Is Relaxing Innate?

I started to feel anxious. I wondered if others were feeling the same way. I looked around. ItM.V. Destiny, Bermuda seemed like I was the only one. On board the M.V. Destiny this morning in Bermuda I figured something out; relaxing is learned. It is not an innate ability. Some times our lives are so filled with going and moving that we forget to just relax and enjoy the tranquility. For one hour and a half today, I didn’t need to be doing “something”. I just relaxed. It may have taken me a few extra minutes, but I got there.  It was liberating. We departed Albouy’s Point on the M.V. Destiny for a tour of Hamilton Harbor at 8:30 am and returned at 10:00 am. For that 1.5 hours, I learned to relax.

M.V. Destiny, BermudaM.V. Destiny, BermudaM.V. Destiny, Bermuda

We were hosted aboard an elegant 78 foot motor boat by Captain Cookie Brown. Chilling out on the upper deck, I enjoyed the morning sunshine. Snapping a few photos was about the extent of my stress.

M.V. Destiny, Bermuda

M.V. Destiny, BermudaWhile others asked questions, chatted, and listened to the interesting stories of the captain, I tuned out. I can’t tell you about the history of pirates or why many of the homes have “moon” arches or something like that. I can’t explain the Bermuda Triangle or tell you one famous person that lives along the harbor in Bermuda. What I can tell you is that if you come to Bermuda and take a ride on the M.V. Destiny you won’t care about any of those things… at that moment. The bright, golden sunshine, the sparkling waters, and the calming ocean waves can actually teach you how to relax, a pretty good lesson for an hour and a half of teaching.

70 thoughts on “Is Relaxing Innate?

  1. Yes it can be. I have become so good at it that, should a nuclear holocaust announce it’s impending arrival I will welcome the missile in a very relaxed manner 😉
    Seriously though, too busy being busy to get busy folk are frustrating. Too organised, scheduled exacted and tasked to the hilt? Life is for enjoying as I am well aware that you agree. Unlike you I cannot find the get up and go get it just because I want within me. But I am so relaxed that I can enjoy almost anything. Small evidence being that I went to the dentist two days ago, had a filling drilled out and replaced without anaesthetic. Why? I’d never tried. It seemed like a good idea … It was. I relaxed and It hardly hurt at all. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I thoroughly enjoyed this post of yours. Incidentally without any pain 🙂


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  3. Relaxation is innate. Nobody is born stressed lol. We learn to be stressed, then have to unlearn it and go back to our natural state 😉


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