My Jordan Journey

On April 25th, I will embark on a journey to Jordan. My Jordan Journey

Itinerary Highlights include:
1. Experiencing Bedouin hospitality at its best.
2. Visits to the rose-red rock city of Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and Wadi Rum, the desert T.E. Lawrence called “vast, echoing and God-like.”
3. The Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth and the world’s largest open-air spa.
4. Visits to several holy sites, including Mount Nebo and Madaba.
5. The Dana Nature Reserve for Eco-tourism enthusiasts.
6. Wine tasting and authentic culinary delights.

Below is an amazing video of Wadi Rum. It’s a glimpse into what’s to come for Bucket List Publications.

Wadi Rum – A Majestic Landscape from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

Have you been to Jordan? What are your best traveler tips?

Stay tuned for My Jordan Journey, but while you’re waiting to experience it with me you can find incredible photos, texts, and videos of Jordan on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

104 thoughts on “My Jordan Journey

  1. The local hospitality is incredible, well it was 12 years ago. Petra and the beautiful hues of the desert were breathtaking. Ten minutes in the Dead Sea was about my limit – it stings!
    Have a great time.


  2. I only went to Petra as a day trip from Israel and I LOVED it! I wish I had prepared to camp with the bedouins, maybe next time. It’s truly every bit as amazing as it sounds. The people are some of the friendliest I have come across. Also, make sure you don’t shave or have any cuts when you go to the dead sea, it hurts! Have fun!!!


  3. Jordan’s definitely one of my favourite countries! I hope you have at least two or three days at Petra, as there is so much more than just the Treasury. I spent three days just inside Petra, hiking out to different monuments and finding new exciting spots for my picnic lunches. It’s beautiful to stay for sunset, by which time all the tour groups have left and you have the place all to yourself. Walking back through the siq at twilight is amazing, as the light transforms it. I’m so envious that you’re headed there – I’d go back in a heartbeat.
    Tip – in Wadi Musa [the town at Petra] the bakeries sell the most delicious breads, pastries and biscuits that make for excellent picnics and snacks.


  4. I just got back! You’ll have an incredible time. The people are lovely and the food is excellent. Make sure you spend a night in the desert and make sure you see Petra at night!


  5. It all sounds so fascinating – can’t wait to see more updates! I’d love to visit the Dead Sea and the holy sites, I studied Theology at university and a lot of the course “took place” in that area! Hope you have a great time!


  6. This is awesome! I love your courage and confidence!! Have an absolute blast!
    I want to also thank you very much for your support on my blog since I started just over three months ago.
    Bless you and may you always be kept safe in the Mighty Hands of God. 🙂


  7. I was recently in Jordan for a 3 month course/trip – needless to say I’m thrilled that you’re getting a chance to travel there, it’s an incredible country to visit and most people are extremely hospitable. Personal (not as adventurous) recommendations:

    Disi’s Ceramic Workshop (Bedouin Village on the outskirts of the Wadi Rum) (
    PEACE Workshop in Madaba
    Amman’s Darat al Funun and Creative Path (

    I know they’re not adrenaline-filled but if you get the chance I highly recommend visiting these places and chatting with the people there: You’ll get a unique perspective that most tourist never even glimpse. As for adventure recommendations:

    Hitchhiking from Ma’an to Karak (or all the way to Amman) (


    Get invited to dinner in a Bedouin cave in Petra (Go find Hanan – she’s the second to last stall on the trail to the High Place of Sacrifice. If you chat with her and she likes you, she’ll have you sit down for tea. If she decides she really enjoys your company she’ll invite you to dinner.)

    Best of luck with your travels – I have a blast reading your posts and am inspired that you live every day to the fullest. Bree Roberts was right, you really LIVE. Can’t wait to read about Jordan. Take care and happy trails!


  8. wow that sounds great and exciting plan….hope I get to visit there soon as well.,..a friend of mine did her advanced scuba diving in the dead sea as it is very cheap as compared to Australia….hope you have a great time.,.I might use the tips you will have during my travel there one day 🙂 I have heard that its a bit tough place though for woman …share your experiences when you get there



  9. I’m not sure if someone already said but right next to the dead see is a place called Masada which is an ancient rock fortification and its just amazing! You can ride a cable car to the top or walk but I think the cable car is the better option. The tour doesn’t cost much and its a really amazing view from the top. Here’s the link to my post if you are interested:


  10. Here I am states side, trying to keep my wanderlust in check…and then your blog happens! Ugh! lol. Do you happen to have room for me in one of your suitcases for the Jordan trip? Ha Ha! Thanks for stopping by my space, and I look forward to exploring yours!


  11. Lesley, I’ve been to Jordan and Petra is one of my all-time favorite places to visit. And the people of Jordan are incredibly warm. I was there with my mom and uncle in 2000 and we nearly missed our border crossing (long story to tell elsewhere), but our tour guide simply said “No problem, you can sleep at my house in Amman and meet my family.” The immigration officer who was kind enough to let us through even though the border was officially closed was also terribly handsome. When I promised we’d “never do it again”, he charmingly asked “What do you promise? That you will never be late? Or that you will never come back to Jordan?” I had to laugh. I definitely want to see Jordan again!


  12. lesley, wishing you well on your trip, i have a lot on my blog you should know before coming to the middle east, it is under, travel focus and aisle t for travel, my phone number is (972)0507084694. when in israel you do not dial the 972.check the couch surf website for events like beach parties. safe trip.


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