A Regular Thursday Night in Aruba

Delicious Aruban food, handicrafts, drinks, a center stage of activities, and a mini Mardi Carubbian Festival, ArubaGras of dancing, customs and music came together tonight to create an explosion of fun. The coolest part – it’s a regular Thursday night in Aruba at the Carubbian Festival.

The Carubbian Festival takes place in San Nicolas every Thursday night from 6:00 pm – 10 pm, showcasing the multicultural charms of Aruba. Closed to traffic, the main street becomes a paved stage for dancers, including me, and live, interactive entertainment for the whole family.

I put on my dancing shoes and strutted my stuff down the street with about one hundred others including locals and tourists. We followed a parade of costumed dancers, trumpet players, and drummers. I love any opportunity to dance in the street and I’m younger and more alive when I’m surrounded by others who feel the same.

Carubbian Festival, ArubaCarubbian Festival, ArubaCarubbian Festival, ArubaCarubbian Festival, Aruba

People wait a whole year to celebrate Mardi Gras but it happens every Thursday night in Aruba. How amazing is a country that celebrates every Thursday? Imagine what it would be like if it happened everywhere?

After a night of dancing and spectacular food, I need some rest. Tomorrow I’m going on an ATV adventure and then heading to the Radisson Aruba Resort for a Signature Aloe treatment. Which would you prefer? Is it adventure or relaxation for you?

38 thoughts on “A Regular Thursday Night in Aruba

    • So happy to hear about the great Aloe of Aruba and that you love it here so much! It’s my first time but if tonight is any indication of how great the country is, I’m going to love it here!

      Congratulations on the marriage/honeymoon. What was your favorite experience in Aruba?

      I hope you’re having a great day,



      • We mostly just relaxed when we were there, but the De Palm Island Tour was great, got to see a lot of the island.
        We had dinner on the beach a couple of times, it was nice eating freshly-caught fish while watching the sun set, and the sand is so soft.


  1. I went to Aruba on my honeymoon in 1993, and I found that it lives up to its motto of “One Happy Island”. It was such a beautiful, laid back, and friendly place, and I long to return there for both relaxation and adventure. Enjoy your time there!


  2. I happen to just come back from Aruba Tuesday night and I happen to see your post on my wall!!so funny! Last I had seen, you were swimming (or floating) in the dead sea!! now aruba!?! how incredible….! I wish I would have known about this festival, I would have killed to have an excuse to stay an extra couple of days in blissful paradise 🙂 hope your having just as much fun as we did! oh and, the ATV tour is unreal, the other side of the island is absolutely breathtaking. make sure you take a dip in the natural pool, and bring your goggles to see the fish!


  3. Adventure or relaxtion? Adventure is relaxation! 😀 Snowboarding trips, camping, backpacking, … sure they are a lot of work, but these are the activities I do to relax.


  4. Looks fantastic and I think if I ever went there would go for some relaxation. On a funny note the minute I saw Aruba in the title instantly thought of the Beach Boys and the song Kokomo 🙂


  5. adventure or relaxation? both! Aruba is wonderful, I’ve been there a few times. The food is fantastic and the beaches are so beautiful!


  6. The only colorful thing about my Thursday night was the bottle of cherry-flavored Nyquil on the bedside table. This entry offered a particularly welcome and delightful escape from the sniffles and the all-around grumpies. Viva Aruba. Thanks, Lesley.


  7. I’ve been to many Carribean Islands but never Aruba and for some reason it’s my honeymoon dream spot but it seems so expensive compared to some of the other islands. Would you recommend the splurge?


  8. HI Leslie! I just found your site after you began following mine. I must say I admire you for doing the things you love. I have a bucket list but, physically, I’m not able to fulfill it. I think if I were, I’d love adventure as much as you. Blessings to you in your life and travels!



  9. I like to see as much new stuff as I can when I travel, so I tend to return more tired than ever…but happy tired. But when I leave I plan to relax…lol…thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!!!


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  11. I am all about the adventure. Relaxation is sort if a foreign concept for me. Maybe I’ll try it some time. You know, I am 25 in 9 days and I’ve never had a massage? Hmmm…maybe that would be a good way to spend my birthday!


  12. I prefer adventure – I’m ending up at whatever hotel I’m staying to relax after :P. The colourful and vivid pictures remind me of back home – I miss it everyday. Thanks so much for sharing how much fun The Caribbean can be :).


  13. I would have taken the adventure as opposed to relaxing. I now know what relaxing is now though. I used to be into being on the go because I had poor circulation & blood sugar & pressure. I just got into everything all the time. That’s what kept me alive other than watching everyday sports for excitement!


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