My Jordan Journey

On April 25th, I will embark on a journey to Jordan. My Jordan Journey

Itinerary Highlights include:
1. Experiencing Bedouin hospitality at its best.
2. Visits to the rose-red rock city of Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and Wadi Rum, the desert T.E. Lawrence called “vast, echoing and God-like.”
3. The Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth and the world’s largest open-air spa.
4. Visits to several holy sites, including Mount Nebo and Madaba.
5. The Dana Nature Reserve for Eco-tourism enthusiasts.
6. Wine tasting and authentic culinary delights.

Below is an amazing video of Wadi Rum. It’s a glimpse into what’s to come for Bucket List Publications.

Wadi Rum – A Majestic Landscape from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

Have you been to Jordan? What are your best traveler tips?

Stay tuned for My Jordan Journey, but while you’re waiting to experience it with me you can find incredible photos, texts, and videos of Jordan on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

104 thoughts on “My Jordan Journey

      • Well, Petra was great, of course. My sister was disappointed that inside The Treasury is nothing like in Indiana Jones film 😀
        Will you be in Amman and/or Jerash? I recommend Jerash especially. There is a well-preserved ancient city! 🙂


  1. Jerash is well worth a visit, I did a camel ride from an overnight stop in Bedouin tents in the desert (from chill dusk to daylight dawn) which was superb experience. Amman well worth the experience. Seems like you’ve got most other things covered (especially if you do the walking n and around the Petra/Stela site. Great views from the End of the World.
    Good luck and enjoy.


  2. Yes!

    I’d go back to Jordan tomorrow. I’ve got the attractions divided into a ‘Big Four’ (Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea) and a ‘Slightly Lesser Four’ (‘Little Petra’, Madaba, Mount Nebo and Ajloun Castle). What I really wanted to see was Wadi Moujib, but it was closed at the time of our visit, owing to dam construction work. So, that’s an excuse to return … sometime!


  3. Jordan is a place I would like to visit. I would really like to see Petra. I was just a few feet from Jordan last fall. I was on the other side of the river near Jericho. There is a picture in my post Well Below Sea Level.


  4. Hi Lesley, been reading your posts since yesterday , truly inspiring 😉 thanks for liking some of my posts also 😉 its a great pleasure! Thanks , and wonderful blog you have here, take care :”>
    – marj


  5. It’s great to get the chance to travel to Middle Eastern countries..There are many interesting and historical sites to be explored. I’m looking forward to go to Egypt maybe one day..let see..btw, enjoy your travel and get as much experience as possible… =)


  6. I only managed a lay over/sleep over in a very comfortable hotel in Amman on my way home from Malaysia 20 years ago….cannot believe it is that long, arrrgh! My best tip for ME countries is gifts to give in return for hospitality. It is the height of good manners, and might open up opportunities for you too, oh! and small things for the kids too would win friends and influence people. But you are already very child friendly so I guess you probably already know that:)


    • Oh, and modesty in dress will help too! People always take you more seriously if they see you’ve tried to adapt to their culture…………


  7. Until I went to Easter Island, Petra was my top spot in the world. You are going to love it! But also go to Jerash as someone mentioned above. Here’s a link to the Jordan leg of our trip.

    Amman is the only place in that Middle East trip where I encountered a waiter who wouldn’t talk to me – my husband had to order for me. It was like my voice was dog whistle and he couldn’t hear it!

    Have a great trip!


  8. You list most of the highlights. Petra – definitely walk up to the Treasury and allow at least a full day. Experience a hamman. The ancient Roman city of Jerash is a must. The mosaics in Madaba. Bars in Amman. Hang with some locals if you can – its fun and they will take you to obscure places such as their favourite sweet shop, or out for mansaf – don’t ask – just eat. If you can get people to talk with you about the political/social challenges or reforms it makes for fascinating discussion. Enjoy – I was there 5-6 years ago.


