Discovering Bermuda: Top 3 Family Activities – Number 3

The Crystal Caves are among Bermuda’s top visitor attractions and are number 3 on myCrystal Caves, Bermuda list of family activities to explore in Bermuda. Mesmerizing pools of crystal clear water, incredible formations of every size and shape imaginable, and clustered, crystallized ceilings make the caves uniquely beautiful with every visit.

The moment I descended down the walkway into Crystal Cave, about 36 meters (120 feet) below the ground level, I knew I was experiencing natural beauty at its best. Pathways of floating pontoons spread out before me, spanning the crystal clear water. Breath-taking formations appeared 40 feet below the surface, yet they were as clear as if they were mere inches away. Above, pristine white stalactites covered with crystallized soda straws were hanging from the roof of the cave. It was both fascinating and beautiful, a real treat for all ages.

Crystal Caves, Bermuda

Tips & Fun Facts:

Crystal Caves, Bermuda“Cave Kisses” – When a drop of water falls on you in the cave, they are called “cave kisses” and are meant to bring you good luck all day.

Temperature – The cave remains around 71 degrees throughout the year so heavy jackets are not needed.

Lighting – The caves are well-lit with high ceilings. Extra gear like head-lamps are not required.

60 thoughts on “Discovering Bermuda: Top 3 Family Activities – Number 3

  1. Amazing! Recently, we took the family to a cave in Texas where we live. But they were nothing like these! Breathtaking! My oldest has been asking me about Bermuda and about going to see another cave, so we both enjoyed this post.


  2. I was in a cave one time, but never as beautiful as this. It would seem like a scene out of a movie, especially with the temperature like it is. When I went to Gabon there were caves we wanted to explore but were told to stay our because of diseases. It is a shame too because that would have been interesting.


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