What Makes a Bucket List Day?

A bucket list day doesn’t need to be an extreme adventure or traveling around the world.Freedom Park, Charlotte No… we had a bucket list day today. I spent the day with my family at Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC. We strolled along the pond and played with Athena on the swings. Athena is 10 months old so I obviously feel like a mother every day, but some days I realize that I am the world to someone. I am the most amazing, spectacular, beautiful, and caring person to another tiny human being. Athena loves me completely, without restriction or reservation. I am a mother, making every day a bucket list day.

We arrived at the park at about 10am and it was cold, not Nova Scotia cold (sorry that you Freedom Park, Charlottehad such bad weather in Halifax today Sue), but cold. Thankfully, I recently picked up a Westcomb Fuse LT jacket and a pair of Recon Cargo pants that provided amazing protection against the winds yet gave breathability and stretch comfort for walking, bending, pushing, and even crawling at some points. Athena didn’t seem bothered by the cold, but that’s probably the Carter genes. They all seem to have a super-human internal heating system.

Freedom park is divided into two main sections – a walking trail around a pond on one side and a children’s park with sporting fields on the other. We strolled along the walking trail first, enjoying the sun and fresh air. Darren and I chatted about our house that is being built and dreamed about what we’ll do with each room when it’s finished. Athena’s eyes darted from the pond, to the dogs, to the people, to us. It’s crazy to think about how much we learn every day of our lives, especially as children.

Freedom Park, Charlotte

Freedom Park, CharlotteNext up: the swings! Athena loves to soar through the air on the swings. She may have her father’s genes when it comes to heating, but she has her mother’s genes when it comes to adventure. The higher we push her, the bigger the smile on her face. It’s always my worry that she’s going to fall out of the swing or get hurt that limits her height; she never hesitates. I’m going to have my hands full when she can walk… or run!

Freedom Park, CharlotteI could have stayed there all day. If I ever need to live a Groundhog Day, today won’t be so bad to have over and over again.

78 thoughts on “What Makes a Bucket List Day?

  1. Seems like a pretty awesome day to me. Sometimes it’s the simplest, the normal every day things, that can be the most meaningful and memorable. Watching a sunset, playing in the surf, playing with swings at a park… 😀


  2. so much of having a bucket list day is curing yourself of the “busy” virus we humans love to be “busy” while putting off living on our own terms.its sadly as simple as that ” oh we dont have time to take 3 months off work and hike this trail, or ” we dont have the time or money to go have a real Italian meal in rome”… thats why we create bucket ls its… its another layer of busy.. we are never just GIVEN the time or money to do these things, when you start working to live rather than living to work.. bucket list days suddenly become a lot more bountiful.. they are always there.. it is simply our mind set.. and that can change A LOT more than you think it can, nice blog


  3. Hi Lesley,
    It is great to see you. Athena is growing so quickly! A future adventurer in the making.
    Yes, small simple pleasures in the present are are very important,too.
    Enjoy :).


  4. You daughter Athena is really very very cute. I cant stop smiling when I saw her pic at swings. You must have had a blasting day at Freedom Park…Lesley you are very lucky to have such a beautiful family. Wish you all wishes and hope your new home brings more happiness and smiles in your life… 🙂


  5. As a grandmother I so agree – except or perhaps even – when the little one are not so well. It makes you realise just what joy there is in everyday things. And just beware, our daughter and one of our grand-daughters, was walking at 10 months!
    By the way, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
    To accept, just post the award on your site; say 7 things about yourself that are not yet known; and nominate some more bloggers.
    Best wishes!:)


  6. I can see you have a good self image (smiling) and you will pass this on to your daughter. Lol I do enjoy your words in intention. People wander how it is done .you are a good examplf how to bring happiness to one self.



  7. This truly is a perfect day. It’s such a blessing to have a cute little girl. Mine is 9 months old and it’s really amazing to watch her learn and become so amazed when she sees something interesting for the first time.


  8. Athena’s sooo sweet and cute… I’d babysit for free any time! 🙂 My daughter’s name is Leslie! 🙂 I’ve just come across your blog, it’s awesome! I love Canada! My very best and good luck in all your endeavours!


  9. One of my children loved putting buckets, waste paper bins/baskets and anything else on his head – funny to recall trying to get some of them of his head!!! He was always a comedian making us laugh and still does at fifteen years old now! 🙂 Enjoy your little one!


  10. Ten months already? WOW. Your little girl is ADORABLE. Sounds like everyday is an adventure no matter what in her life anyway. How great is that! Hmm. She has so much going for her. Wonder what her choices will be by the time she is…wait for it…eight.


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