154 Votes in One Day – You Rock!

Bucket List ContestMy first day in the Biggest Baddest Bucket List competition ended with 154 votes! Thank you to everyone
who voted! Remember you get a vote on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Stumble, and Pinterest. Just follow the blue link and click the buttons next to the video.

I’ve been dreaming about it all day long. Imagine spending six month visiting six continents with all expenses paid; add in the $50,000 cash prize money at the end of the trip and you have one hell of a contest.

33 thoughts on “154 Votes in One Day – You Rock!

  1. Bula. I’m not sure if you’ve done so but you could look at leveraging support from Tourism Fiji, seeing that your entry promotes Fiji. Good luck.


  2. Lesley, I have been to your top five. I would probably go back and visit South Africa for a vacation. Now to think of the top five countries to visit that I haven’t been to. Russia and Spain since they are the largest European countries I haven’t been to. Egypt to see the pyramids. New Zealand for the beautiful landscapes. Now for five. I have several thoughts on this one, but maybe Peru to see Machu Picchu.


  3. Hi Lesley, It all sounds incredibly exciting, and I’ve voted, but I’m confused about one thing. Did I misunderstand when I thought you wrote that you couldn’t do this because it would be too long away from Athena? I’m sure all parents would be intrigued to know how you plan to manage it. Parenthood is often a big barrier to traveling, and I think someone with your organizational abilities has a lot to teach us as to the HOW! Fingers crossed you win.


    • After discussing it with my husband and family, we decided that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It is an unbelievable experience that would change my life. With the $50,000 cash prize, I could easily manage to bring my mother-in-law, who is retired, and Athena to visit me in several of the countries. (Athena already loves to travel and has been on several airplanes.) She wouldn’t be able to participate in the daily adventures, but we’d see each other in the evenings and mornings. My husband has vacation time as well and could fly to meet me once or twice, managing my time wisely once again to fit everything in. In Atlanta, I was able to swim with whale sharks, fly a biplane, and ride in a hot air balloon all in one weekend and still manage to see Athena and Darren for several hours each day. Regardless, it would be a significant time away from my family, especially at such a young age for Athena, but it’s doable. With a little more thought and creative planning, it would work.

      I already try to teach Athena that we can live a life without restrictions. I think I have a good shot at winning and I don’t want to always wonder if I missed this opportunity.

      It may not make sense to everyone and it probably wouldn’t work for most, but I’m confident that if I win, I can make it happen 🙂


      • Great – absolutely sounds doable! And the contest sounds like it was made for you. Teaching our children to let go of restrictions in life is so important. I was a single mother who took my son around the world with me, and taught both him and my daughter that they could fo anything. It’s made them interesting and capable people! So I say, go for it! 🙂


  4. Antarctica is the only continent I haven’t visited yet, and I’d want to tack it on to several other countries. I’d start in Brazil {I’ve been to Rio and Sao Paolo, which I LOVED}, work my way through Peru so I could backpack Machu Picchu, take a wine valley tour through Argentina, and then take one of the ice-boat cruises to Antarctica. And just to add on a fifth country, I’d come back by way of Belize so I could enjoy their AWESOME scuba diving sites!

    I’m thinking good thoughts for you and you’ve definitely got my vote!
    😀 KC


  5. First, thank you so much for following, liking, and commenting on my blog.

    I’ve been following your blog, your bucket lists, and everything you post. You are truely living the life…and that’s truly awesome. I’m a motivational speaker…and this is the type of stuff that motivational speakers say to go out and do all the time.

    I myself…am not that kind of motivational speaker..per se. I believe that we all have the ability to change the world. I believe that every single person in the world, if we juast picked one cause and did something good, we could truly change the world.

    Here’s a thought…in your world wide adventures,create some positive change. Sincerely and honestly thank people (not that I’m saying you don’t…lol). Pick a cause in your travels and promote it, talk about it, and get people world wide involved. With the many people you meet, see, and experience your “bucket list” with…imagine how much positive change you could create if only 5% of the people you interact with did something to help the world. I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

    Lesley…go out and experience everything. Go For it…that’s awesome. And yes I voted. In addition to that, go out and do good as well.

    Thank you – Chad


  6. Just voted for you! Good luck with the contest.

    It’s hard to pick just five countries: Argentina, New Zealand (with another trip to Australia added in), Greece, Japan and Spain. (I know, I know — but these are places I’ve never been)


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