Fijians, You Have Competition

Recently, I went to Fiji on a press trip and I was so joyfully overwhelmed with their friendliness, kindness, and loving manner that I proclaimed that they could quite possibly be the nicest people in the world, but yesterday I met Jordanians and I might be singing a different tune. 

I arrived at JFK airport yesterday in a sad state. I was sick; so sick that I thought I was going to pass out on the flight from Charlotte to New York. I was completely weak and that rush of heat flowed over my body on the plane – the sure sign that I’m about to hit the floor. Nothing helped. I asked for water and the airline attendant brought it along with a bag of ice for my neck, but it didn’t stop there. I had a fever and chills. I got off the plane and had to wait in the airport for another 7 hours before boarding Royal Jordanian. How could I fly for 11 hours like this? I actually considered catching another plane back home and canceling my flight. The only thing that stopped me was that I saw it as a once in a life time opportunity.

I was given a middle seat in a middle row, but I thankfully asked to be moved. I figured if I Royal Jordaniancould get a few hours sleep on the plane in a window seat, I might be able to make it. When I asked to be moved, not only was a given a window seat but the attendant said he’d do everything he could so that no one was sitting next to me. He related to me by saying that he had a similar thing happen to him a few months ago when going to the Dominican Republic. It ruined his entire trip and he wasn’t going to let that happen to me.

Sure enough, when I got on the plane I had the two seats to myself and I was in a seat with a curtain that could be drawn for complete privacy. Before I could even sit down, another airline attendant brought me a cup of ginger tea with lemon. He said, “I heard you weren’t feeling well,” when he arrived with the tea and a smile. It might sound like a simple gesture, but that cup of tea was exactly what I needed. Have you ever felt so sick that you just didn’t know what to do with yourself? Add flying on a plane to that and it’s a desperate situation. I was freezing and burning up at the same time. Tea was the solution.

Royal Jordanian

I set up my pillow and blanket and rested my head. Yet another attendant approached me and offered ear plugs. It was first class service in coach.

They continued to check in on my during the entire flight by closing the window shade, getting me an extra blanket and pillow, and bringing me lots of water. Once they knew I was asleep, they made sure no one bothered me. It was like being taken care of by my mother, always knowing when I needed something and when to leave me rest.

All of this kindness and it’s only day one! I can’t wait for what’s in store for me over the next 9 days.

55 thoughts on “Fijians, You Have Competition

  1. That’s a story that ought to certainly restore the faith of anyone jaded by our oft-beleaguered airline services. Compassionate comrades can still be found throughout this world, indeed! Hope you’re feeling better, Lesley. I think your exceptional stewards on the flight were harbingers of wonderful people (and experiences) you shall soon encounter. Cheers and Godspeed~


  2. I’m nauseated just thinking about being ill on a plane! I’m glad you were treated so well.

    I’ve wanted to go to Fiji ever since… well, the Truman Show 🙂 ‘Escape to Fiji’.


  3. Holy Cannoli! Didn’t you just arrive home from Bermuda? Or did you cut through the triangle, on route home? What a life Lesley! Amazingly cool… can’t wait to hear more! How did this trip come about? Fiji is still high on my list, but so is Petra!


    • I returned from Bermuda on Sunday and arrived in Jordan today. It was a whirlwind week but in the best sort of way. I’m traveling in Jordan with the tourism board and I’m already having a great time. We went to dinner this evening at Wild Jordan Cafe and the views were impressive! We will be going to Petra and I’ll keep you posted along the way 🙂

      I won’t be going to Israel, but thank you for the offer. Maybe I’ll take you up on it another time.

      Chat soon,



  4. Wow that’s what I call lovely service. This type of kindness on air travel is much appreciated especially when you were sick I’m sure! I don’t think you’ll get this on some other carriers. (Here’s looking at you Air Canada!)


  5. My husband had a bad experience on a flight from Vancouver back to Melbourne, via China. We like to say he was Shanghaied. Anyway, he didn’t get anything like the service you received on your flight. Hope your trip is terrific.


  6. That’s how air travel used to be…that type of service is unheard of these days. I’m glad they were able to make you comfortable for the trip…that should set a positive tone for the duration of your stay, and we’ll all benefit from that. Enjoy and feel better!


  7. It’s amazing how brave you were not to return home. When I start to get the kind of sick that includes sweats and chills, I put myself in reverse! Glad to hear that you received so much compassion on the flight!


  8. I’m sure happy they took care of you. I know when I went to Saint Lucia I had that horrible fear “what if I get sick on the way…there…or back”. I’m surprised they allow sick people to fly to other areas. Hope your happy, healthy, and traveling more. Can’t wait to read more..


  9. Wow! What an amazing story! I almost cried at the kindness you were shown. I love your example of living life to the fullest and overcoming kinks that are thrown at us! Thanks for stopping by and liking my post “Maintaining Thyroid Health on My Own Term”. I hope you found the information useful! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your adventures!


  10. I’m glad someone took care of you on your flight. Btw, I still haven’t found any population as friendly as the Jordanians. You’ll have a wonderful time.


  11. Wow…that’s great service by the flight crew…everyone likes to be taken care of when things are not going in favor…


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