is a showcase for high-performance and energy-efficient. It’s a green and eco-friendly hotel that doesn’t give up style for sustainability. Some people create a bucket list because they are dying; I created one because I want to live a long and fulfilling life and I want the same for my daughter. Sustainability is a step in that direction! Other hotels can certainly take a recycled page from their recycled books. We enjoyed the spectacular views, relaxing atmosphere, and spacious rooms. Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, we didn’t mind spending the weekend at Proximity Hotel. We didn’t even have to leave the grounds to enjoy a scrumptious dinner.

Proximity Hotel, GreensboroWhen our house is finished in March, we know where we’re going to search for the perfect furniture.

19 thoughts on “Proximity Hotel LEEDS to Success

  1. I used to work for local government, and we were always begging builders to consider LEED. Glad to see a big, profitable project – it can be done!


    • We didn’t even notice a difference in the water or the structure, except maybe that it seemed more modern than most hotels. The entire experience was amazing and we’ll definitely return. 🙂


  2. great write up on what sounds like a wonderful place. It just goes to show you that building and maintaining a structure can be done with environmentaly sound practices in mind and be profitable. Imagine how much energy and water bill savings they have too.


  3. Inspiring, I wonder how much extra time went into the project? Developers always want the quick bucks, so refreshing to see someone has taken the time to build a sustainable building!


  4. That’s my neck of the woods. I’ve always wanted to stay there but kind of strange when it’s in your own backyard. We do enjoy the bistro though. I hope more builders take note and follow suit. Such a great building!


  5. Wow! That is so exciting! I think it’s great that this hotel is leading the way and showing other businesses that it is practical and possible to be sustainable. I hope other businesses follow in its footsteps!


  6. Very beautiful and a good, healthy, and energy saving hotel Proximity seems like. And the veiw from your room is stunning. Also, beautiful all the way through. 🙂


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