Is This a Dream?

We just moved into our new home and it is absolutely stunning. I walk around in awe that IAthena's Room actually own it. It’s like a dream, but it’s also empty. We’d moved so much in the last few years, and me for my entire life, that we’d pretty much sold everything we owned when we made our way to the United States. The dining room, or what will eventually be the dining room, is completely bare; the extra bedroom has carpet and paint on the walls and that’s it; and the bonus room over the garage is a vast space with endless possibility but it, too, is empty. We set two priorities: our bedroom and Athena’s room.Β Ultimately, Athena’s room takes the cake so we started there.

Athena's RoomI wanted to create a space that was bursting with color and screamed, “This is a little girl’s room.” We already had a bright pink crib and a neon yellow rocking chair, which was a perfect starting point. Using a homemade quilt as inspiration, I went for a cotton-candy look with hot pink and blue. As if that wasn’t girly enough, I added a pink rug and another one that is aqua blue withΒ feminine lines.

Athena's RoomAthena's Room

Trees, owls, and butterflies fill the walls and as a final touch, we added the sun!

Athena's Room

If I’m feeling overwhelmed with decorating or making new home decisions, I just walk into Athena’s room and a beautiful sense of calm fills my heart and soul. We are creating a home, a place filled with our choice of colors, furniture, and endless bounds of love.

Athena's Room

Athena, do you want to play in your room? Let’s go! I love our little dreamland.

153 thoughts on “Is This a Dream?

  1. I love your changing table, my great-grandmother had a desk that looked very similar. What a splendid job you’ve done with her bedroom. It’s a space every little girl dreams of. Blessings + Hugs, my friend. =)


      • They must have made a bunch of those desks! I re-purposed one exactly like it for my sons’ room when they were smaller….painted it barn red. I also had the same rocking chair…painted it sage green. Repainting furniture is a great way to start furnishing a home. Happy hunting!


  2. OMG you’re such an inspiration! Wishing you and your family all the blessings in the world. What a gorgeous bedroom and house. I wouldn’t travel as often if i had that oasis to call home!


  3. Oh ever so beautiful… this is like a dream come true. So beautiful… I hav always dreamed of something like this for my little one … she is 8 and a dreamer… thanks a lot. I SMILE.


  4. Gorgeous colours… what a sense of colour you have, and the quilt brings it all together… Paint is the most wonderful transformer in the world!!!!
    Have fun with the rest of the house!!!


  5. Starting from scratch is the best. Athena’s room is beautiful and I’m sure will have many happy dreams in it. I find myself wishing (periodically) that my house would be magically emptied so I could start again sans dead people’s furniture. I think I have about 4 items of furniture that I chose. The rest belongs to dead relatives.


  6. I like the color of the crib and rocking chair. Its make the room pop up. And the owl illustration on the wall, just lovely and perfect.

    Congratz to your newest nest πŸ˜€


  7. Thanks for renewing my faith in humanity; caring, thoughtful, loving parents…You got to love the two birds on a branch…Great detail…one blessed child…Amen…David saailer Burbee


  8. I love the design. I moved this past September, and the nightmare of coordinating buying, selling, box-lifting…all seems to be fading. It’s finally ours… Will you be adventuring out as much as time goes by, or will you be enjoying the homestead?


  9. Athena’s room is so lovely, and congrats on the house, that’s cool. I totally get the “overwhelmed” feeling of the rest of the house, but think of the possibilities! Is it possible for you to instead of looking at the space over the garage (for instance) and thinking “I don’t know what to do with the space”…..go the route you went with Athena’s room and just “let the sprit move you” in time? What’s the rush, right? Urgent vs. important.

    Your post here brought tears because I can feel how grateful and full of love you are. Good for you, and thank you for sharing.


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