46 thoughts on “The Kid With the Bucket On His Head

  1. That’s really nice…I knew I was smart not to enter…couldn’t have done that. Logos are quite a specialty, so kudos to whoever did it. Just as a suggestion, and I think it would work, is you may want to consider trying a variety of colors and not just one…don’t think it would hurt.


  2. I like the Kid with the Bucket on his Head. I also like that you didn’t name him Buckethead as there is already an awesome guitar player with that name. (It’s a KFC bucket in his case.)


  3. Personally,I LOVE IT! My youngest son used to run around with a plastic bucket on his head…we never knew why.My brother wil lstill,(more then 25 years later) , refer to him as “Buckethead”.
    The logo is cute as a button,Lesley!


  4. It’s simple. The best element in design is just that. Simple designs are also easy to replicate in one color. This will save a pile of money when used on bumper stickers to embroidered caps. Congratulations on a great logo.


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  6. When I see the smile on the new logo it makes me smile too! By the way, I’d love to vote for your entry to the contest but unfortunately I don’t use any on the sites that you can vote on. I’m with you in spirit though!


  7. I love that it’s a kid. Isn’t that half of what a bucket list is about – fulfilling all those dreams that your inner child wants to accomplish, never believing that you are old and always having child-eyed innocence about the world and what it holds?! Great stuff.


  8. I like the new logo. You have a lot of traffic on this blog. Next, I suggest upgrading WordPress, removing the ads (and replacing them with Google ads—that way, you’d get a percentage of the ad revenue!)


  9. The kid with the bucket on his head is hilarious! My husband IS the real kid with the bucket on his head. When he was 3 years old living in Tampa, Florida, he went around for about a year refusing to take his little plastic bucket off of his head. His parents actually had to cut air holes in the top (quoting his mother) “so his little head could breathe.” I blame them to this day for his pointy head!


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