Pink Shell Resort Water Babies

Success! Athena and I spent the entire day playing in the pool at Pink Shell Beach ResortPink Shell Resort PoolWe did absolutely nothing else, and it was spectacular. The sun was beaming overhead casting a ray of light on our day. The breeze was strong enough to keep us cool and the water was refreshing without making us cold. It was the perfect combination to allow us to stay in the pool for hours. We finally called it a day when our fingers and toes were wrinkly prunes and even then Athena tried to get a few mores minutes out of me.

Darren is working from the hotel room during the day, but he has an hour during lunch and then a few hours in the evening before Athena’s bedtime to join us for a swim. With Daddy in arm’s reach, Athena is confident in the water. She kicks her legs and doesn’t mind if she floats freely. Although Darren has to work during the day, we love our family time during breaks. It may not be much but it’s a lot more than what we’d get if he worked in an office.

Pink Shell Resort Pool

My alone time with Athena is cherished as well. With the exception of a few words, Athena can’t talk yet, but I feel like she understands me better than anyone else. I talk to her like she’s an adult, sharing my thoughts and dreams whenever they come up. She laughs, smiles, and looks at me with such comprehension; I’m certain she knows more than we’d think.

Pink Shell Resort PoolPink Shell Resort PoolI don’t know how I ever got so lucky, but she’s happy all the time. She’s ready to explore any new situation and she enters it with a smile on her face. We bought her a Swimways and I thought she’d be nervous in it, but nope, not a chance! After only a few minutes of being in the float, she was anxious to go under the waterfall and be pulled around the pool.

Our relationship and understanding of each other continues to flourish. I may be writing Pink Shell Resort Poolshorter posts this week, but you would too if you had this precious face looking back at you and a water playground at your doorstep.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

51 thoughts on “Pink Shell Resort Water Babies

    • I can’t believe how quickly a year went by so I can only imagine how you feel.

      Thanks for reading and keep the comments coming; they are appreciated.

      Have a great day,



  1. Spending time like this creates such wonderful memories as we all age. What a sweet little dolly your baby girl is, and such a happy wee girl in her pink hat! Enjoying your blog, keep it coming!


  2. Having been through the phase you’re in with Athena four times with my own kids (!), I guarantee you she understands so much of what you say to her! So glad you’re having a wet, warm and wonderful family vacation!!!


  3. Love the photos. Such happiness. I totally agree that she knows much more than you might think. I’m sure she also knows that she is loved and cherished. Enjoyed (and enjoying) every phase with my three and wish you continued joy and many more memories.


  4. What a beautiful post. There is nothing quite like the relationship between mother and daughter and like you, I believe that starts very, very early and before any ‘proper’ talking. 🙂


  5. what a sweetie – your little girl is an absolute doll. And I must echo the prior comments – time really does fly – my oldest is graduating high school in 3 weeks and starts his first job next week and goes away to college the end of the summer. the youngest will be in driver’s ed in the fall and turning 16! Yikes – time really does fly by……..


  6. That is one happy kid. I agree with you. Talk to them like adults in the making but let them enjoy being a kid while it lasts.


  7. What a beautiful life your family has! Having time for each other and doing what you love is so awesome and heartwarming! It sounds like Athena is going to be every bit as adventurous and mommy and daddy :-).


  8. Such a small world! My sister works at Pink Shell and I told her to say hello if she spotted you. Your daughter is too adorable! Hope my hometown is treating you well.


    • I met your sister yesterday. She is a delight and Pink Shell is amazing as you can tell from my posts. We’re having so much fun at the resort, that we hardly leave the property, which isn’t a bad thing.

      We may go exploring tomorrow since it’s our last full day here. Do you have any suggestions?

      I’m now following your blog and I will check back regularly. Have a great day,



      • I’m not sure what you’re looking to do when you go exploring, but you’re already doing the one thing I’d suggest (and the only thing that makes me miss home): the beach lol.

        You could venture across the bridge to Sanibel for the light house and other attractions. But, like you said, staying on the resort isn’t such a bad thing.

        Glad you’re having a good time. And thanks for following my blog.



  9. Sounds like such a wonderful time!
    Athena is so lucky to have a mom like you! I was fortunate enough to have a loving Mom who spent tons of time with me and confided in me as I grew older. I confided a lot more, but now, almost 22 years later she’s one of my best friends. I am sure you will have a similarly special relationship with your daughter!


    • I should say I AM fortunate enough to have such a mom…I suppose I meant that growing up I was lucky to have her, and I’m still so lucky…even if I’m forever hopping on planes to travel far away she’s always there for me.


  10. Living for the moment is great, but knowing your kids live it too makes you happy, also. It’s good that your daughter loves being around you now. The good times are great, but keep up with your daughter as she grows up & learns more too. Am trying to help my brother’s dog as he is 15 years old & not counting the 1st year, he is 98 in our age which makes him almost a 100 yrs old if I am right. He feels so good sometimes & then other times he seems like he has a fever. But taking care of him like a child, he gives me all his attention as he finds his way through the day & as the winter starts in the states here. I have had some time to work on a .pdf which is been taking my time & keeping me going as I find out about my health & work on it along with others who need it besides. I find it necessary sometimes for me to keep people I know like my fiancée’s family out of health problems & let them know there are cures to them besides doctors all the time. They spark up when I tell them that they only need fruits & vegetables to keep themselves going to get rid of the problems that come up which they love me for. Thanks for listening & being kind & sharing your experiences on your blog that you do. It helps too for others who don’t get to be vacationing as much & get to see so much of the world through your posts on your blog. It’s been quite a great sight & will be travelling soon too. Have a great day & inspire all you see!


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