Beauty Beyond Words – The Kings’ Highway

The Kings’ Highway in Jordan is the world’s oldest continuously used communication Kings' Highway, Jordanroute. It used to link ancient Bashan, Gilad, and Ammon in the north with Moab, Edom, Paran, and Midian in the south. This scenic route winds, drops, twists, and meanders through the heart of the Jordanian highlands, passing through the country’s most spectacular landscapes and some of its most important ancient sites. But words can’t do it it justice. 

I wish that I could have truly captured its beauty, ingraining it in my brain to share with my family and future generations. Its beauty is beyond words. Rather than resting during our travel, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the highway. It rivals Route 1 in California as my favorite highway yet.

Kings' Highway, Jordan

Kings' Highway, JordanKings' Highway, Jordan

Dead Sea, Jordan

I wasn’t in a hurry to get somewhere; I felt like I’d already arrived.

Travel isn’t a destination, it’s the journey!

44 thoughts on “Beauty Beyond Words – The Kings’ Highway

  1. When I was in Israel last year the terrain really reminded me of the Central Valley of California and the foothills of the Sierra’s. I am sure that Jordan would be the same for me.


  2. Jordan is on my “bucket list”. My aunt dined with the royal family and still raves about the beauty of the country.

    P.S. – We must get together soon. How does your June look? We are in Italy the remainder of May.


  3. It’s humbling to see such grandeur, isn’t it? Highway 1 along our breathtaking Pacific Coast here in Big Sur will always get my vote, but the King’s Highway is exotic beyond compare. When one ponders the history and the impact upon civilizations and empires, there is no end to the sense of astonishment. I’m thrilled vicariously for your journey, Lesley!


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  6. Would love to see this one day. I also love rt 1 in CA–nice comparison for those of us who haven’t made it over to Jordan, thank you!


  7. How long is that road? And I couldn’t stop thinking how much walking would I have to do if my car broke down. Ha, ha. Sounds like you had a great time.


  8. ahh Jordan … the photos are beautiful … she went and was mistaken for someone’s fam everyday. I hope to go


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