  9. I visited Jordan two years ago! Best trip ever!! I was visiting my son who was on a State Department Fellowship. He’s fluent in Arabic, which was helpful. My tips:
    Hire a driver who speaks English. We had one the whole time. He was awesome!
    Petra is unbelievably huge. Dress in layers and bring good walking shoes. My son estimated we walked 20+ miles that day and we didn’t even see all of it.
    My best tip is just to relax and enjoy it! The people are wonderful and the country is amazing. I can hardly wait to hear about your trip!!


  10. Hey, bon voyage!

    I went to Petra – just for the day – a few years ago. I loved it. You are likely to love it as well.

    My main tip would be to chill out and enjoy your day there – and then scrub, scrub, scrub your shoes until you can’t see or smell evidence of the day anymore.

    And take lots of pictures.


  11. My all time favorite movie is “Lawrence of Arabia.” I can’t count the number of times I have seen it. Of course, it was principally shot in the Jordanian desert. I have also read T.E. Lawrence’s autobiography “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom” and am currently halfway through a really great biography of him: “Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia” by Michael Korda.
    This is a link to an article about tourism in Jordan and T.E. Lawrence:
    “Those wishing to follow in Lawrence’s footsteps can take camel treks from Wadi Rum, says tourism expert Yousef Zureqat, who has worked with Jordan’s Dakkak Tours to develop their Lawrence of Arabia adventure trails.” I have nothing to do with this tour company but if I was going to Jordan myself this is something I would want to do!
    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!


    • Thank you for the link! I’ve shared it on Twitter and I look forward to covering similar grounds. You know, I never read The Seven Pillar of Wisdom. I’m going to order it now and read it on the flight 🙂

      Stay tuned for my Jordan journey!


      • I hope it’s a l-o-n-g flight because it’s a long book and not an easy read. BUT in terms of understanding the people and history of the area from a Westerner’s perspective, it is brilliant. I don’t think too many people know he was initially an archaeologist so he had a lot of insight from that discipline. Happy reading!


  12. I went in October for a long weekend (4 days) and I am going back tomorrow. My parents are here in the UAE visiting and I wanted to share Jordan with them, I think it is amazing, and so we are going for 48 hours–cheapest flight in our time frame. We are doing Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea. Will be a whirl-wind, but well worth it. If I had time I would go to Aqaba (maybe on my next trip). I hope you love it. It was one of the friendliest places I have ever been and a stark contrast to living in the UAE.


  13. Have a great trip!

    You know, every time I come to your website, the same phrase enters my head, from the movie “Secondhand Lions” (which is probably my favorite movie of all time – if you’ve not seen it, you simply MUST):
    “The two men from great-grandfather’s stories, they really lived?”
    “Yeah… they really LIVED.”
    That’s you. Someday your grandkids, great-grandkids will say, “She really LIVED.”


  14. Hello – sorry to sort of spam you here (this isn’t related to your post) but I got an award on my blog and part of the award involves naming ten other blogs that you want to pass the award on to. So … you made the list. Happy happy joy joy!

    And for your entry I said, “Running around the globe and posting stories and pictures to make me jealous.” So that seems very fitting considering your post.

    I hope you enjoy your trip!!


  15. Good luck with your trip! My dad came back with some amazing photos recently. I look forward to seeing your film/s when you return!


  16. Jordan is absolutely amazing! I was there almost three years ago, and as amazing as Petra is, I found Wadi Rum to be even better. Make sure you try Beduin tea and find somewhere to try on their traditional clothing. It makes for a very interesting experience, not to mention a great picture! Also I remember seeing fascinating ancient drawings of camels on the side of a mountain somewhere in Wadi Rum, so if you have a guide definitely ask about seeing them. Have fun, I can’t wait to read about your adventure!


  17. I’ve been told by two very well-traveled friends that Jordan was THE place, as far as they were concerned. One is currently living in Istanbul (my favorite city to-date), but said her trip to Jordan blew everything else she’s seen out of the water. Have an amazing trip! Curious to see how you find it. Also would love to know which places have impacted you the most out of all the places you’ve been – and why (future post, perhaps?). I’ve fallen in love with many places – but never for the same reasons – some for architecture, some for the people, some for the crystal clear water, and some for what I learned about myself there. That’s why travelling is the shit.


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