Moments as Deep as the Ocean Sand

It’s 9:13 pm and I’m exhausted. I feel like it’s 4 o’clock in the morning. Why? because I Island Vista Resort, Myrtle Beachspent the day basking in the warm, bright sun, building sand castles, and running along the beach chasing birds. We’re spending the weekend at Island Vista Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC and it’s a remarkable place to enjoy with your family. 

We woke up before the sun this morning. Our 8th floor view was the perfect perch to watch it rise.

Island Vista Resort, Myrtle BeachIt’s difficult to find fault with this view. California had spectacular sunsets, but it has nothing on these sunrises.

Island Vista Resort, Myrtle BeachAthena loved the balcony and we watched the sun come up as a family.

Island Vista Resort, Myrtle BeachAlthough she had a blast playing on the balcony, she was ready to hit the beach. She wanted her regular clothes off and her bathing suit on.

I wanted to make sure she was protected from this sun so she was equipped with a sun hat and a rash guard/swimming shirt. I thought she’d complain about the hat, but I think she liked that it kept the sun out of her eyes and she didn’t need glasses.

My hat, on the other hand, annoyed her.

Island Vista Resort, Myrtle Beach

Is that my Mommy under there? I think it is.

We built sand castles, ate sand and rocks and seashells…, and, Athena’s favorite part of the day, we chased seagulls.

Island Vista Resort, Myrtle BeachIsland Vista Resort, Myrtle Beach

Island Vista Resort, Myrtle Beach

Island Vista Resort, Myrtle BeachTomorrow is another big day of sun, sand, ocean, and we’re going to add in the pool. Some moments are forgotten in a glimpse; some moments last a short time; and some moments are ingrained in your brain as deep as the ocean sand. Our weekend at Island Vista will remain the latter.

93 thoughts on “Moments as Deep as the Ocean Sand

  1. I love the ocean. It’s my favorite place to be. I have friends (old classmates) that live in Myrtle Beach. I’m living in Arizona so my beach preference is Coronado Island in San Diego. Wish I were there right now. We wrote our second children’s book about San Diego. Anyway, loved the pictures and the story.


    • I love Coronado Island in San Diego! I spent a weekend at 1906 Lodge and wanted to live there.

      Where do you usually stay?

      I do miss the west coast but we made a great choice as a family to move here.


      • Sometimes we stay at Harrahs, about 45 minutes north of San Diego. I want to stay at the Hotel Del Coronado some day but that’s a bucket list item. I use to live in El Cajon way back when. Too expensive these days but living in Arizona we are only 6 hours from San Diego. Not too bad.


  2. Have a great time! What precious pictures! I would love to watch the sunsets on California beaches. Since I grew up with Myrtle Beach, I guess I grew out of it. I have gone every time of year, and ironically, my favorite time is the winter. For whatever reason, the sand looks more white and there is a different beauty to it. Great post!


  3. That is a beautiful sunrise and enjoy all the picks. Looks like a wonderful day was had by all. Athena is such a cutie and love her smile and her floppy hat. Agree about making memories that will last!


  4. A nice break from the ocean weather here, north of you. Our ocean is still beautiful but you’d not want to dip your toes in it just yet! Soon, though, the icebergs will be by…then the whales…and then, finally, the summer.


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