Escape from the Stress of Moving

Holes in the wall, lifting heavy boxes, scratches on the floor, packing, unpacking, North Carolina Dance Theatermisplacing screws… moving is stressful. My new house is absolutely beautiful and during the evening when I can look up at the stars from my bedroom window, it’s all worth the hassle but I needed a break. There’s no better place to get away from it all than Neverland. Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux’s gravity-defying Peter Pan tells the story of the mischievous boy who never wants to grow up, his spunky sidekick Tinker Bell, and the frightful Captain Hook. Last night, I escaped to Neverland with this whimsical ballet and my imagination took flight.

When I read that Pete Walker was cast as Peter Pan in the North Carolina Dance Theater production, I knew I had to see it. I was mesmerized by his short performance in The Nutcracker and it left me wanting more. So I have to admit that when I found out it was Jordan Leeper‘s night to perform I was disappointed at first. I had talked up Walker to my mother-in-law and we were both anxious to witness his unbelievable talent, but from the time Leeper stepped on stage until the final curtain drop, my mouth was agape. He was fantastic!

Jordan Leeper was able to connect with his inner child as he flew to new worlds and performed aerial somesaults like you’d see in a Cirque production. His athleticism and muscular form are certainly not hard on the eyes and his positive attitude shines as bright as the stage lights.

I didn’t go without watching Pete Walker either. He was Captain Hook and he had my full attention every time he was on stage. His high energy and precise moves rejuvenated me. If he could dance like that every night of the week and still make it look effortless, I could surely finish moving a few more boxes.

I’m always impressed with North Carolina Dance Theater productions, but the set of Peter Pan was actually a step above, even for them. Howard Jones’ sets, which flew and glided smoothly on and off the stage, were more beautiful than anything I could imagine. The Boys’ treetop home, the sheer curtain waterfall, and the pirate ship inspired decorating ideas for Athena’s room and for a possible playhouse for her in the near future. Maybe I should wait until we settle into the house before asking Darren to build a treehouse, but I can keep the idea in the back of my mind.

Beautiful moves equally matched by a creative, well-designed set allowed me to escape from the stress of moving and revel in a few hours of Neverland. I’m not sure what’s next in the North Carolina Dance Theater line-up, but I’m sure you can count me in.

32 thoughts on “Escape from the Stress of Moving

  1. Oh thank you for this post! It has inspired fond memories of taking my children to see the performance last year (different group but still wonderful.) I hope you are all settled in and comfy in the new house soon!


  2. Lovely. Whenever I think of Peter Pan I remember my late mother. She read Peter Pan to me often. I always wanted to fly like Tinkerbell. When my daugher (who is now 28) was small we bought her a Tinkerbell outfit and she cried for almost an hour because it didn’t make her fly.
    Lovely post.


  3. I appreciate your sense of adventure. My husband’s mother played Peter Pan for the BBC for years. She would fly on the television sets of many children on Sunday nights. Wow thank you for your post.


  4. I love the ballet! Sadly we don’t have such exciting performances here, so thank you for sharing and letting my imagination give me a taste of what the real thing is like!


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  6. To think that Peter Pan is older than I am lol…and my children think I am older than dirt… it is hard to imagine that it has been around so long and is still so wonderful. Thank you for sharing.


  7. My son would really love to see this production! I took him a few years ago to see “The Wizard of Oz” and he was enthralled with the acting, the set, with everything. Looks like you had a wonderful time and a much needed break.


  8. Last December we watched an absolutely fantastic performance of Cathy Rigsby as Peter Pan at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio [].
    Best regards from southern Texas,


  9. Yes, I like this yet I was put off as I read by your omitting the original writer of Peter Pan – possibly my favourite story, even the Hook film adaptations and especially, finding Neverland, the film of J.M. Barrie’s creation from written format to stage. I cannot yet afford to chase a bucket list or create a home (a real dream of mine). I do not write this because of jealousy, no quite the contrary I admire all that you do and I benefit from your sharing it as you do. I wish that the world were as open without fear of judgement. I live in my own dream world that equals and rivals that of Neverland. I intend to write it one day. I wish you your own 🙂


  10. There is nothing to match a really well done live performance, is there? We also have a highly talented set designer locally (actually, he just happens to live next door), and the Peter Pan they produced was brilliant! Not a ballet, though. A musical version.


  11. I don’t like to move, but I have done it a lot. One benefit of moving is the automatic “Spring cleaning” that occurs! Escaping to see the ballet was a great idea. Dance and theater performances always make everything seem okay. Enjoy your new home:)


  12. Sounds pretty amazing. I haven’t gotten to see Peter Pan performed yet, but I’ve now added it to my list. Next time a production is near me I’ll go check it out. My most recent escapes similar to this would be “Wicked,” “Rent,” and “Les Miserables.” I recommend all three if you haven’t seen them… though, Rent and Les Miserables probably aren’t all that family friendly.


  13. What an inspiring blog, Lesley! I just moved from Chicago to Vermont this month, so can definitely relate to this post. I will seek out a relaxing experience, as you made time to do. I can’t wait to follow all of your adventures!


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