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My Destination’s Biggest, Baddest Bucket List contest has the largest prize in travel Costa Rica Poolhistory, offering an around the world trip and $50,000. I’m still in awe that I have an actual chance at winning. It would be the accumulation of my lifetime of dreams come true. To explore new countries, cultures, and adventures is as much a part of my life as family and friends. I’ve been contacted all week about interviews; I answered hundreds of questions and spoke with travel writers from around the world to spread the word. With 6 days left to vote, it’s actually starting to feel like a possibility. I’m going to win a trip around the world and $50,000… with your help of course.

I was also featured in the Cape Breton Post and the Halifax Herald.

Surfing FijiRegardless if I win or not, the support and encouragement that I’ve received over the last couple of months has been overwhelming. I feel truly blessed to have made life-lasting friends on wordpress and through blogging. Obviously I’ve moved around and traveled a lot in my life, which is rewarding and fulfilling, but having a “community” to call home is important as well. I am part of a community here and I’m grateful every day for my new friends and the continuous support.

Lets make these last 6 days outstanding. Please vote by clicking this link and scrolling MYBBB Contestdown to the section that says, “Vote for this entry”. Have you seen the world? Let me show it to you over the next 9 months. We can learn and explore together.

May the world be at your doorstep and your life continously blessed with success, regardless of how you define it.

44 thoughts on “Spread the Word

  1. Hey Lesley, I just wanted to say congrats on doing so well so far and for being so successful with your voting. I have managed just shy of 1200 votes so a long, long way off what you have. You’ve done incredibly well so even if you don’t win, at least you’ve managed to promote your blog, your dreams and your life and reach out to a wider audience – a win in itself! All the best with the final round in London!


  2. Ok Lesley… read the interview on Lisa’s site at Cyclingrandma, and I’m reposting it on my site (http://talesfromthemotherland.me/)… having already voted umpteen times. Just so you know, if for any reason your nanny falls through, I’d be THE best runner up nanny side kick. I write. I’m adventurous. I can pretty much pay my way. I’m amazing with kids (and they all love me) and I think we’d be friends… just in case, you find yourself in a rut. Just sayin’. 😉 Bonne chance!


  3. I just recently came across your blog. I am very interested! It sounds like something I would enjoy and I wish you the best! I am hoping to travel and live in italy soon due to my recent college application that I just sent in. I hope to be a travel journalist and hope to get in contact with you in the upcoming years.
    Again, I wish you the best! This is a great opportunity that many dream of. Go have the time of your life!


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